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these trails lead to places you don't expect


Dedicated to Tay, who got me hooked on this ship.

1. these trails lead to places you don't expect

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Somehow, she's the one running after him again.

There's an inner road map imprinted in her brain, showing her twists and turns that are thousands of miles away.

(You have to watch for that, don't you? The potholes might get you, going two hundred miles per hour with your fancy car on a dirt road and you're so damn arrogant.)

But this time, he's off the map, somewhere uncharted where wild bears and frozen tundra enrapture the hearts of cartographers and make them forget everything they know.

The touch of his palms gliding across her back is a craving -- his lips on hers, a fix -- fingers threading through her hair, an addiction.

She thinks she doesn't need him.

x x x

Once, she was certain. But that was long ago, when the acid rain washed away the skin on her cheeks and left her with bleached white bone. Pure.

(You lost your innocence the first time you saw him, the first time you realized nothing was what you expected.)

The taint of seeing his face in her mind stained all her thoughts. His scarlet eyes bled across her psyche, leaving shining marks in great streaks and she wouldn't have it any other way.

As she revisits that first memory over and over again (you can't live for long without thinking of him) she realizes that it's only spreading more. No amount of anything can keep her consciousness safe from the infectious touch of this mysterious vampire, and if she could leap into his arms right now, she would.

(Too bad you can't find him.)

And so she's reduced to running. It's the first time, but not the last. In the years to come, she'll run to him more times than she can count but for now, let her discover the thrill of the chase.

Because his scent is in her nose and she's not holding back.

x x x

She finds him and the need thumping behind her ribcage goes away.

He looks up from the ground, lips red with the lingering flavor of a man who had tasted all the wrong flavors. His eyes hit her like sudden revelations on cloudy days and she knows she's in love.

He grins. He knows.

Their kisses taste like sin, their bodies smell like lust, and they love like eternity.

Only, everything has to end, doesn't it?

He decides he doesn't want this anymore; he's done with drinking the wine of murderers. She walks away, eyes slowly fading to gold and masking her guilty pleasure.

And she thinks she doesn't need him.

x x x

The tall blond vampire ducks into the diner and she jumps off the barstool. The eyes are there, dark red fading to black, threads of blood weaving through the night.

It's close enough.

When he smiles at her with love saturating his expression, she knows it isn't real. She's looking for someone whose eyes spill hunger into their gaze, whose glance turns her bones to water, whose anger can freeze the ocean.

And then she's running back.

x x x

She doesn't recognize him, at first.

With angelic irises and a glowing halo, he's just not the same.