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Dead Inside

Charlie absolutely hates Edward and Bella. He's become abusive. Bella has had to break up with Edward or else Charlie will kill her and her mom. Now, none of the Cullens will speak to her or even look except to give her glares. Edward never glares, but he never looks either. Both or their lives are terrible, both are missing their soul mate, their other half, but Bella can't tell anyone about Charlie. So what will happen?

Not Stephenie Meyer, don't know her, unfortunately never will.

1. The Beginning Of My Ending

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Bella's POV

I was the most happy as I'd ever been. And why wouldn't I be happy? I was the luckiest girl in the world.

I had the best boyfriend in the whole world, who loved me for me. I had the best friend in the world too, though she was a little crazy when it came to makeovers and shopping. And I had an amazing second family. Yes, the Cullens were amazing, the best thing that had ever happened to me.

But I had no idea, this was all going to change.

It had been a great day, me and Edward had gone to the movies, but we didn't pay much attention to it, only to each other.

I went home, and unlocked the door.

"Bella?" came the call of Charlie's voice, questioning it was me. Yes, after all this time, he still did that adn each time I refrained from snapping Who else?

"Yeah." I replied, stepping into the living room, where I heard Charlie call from.

It was strange, his face seemed so dark, so angry. What had I done?! I had told him I was going out with Edward tonight, I hadn't missed school or skipped any classes, so what was it? This was the angriest I'd ever seen Charlie.

"Bella," he said in a low, menacing voice, "I have to talk to you."

"Okay . . ." I said.

"You!" he snapped, giving me a round of blows. "Its your fault Renee left me!" Each word was followed by another blow. I was on the ground, Charlie bending over me. "If it wasn't for you, you f****n b***h, she'd still be here! You're a stupid waste of space, hear that wh**e! I hate you, everybody HATES you, you filthy piece of scum!"

I was scared, scarer that I'd ever been in my life. I had never even heard Charlie use bad language, let alone call me it!

My whole body ached, and some bones had to have been broken. I could feel my head throbbing, and places swelling.

"So, you!" Charlie said, "Since I can't have Renee, YOU CAN'T HAVE LOVER BOY! YES, THAT'S RIGHT! YOU ARE NEVER TO BRING EDWARD HERE, TO GO TO HIS HOUSE, TO SPEAK TO HIM EVER AGAIN! YOU WILL BREAK UP WITH HIM TOMORROW!! IF YOU DON'T, I WILL KILL YOU, AND RENEE!" Yet again, each word was followed by a full force blow. "Now get out of my sight you b***h!"

I limped up to my room, going as fast as I could, wanting to get away from Charlie before he hit me again.

I picked up the phone and dialed Edward's number.

"Hello?" came his velvety voice. I drilled it into my memory, knowing that I would only hear it a few more times.

"Hi Edward." I said.

"Bella! Oh, I was just about to come over."

"Oh, well, see I'm a bit sick so, I don't think you should come over tonight." I said, thinking on my feet.

"No, I can still come over. Its not like I'll get sick. Are you okay?" concern filled his voice. Concern for me. It made me feel so bad, tomorrow, I was going to break his heart. But, not only his, mine too.

"No, Charlie will be checking up on me all the time tonight, to make sure I okay." I said, though I doubted he would.

"Well, if you're sure."

"Yes, Edward. 'Night."

"Goodnight Bella." he said and hung up.

I wasn't going to have a good night, I was never going to have a good night again. Ever.

Because now, each nihgt was going to be filled with loneliness, of immaginings of what it could have been, before Charlie spoiled it all.


The next morning was awful. I hadn't been able to sleep and when i looked in the mirror, I almost died of shock. This was me?

I was naturally pale, but I looked paler than Edward today.

There were bruises all over my face, but I covered them with concealer.

My ankle was swollen, I had obviously twisted it and I think I broke my left wrist too.But, I knew I couldn't go to the doctors. I walked extra slowly, so as to not show my limp nad I didn't touch anything with my left wrist.

There were bruises all over my body. I wore baggy, long sleeved clothes so no one would see.

The drive to school in my truck was torturous. As was custom, Edward opened my door for me, as soon as I parked the car.

"Hey Bella!" He said, giving me a tight embrace. I winced in pain, as he touched some of my fresh briuses. Fortunately, he didn't seem to notice.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked. I nodded, as tears welled up in my eyes, at his kindess.

I hated myself. How could I do this to such a great person? It was terrible. No, I was terrible.

If it wasn't for me, Edward wouldn't ahve to b in pain. "Edward?" I asked, hoping to get this over with sooner than later. "Can we talk?"

"Sure." he said, pulling me to a rock, sitting across from me.

Tears welled up in my eyes at his gentleness, his kindness . . . How could such a great person love me. And I was about to break him.

"E-edward, I don't think . . . we can . . . be . . . together anymore. I'm really sorry." I said.

I saw a flash of pain in his eyes, before it disappeared, replaced with a blank expression. So fast, was the change, that I wondered if I'd seen it at all.

"You . . . don't want me?" he questioned.

"No." and silenced his single hope, with that one word.

"Okay," he whispered.

"Please, though Edward," I said through my sobs, "be safe, don't do anything rash."

"Very well." he whispered. "I suppose this is goodbye?"

"Yes." I whispered, the tears running down my cheeks.

"Goodbye Isabella." he whispered and then he was gone.