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Dead Inside

Charlie absolutely hates Edward and Bella. He's become abusive. Bella has had to break up with Edward or else Charlie will kill her and her mom. Now, none of the Cullens will speak to her or even look except to give her glares. Edward never glares, but he never looks either. Both or their lives are terrible, both are missing their soul mate, their other half, but Bella can't tell anyone about Charlie. So what will happen?

Not Stephenie Meyer, don't know her, unfortunately never will.

4. Chapter 4

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It was after school when it happened, something I'd never thought I'd have to worry about. Because, believe it or not, Rosalie Hale came up to be as I was walking home (Charlie had sold my truck to someone, because 'I could do with the exercise').

"Hello Bella," she greeted me pleasantly, but why? Why was she even talking to me?

"Rosalie." I akoledged her.


She seemed so sad, so frail, so depressed and her voice was so filled with remorse that you feel her pain.

Why was she walking. As far as I knew she had a truck. Didn't she? These past couple of weeks I had never hears its roar of an engine, nor seen its rusty paint. This didn't make sense.


"Rosalie, I know you hate me. You don't need to rub it in my face." she looked down as she spoke, her eyes were filled with tears she didn't want to fall, her arms were across her torso, clutching her sides, as if that would keep her together.

And, there seemed to be fear in her expression. For what? Sure, I'd glared at her a few times but never had I, nor would I hit her.


I was talking to Rosalie Hale, but she surely counted as a Cullen to Charlie. If he heard I wa\s speaking to her, he would . . . I don't even want to think of it.

"Bella, I don't hate you." I was shocked. "I want to be your friend, to help you. You seem so sad, so depressed."

Oh no. An act of kindness had finally come my way, yet I couldn't accept. If I did, Renee would be killed. I didn't care about my own life. I had died when I had to leave Edward.

"I'm sorry. I c-can't be your friend. I would, but I can't."


Something strange was going on. What did she mean she 'can't'? I mean, no one controlled her. So why couldn't she. Her face when deciding looked hopeful and then it fell, turning to one of complete fear. Fear of what. There were so many questions I wished to ask her, but I would never get truthful answers.

Just then Alice came up, "What the hell are you doing Bella?! Why are you speaking to my sister?! HAve you not done enought damage to Edward?!"

I couldn't believe Alice. She wa meant to Bella's best friend. I watched as Bella's face screwed up in pain, her eyes filling with more tears and as she walked away, the tears falling behind her.

Alice's POV

I don't know what came over me. How ahd I just done that? To Bella? I was meant to be her friend. And yet, hadn't she done the same with Edward? Didn't I have a rihgt to do taht to her? Did anyone have a right to do that?

Because her face always seemed in so much pain. I had been glaring at her for the past weeks so she would see what she was missing but if anything, she was becoming more depressed each day. And she seemed so scared talking to Rose, what was happening. I mean, it was always said she loved Edward as much as I loved Jasper or Rose loved Emmet.

So, why did she break up with him

Something was wrong. I ahd to find out. Although, I wasn't sure if I had forgiven her just yet, I mean this was my brother I was talking about and she ahd crushed his heart like a human crushes a bug when they're walking adn not paying attention to where they're walking.

"What the hell Alice!" Rosalie yelled at me. "I was the one that went up to her! How could you?! You're meant to be her best friend!"

So she left, leaving me to ponder what was rihgt, waht i should do.

I mean, Bella was my best friend and she seemed to be in so much pain.

Yet so was Edward adn Bella was the one that had broken up with him.

So, would I be able to be frineds with both?