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The treaty is broken. And it is time for the consequences. For sure, one race will not return home.

All of this belongs to stephenie meyer. I'm just playing with her toys. I'm surprised that no one thought to do this before. It's pefect for a fanfiction, any way. You might want to be listening to this while you read. It's all kind of based off of it. LOL! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSu4hOLYrXk

1. Chapter 1

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Edward looked at Carlisle. His father nodded his head. They all stood around the dining table, glaring at the treaty. The wolves had been kind enough to send a copy of it over along with a time. That was when the final battle would happen. When only one race would leave the clearing. It was right at the border line where they were to end it. He winced, listening to Bella’s screams from the top floor. He hated that he had to leave her in such a state- but it was for their future. She still had another day before the change was complete. He would be only a few hours.

“Stupid wolves,” Emmett clenched his fists together. “It’s unfair, it’s what Bella wants!”

“Maybe she wanted wrong,” Rosalie muttered.

Edward snarled loudly, “Don’t you ever think that again! Just stop with those vile thoughts! She’s one of us now! You can’t just dismiss her like she’s some one insignificant! Not that she has ever been.”

Rosalie balked. Composing her face, she said, “I am sorry, Edward.”

“I can’t see the outcome,” Alice whispered, clutching Jasper’s arm. The tall soldier held his little wife tightly, his own emotions over-powered by all of the others in the room. Though no one wanted to admit it, they were all scared.

“We shouldn’t have to do this,” Esme said through pressed lips.

“Well what can you expect from the filthy things? They’re vermin with that hellish fire and worse! They smell and they are not controllable! It’s like they’re savages!” Rosalie screamed. “I say we just take Bella and leave before they figure us out.”

“And what then? Have them follow us across the country? It would never stop.” Alice snapped.

“They would get bored eventually. They’d have to!” Emmett rose up in Rosalie’s defense.

“But how long before? No. We need to stop this once and for all.” Carlisle sighed and hung his head. All of his children flinched. They had not seen Carlisle in such a state- confusion, anxiety, fear- before. Only Esme had and that was when Edward had left. Gently, the Cullen matron put her hands on Carlisle’s shoulder and tried to comfort him.

“Carlisle is right,” she said softly. “We must do this. For our family,” she added the last part as another of Bella’s screams echoed loudly throughout the house.

All of the younger Cullens nodded their heads in unison. Looking out the window, Edward saw the faintest trills of sun light. “It’s almost time.”

“Everyone, say your goodbyes,” Alice whispered. If she could, she would have been crying.

Edward appeared instantaneously at Bella’s side. The beautiful girl lay on the bed, tossing and turning. Sweat poured off her, drenching the sheets. Her hair was a matted ball of tangles; its gel salty sweat and salty tears. Her transformation was a particularly brutal one and Edward felt his soul shatter. Still, he thought she was beautiful.

“I love you, Bella,” he whispered, “You are my angel, my only reason for existing. And I’m doing this for us. I know-” his voice broke, “I know that you would rather me not kill the dog, but I have no choice. If I don’t, they will never leave us alone. Never stop hunting you. Just like the Volturi- they’d rather see you dead than with us.

“Well,” Edward said, a fierce wave of protectiveness washing over him, “That is not going to happen. I promise, I will protect you. It won’t take long, Bella. My Isabella,” he said, languishing the name on his lips. “I will be back in time to see you wake up.”

“Edward,” Esme said softly.

Edward leaned down and kissed Bella softly, fully aware that this could their last. “I love you forever, my Isabella.”

Then, he returned to his family. As one, they left their home and slowly began to make their way to the clearing. They did not move as fast as they could have. Standing on what might be their burial grounds for too long was unsettling.

A moment later, Bella sat up. Her eyes snapped open. She listened to the stillness of the house and realized that she was not a vampire. That somehow, the venom had not worked. Sure, everything looked different but she could not hear any of the Cullens.

Meanwhile, in La Push, the werewolves prepared themselves. They had said their goodbyes, but they were not like those of the Culllens. They were confident and cocky, positive that it was they who would return victorious.

“I can’t believe that she’s one of them,” Jacob muttered for the hundredth time.

“It’s just like we feared. That stupid leech!” Paul seethed, shaking already.

“There is nothing in them. No soul, no heart, just nothingness. Its all empty. And now she’s gone,” Jacob whispered.

“I wonder if they even bleed?” Brady joked to Collin.

Jacob whipped around, snarling. Brady paled as the Beta threw him up against a wall. “You don’t know what you are talking about! This isn’t some game! We are going out to destroy the most vile thing on this earth! Those damned leeches that took Bella away from me, away from us- away from the whole world, are going to die!”

“Jacob,” Sam said calmly. Jacob whipped around, furious that his Alpha could be so calm.

“What?” he snarled.

“Calm down, boy. I know that in battle, we feed off rage. Don’t loose it before it is time.” Sam warned.

Jacob let out a deep breath. He knew that. He tried to calm himself some, and had little luck.

“Sam?” Emily asked from the porch.

Her husband walked over instantly to her. “Yes, beautiful?” he asked.

“Do you have to do this?” she whispered. “This is wrong and we both know it. Call if off now before you all don’t come back,” she pleaded. Tears ran down the curve of her scarred cheek. “For me, please.”

Sam faltered. On the one hand, the leeches broke the treaty and deserved the consequences. He had faith in the pack, that they would win. Yet fear still nagged at the corners of his conscience. There was the possibility that the leeches could kill one of his wolves. On the other hand, for Emily, he would do anything. If she did not want him to go, he would not. He would not stop the others from going- he felt it was their own decision.

“Well, Em,”

“Oh no you don’t Sam. We are in this together.” Leah snarled.

“Yeah,” Paul spoke up, “We are going to take down the leeches! Those savage beasts! We are going and we need you!”

Embry flinched at his words. Emily sighed at his predicament. No one liked to kill and then Embry had other weights on his shoulders concerning the vampires as well. Poor him.

Sam sighed, “I’m sorry, Emily. I’ve got to go with them.”

Emily sighed and tears quickly fell from her eyes. The sun peaked up over the treetops.

“It’s time,” Embry said- the first words he had spoken all night were shaky and full of regret.

Sam leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. “See you for breakfast,” he muttered. “Let’s move out,” he yelled, jumping from the porch and phasing. All of his pack let out a war cry before following.

Bella got up off the bed. Her bones creaked and groaned. It hurt to move. Everything was much sharper now and it hurt to keep her eyes open- even in the dark. She held her ams. Nope. No temperature difference. She was still human.

“Edward?” she called out.

No one answered. Cautiously, she opened the door and was surprised at how warm the cold metal handle was. She did not make a sound as she walked down the rough hall, seeing perfectly in the dark.

“Edward?” she tried again, “Alice? Esme? Emmett? Jasper? Roalie? Carlisle?”

Each name was fired off in quick succession. Not one of them answered. She wasn’t hungry, so she passed the kitchen by. Oddly enough, she could distinguish eight different smells. One was Edward’s and a moment later, she understood that one was hers. She supposed that the others were the Cullens.

Where was everyone? They had gone. There was no note no nothing. Edward had promised to be there when she woke up. And he wasn’t. It must have been something viscous to tear him from her. She sat on the couch, absentmindedly fiddling with her hair. The dawn poured in through the windows, gracefully landing on her hand. Her eyes widened she started to glow and sparkle.

Just like Edward.

“No,” she whispered before flying into the bathroom.

Sure enough, her reflection was flawless beauty. “Edward, where-”

The wolves. Jacob had sworn to kill them before they changed her. But they already had. Which meant that they were already fighting.

“NO!!!” she screamed, running top speed out of the house. She had to get there. Stop them. Or at least, fight beside her family. Her true family. Her only family.

The Cullens stood in the clearing, waiting. The smell of wolf was overpowering. They were getting near. Tension grew in the air. Jasper tried to sends waves of calm over everyone, but each had such an angst that it did little to help.

Suddenly, ten wolves burst into the clearing. They all growled and barred their teeth. Saliva dripped disgustingly out of their mouths. They snapped and snarled, threatening the Cullens.

“They say that this is it. It is time for us to die,” Edward whispered to his family. They all nodded.

Bella ran as fast as she could. She saw the trees but did not try to move from them, choosing instead to blast throw them. She refused to move from the most direct path to them. She could smell them- her family and the wolves. She would get there before anyone died. She would protect them. How, she didn’t know. But she would.

Edward crouched loud. Jacob squared off across from him, foaming at the mouth. Regrettably, it would only take Edward moments to kill the boy. He would have preferred to relish his death, to make it count.

“Come on, little child,” he whispered.

Jacob snarled and launched himself at Edward. It was the first fight- the one that had set off all the others. Edward rose into the air, ready to fight. His arms were spread out wide.

She moved so fast that neither one could see her. She burst out of the woods like a blur, her brown hair wildly flying.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The scream echoed loudly in the early morning air.

Edward stopped. Jacob didn’t. Bella screamed loudly as his talons dug into her newly chiseled flesh. Once that familiar voice sound, all of the other fray had stopped. Each head snapped in the direction of the voice only to see Bella’s ruby red eyes fly open. Her mouth moved but no sound came out.

It was in slow motion. She fell backwards, stumbling into Edward’s arms. Her unnecessary breathing grew ragged and painful. Jacob phased back into a human the moment he saw what he had done. He could hold no rage while the woman he loved lay dying because of him.

“Bells,” he whispered.

“Get away from her!” Emmett roared, punching Jacob away from Bella and Edward. The pack could not even react.

“Bella,” Edward choked out, holding her in his arms.

“Edward?” she looked at him, her eyes unfocused. Blood covered her- her own blood. She was the only vampire in the Cullen family that could bleed. The smell was intoxicating but Edward did not even notice it.

“Bella!” he cried again.

“Edward,” when she said his family, a soft smile fell on her lips, “I love you.”