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When it snows

when it snows Delilah Ranson is your average 17 year old girl minus the fact that she’d prefer black over pink any day. Her boyfriend Sam Locke is everything she’d ever hope to find. But suddenly her mind begins to change as she comes face to face with her destiny. Will she choose eternal love or mortal love?


1. Irresistible

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It wasn't suppose to happen like this. I wasn't even suppose to be there.
I was suppose to be on an errand for my mother. But I ended up there instead.
I don't remember exactly what happened.
Or how I even got there.
All I remember is those golden eyes of his.
They stared at me so intently, like he saw right through me.....

The weatherman, or more appropriate, weatherwoman, estimated a high of 22 degrees today, with a chance of snow.

More snow more like it. Glancing out the window is like stepping into the closet and into the world of Narnia.

I sighed and grabbed school bag and jacket from behind the bedroom door.

"Where the heck is my hat?" I murmmered to myself. Just when I was about to give up, I saw it peeking from underneath my textbooks.

I quickly grabbed it and ran out of my bedroom, down the stairs, and out the door. 7:41.
My cell started ringing a Breaking Benjamin song. I knew it.

"Yes, Mom?" I tried to sound regular enough.
"Lilah, you didn't say goodbye to me." she accused.

"I was in a hurry, Mom. You know, school?"

"Yes, well, remember to come home right after school. You have to go run a couple of errands for me."
"Sure, Mom."
"All right then, Lilah. Have a nice day at school."
I put the phone back in my bag, which I decorated with skull buttons.

Ever since my dad died in the car crash, my mom has been more clingy then ever. It doesn't help that I'm the oldest of two. I know she misses him. But its been almost seven years. I keep hoping she'll get over it and move on. But my hopes have been shattered. Its impossible. For her at least.

I climbed into my red '69 Volkswagen Beatle. That is if you can still call it red. It's so old, the color has faded and looks almost brown. I backed out the driveway and looked at the overhead mirror.
Something caught my eyes. My reflection. My deep green eyes with the black specks rimmed with black eyeliner. My pale, almost white face. My deep auburn hair hanging in my face under my hat. I looked so...different from other girls. Sometimes, like now, I wish I wasn't so intent on being all emo and goth like. I mean, I know I'm not ugly. I'm actually quite striking, not to brag or anything. I'm on the slender side. But my black-clad clothes sometimes.....just seems too different.

Spokane High School came into view. I parked at my regular spot, next to the red pole. Students were still mingling outsside, which means I'm probably not late.Yet.
I swirled around and there was my Sam, clad in black, too. Immediately, my face broke into a grin. He was just so darn cute. He hugged me before giving me a lingering kiss on the lips.

"Hey there, Delilah Ranson," he grinned his toothy grin. His uber-dark red hair fell into his eyes, making him look even more irresistible.

"Hey there, Samuel Locke, " I grinned back.
"I missed you yesterday," he said of my disappearing act at his party.
"Sorry 'bout that. My mom, you know what she's like."

He smiled and hugged me once more.

He held my hand on the walk to class. You should've seen us! Just imagine two goth look-alikes walking down the hallways. Ha. That's probably how we look like, too. We split at the end of the hall, I turned right, while Sam kept on going. And now that I look back, that's exactly how our lives turned.