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When it snows

when it snows Delilah Ranson is your average 17 year old girl minus the fact that she’d prefer black over pink any day. Her boyfriend Sam Locke is everything she’d ever hope to find. But suddenly her mind begins to change as she comes face to face with her destiny. Will she choose eternal love or mortal love?


2. Chapter 2

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The white snow raced passed my window as I drove back home after school. I would seriously kill whoever invented school. Party Pooper.

It was snowing even harder now. Almost like a blizzard.

"Mom. I'm, home!" I yelled, opening the front door, shaking off my hat.

She appeared from the dim upstairs.

"Hon, take this over to the Grady's house, " she demanded the beginning of her errands. "And afterwards, go to Safeway. We're out of mac-n-cheese..." Her rant continued and I tuned out.

Then, she handed me 200 bucks and a casserole for the Gradys.

"Don't buy any unhealthy objects, Lilah," she reminded. At that, she went back up the stairs.

I sighed deeply. I didn't even get a word in. Geesh. Before leaving on my awesome errand, I grabbed a bag of Doritos from the counter. Yum.

The Gradys are nice people.
Mr. Joe Grady is half-deaf. And half-blind. He never pays attention to anyone ever, so don't bother.

Mrs. Rose Grady is handicapped. She's on a wheelchair twenty-four-seven. Mom always sends me on errands for them. It gets annoying, but whatever. Yeah, I know they're old, gosh.

"Mac-n-cheese," I chanted. "Gotta love mac-n-cheese." I headed straight to Safeway on Highway 91.

It was 7:08 when I pulled into Safeway. And it was as dark as hell. A bit eerie looking, too. Anything could jump out at me, like an ax murderer. I gulped. The good news was the shining bright store at the end of the parking lot. It probably took up half of the world's energy just on those stupid lights. But for once, I was glad they were so bright.

Okay, I thought. Get ready to run, Lilah.

I opened my front door, stepped down, and then something flashed right behind my eyes. I frozed. It was like my own private movie or something. Little clips passed by, delaying only a second or two. But, they were imprinted onto my mind. They looked and felt so real, like I was actually there.

A train station. It was dark and eerie. It looked so rundown and abandoned. I could feel the wind and hear it howling. Then, his eyes. They were gold. And they were staring directly at me. Then, he smiled. And disappeared. A second later, he reappeared laying on the train track. The rusty train track. The abandoned train track.

He looked...dead. Unmoving. Motionless. Looking closely, I noticed dark liquid seeping from underneath him. It started spreading all over the track. The sun choose to come out at that moment and the liquid was actually...blood. I screamed.

Suddenly, I snapped out of it, gasping for breath. What the?...
I was still half outside, half inside my car. The bright Safeway lights were still shining endlessly. There was still dark shadows all around me. THERE WAS STILL DARK SHADOWS ALL AROUND ME!
Quickly, I scrambled to climb back into the car. And of course I locked all the doors! Thank god I only had two car doors. Whew!
I wonder if it was really me who screamed...Did anyone hear me?

Who would've thought that after just that, I would be so out of breath? Well, I was. I finally caught my breath and started the car engine. It roared to life, so loud in the silence.
My cell phone was lying on the passenger seat, undisturbed. I grabbed it and opened it up ready to call the nearest mental institution. Hey,
maybe I really was crazy.

The cell said it was 7:10. Wait, 7:10? ONLY? That so couldn't be right. It felt like 20 minutes had gone by, not 2. Wow. Has it really been that quick. Maybe I am crazy.

It was then that I remembered the...um...I guess...vision? The train station. It looked so familiar. And him.
I've never seen him before. He did not look at all familiar. He seemed to be around my age though. Immediately, my "vision" of him pooped up. His dark brown hair was on the floppy side. The look was super intense with his pale, almost translucent skin.
It seemed like he had a couple of ear pierces.

His crooked nose looked like it might've been broken before but looked absolutely perfect on him. His lips that curved up like a bow when he smiled. And his eyes. Those eyes. They were golden with brown pupils. Something I've never seen before. The stubborn set of his jaw. His high cheekbones. In other words, he was GORGEOUS. But, those eyes had held me. And I remembered what it felt like under his stare.
It felt like he knew who I was. And he was slowly stripping me with his eyes when he disappeared. His perfect row of teeth that were gleaming white.

By then, my head was laid back on the seat and I was in my thinking mode. Somehow, I wasn't frightened, just fascinated of my vision.

My head quickly snapped up as I realized something. Was it Spokane Central Station? It's been abandoned for years and is on the other side of town.

Slowly, the pieces came together. Yes. It was Spokane Central Station. And maybe in my supposed vision, I was supposed to save him

From whatever or whomever, I didn't know. I picked up my cell and called my mother to let her know I'd be late home.