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Waking Nightmare

A new score of vampires threatens the inhabitants of Forks. The Cullens barely escape the massacre but are forced to return to help save what is left of the town. But with Emma on the fritz and Bella's own conflicts of right and wrong, vampires or werewolves, the future of Forks does not look very promising. The worst part… vampires that don't know when to quit keep popping up. And people keep dying. This is the much anticipated sequel to Nightshade. It will be finished before Breaking Dawn is published!

All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. If you know what is good for you, you will review.

1. Chapter 1 - A New Scare

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First chappie, here we go. They get longer after this, I promise. Chapter One-

Here it is. The long awaited sequel.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. I would survive this. I had before. I would again. It was not going to be hard. Three days. I would only be away from Edward for three days. And I would be with Charlie. I would survive. We were just going to La Push for a few days. Just for a visit to the werewolves. Just so the Volturi could come and make sure that I was a vampire.

Which, I wasn’t. Hence the need for the charade. Emma was excited that she got to play pretend. Edward was furious that I was staying with Jacob for three days. Alice was flabberghasted that she had not seen them coming until yesterday.

I was scared. I couldn’t believe it. The Volturi in Forks. All Hell would break loose. I was positive.

I sat on my bed in Edward’s room, biting my lip. What would happen? Would they force Emma to return to Volterra with them? What about Edward? Would Jane try to hurt him again? And Jacob. How would he handle the fact that I was only there for my protection and the fact that it was against my will? I would have preferred to stay at the Cullen mansion with my family. I had faith that they could protect me. In return, I would stand guard over them. I feared I would loose my mind those three days away from them.

Some one rapped on the door. “Yes?” I answered.

“Bella, can I come in?” It was Edward.

“Of course you can, Edward.” I rolled my eyes, “It is your room after all.”

Edward was by my side in a flash. He wrapped his solid arms around me and pulled me close. I breathed in his scent and let out a moan. I was worried!

“What is it?” Edward held me at arms length, examining every inch of my body looking for some sign of distress.

“I’m fine, Edward.” I placatingly put my hands around his wrists and took his hands off of my shoulders. “I’m just worried,”

“Don’t worry, Bella. I promise that nothing bad will happen to you,” Edward responded, his eyes meeting mine.

My heart sped up and my breathing hitched. I knew what he was trying to do. I had to fight against it with all of my might. “It’s not me I’m worried about,” I barely managed to get out.

Edward sighed. “We will be all right, Bella. The Volturi are not here to hurt us-”

“How do you know that?” I protested. “What if Jane comes and hurts you again? Or what if they gang press Emma into the guard? What if they make all of you go to Volterra to serve them? Edward so many things could go wrong!”

“I know that it is a risky plan, Bella. But it was one that must be done. I refuse to let you sit in this house- be under the same roof, as Jane. She is an evil little child.”

“Please let me stay here!” I cried.

“No, Bella. It’s just far too dangerous. I won’t have them take you away from me,” he fiercely replied.

“Then come with me! I won’t let you stay here in harm’s way!” I sobbed, tears streaming down my face.

“Ssshhh, ssshhhh,” Edward soothed, gently wiping the tears from my face. “Bella, you know why I can’t go with you. No one will believe that Emma is you if I am not by her side the entire time. I hate having to trust you with that dog, but I don’t have another choice.”

I pulled Edward down and gave him a searing kiss. He responded eagerly. The next three days of my life would be miserable.

“Izzie!” Emma yelled from downstairs, “Stop sucking face with Edward and come on! Charlie’s here!”

“EMMA!” I screamed, mortified. Poor Charlie was probably having a heart attack right now.

Edward chuckled. “I do believe that we made Charlie feel rather ill.”

“If Emma didn’t use such lewd descriptions,” I muttered darkly.

Edward laughed. “I do believe that it was rather accurate,”

I threw a pillow at his head which he easily caught. “Don’t take her side,” I grinned evilly, “She’d never let you live it down.”

Edward grimaced, “That’s true.”

Hand in hand, we walked down the stairs again. Edward carried my bag for me. Charlie and the other Cullens minus Jasper and Rosalie stood in the foyer. Each face looked slightly forlorn. All heads were bent and even Charlie was not happy to be seeing Billy. Emma looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back but yelped when I looked in to her eyes. They were that blood curdling red again.