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Waking Nightmare

A new score of vampires threatens the inhabitants of Forks. The Cullens barely escape the massacre but are forced to return to help save what is left of the town. But with Emma on the fritz and Bella's own conflicts of right and wrong, vampires or werewolves, the future of Forks does not look very promising. The worst part… vampires that don't know when to quit keep popping up. And people keep dying. This is the much anticipated sequel to Nightshade. It will be finished before Breaking Dawn is published!

All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. If you know what is good for you, you will review.

2. Chapter 2 - Foreigners

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Chapter Two-

Edward deftly caught me as I stumbled, my feet tripping backwards on the stairs. Emma giggled but did not move towards me. She must have known the reason for my sudden startement.

“You all right there, Iz?” she asked with a laughing grin.

I scowled, now knowing that she was in complete control of her emotions and her hunger. “Just fine, thank you. More importantly, why are your eyes red?”

“Oh,” Emma playfully shrugged, “That is a great question. And there is an equally impressive answer. Tell Embry hi for me when you get up there, okey dokey?”

I nodded. “All right. That’s no problem. He’ll probably be over at Jake’s when I get there. Wait a minute!” I stomped my foot and glared at her. “That’s not funny, Emma!” I yelled.

Charlie looked at me while I was hopeless while Emma just giggled and giggled. “You are too easy to distract,” she informed me, wagging a finger tauntingly.

I folded my arms as I continued to scowl, not at all amused by th fact taht she was a) correct and b) that she had the nerve to taunt me about it in front of everyone that I cared about. “Just tell me already,”

“I donated some blood to the hospital today,” Charlie informed me, grinning proudly.

`I looked at him skeptically, not knowing how that was relevant to the situation at hand. I bit down the urge to snap, ‘so?’

Seeing my confused expression, Carlisle stepped in. “Charlie wanted to do more than just watch you up at La Push. In order for the Volturri to believe that in fact Emma is you and ‘you’ are a newborn, ‘your’ eyes need to be red. Unfortunately, contacts would not fool any vampire. We gave Emma just enough of Charlie’s blood to turn her eyes the appropriate color without making her addicted to humans.”

Emma held up to fingers, “Peace,”

Edward balefully shook his head, “So inappropriate, so inappropriate,”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Too old to have fun, too old to have fun,”

I grinned at them both, unaware that all of their fights were staged to make me happy. Edward started to stroke up and down my arm, distracting me from everyone else in the room- his exact intention. It was minutes later when I heard the car trunk slam that I realized he had distracted me from everyone getting ready for me to leave. Alice had slid up the stairs and taken my suitcase from Edward’s hand so that she could put it in the Volvo. My fiance had insisted that he be the one to drive us all the way up to Jacob’s house. Charlie readily agreed. He had not seen Billy since that fateful day in clearing. Billy had tried several times to call Charlie and talk to him, but my father had ignored him, much like Jacob had ignored me months earlier. Carlisle had been the one to call Sam up and ask him if we could come stay for a few days. Billy, desperate to reconcile and explain things to his old friend, begged Sam to allow us to stay with him instead of the Alpha. Sam, not wanting to stir up emotions from within the old man that he was uncomfortable with, agreed- just so he could shut Billy up, of that much I was sure.

“I don’t want to go. Please don’t make me,” I begged Edward, burying my face in his chest.

Edward pulled me close. “You have to, as much I hate it, you have to stay with the pup.”

I was so upset that I didn’t even correct him on calling Jacob a pup. Nodding in accession but not happiness, I pulled away from him. Stonily, I descended the rest of the steps. I got into the passenger seat as Edward slid into the driver’s side. He had already opened and closed my door for me. The drive to La Push was silent. Charlie wanted to ask about everything but wisely held his tongue. Emma- who sat in the back beside Charlie, was unusually glum. It was pretty much obvious to everyone that this visit determined the rest of our existences. This was the make or break situation, this had the the power to change everything.

I sat on the cliff that had so drastically endangered yet saved my life. My legs dangled over the side of it, as I watched the horizon. It was cloudy, like it always was in Forks. La Push was no exception. I watched the gray clouds roll by. The sea gulls flew at a slow pace. They seemed so free, so care free and happy. It was odd how I found myself envious of them, wanting to fly free like them.

I was so tired of everyone telling me what to do! Everyone thought that their way was the best way and that they knew what would make me happy. I tried to tell everyone exactly what I wanted, and all I got in response it seemed was no. I knew, deep down, that that wasn’t the case, that everyone was trying to do what was right by me and make me happy, but their interference was beyond annoying! Seeing Jacob everyday look at me with that hateful pity and that damn anger… that hurt so much more than anything else that he could have done to me. I hated it but that was the truth. I hated the fact that one of my best friends hated me and the life I so desperately craved. I hated the fact that my fiance, the love of my life, wanted so desperately to keep me from that life, despite the fact that we needed each other more than we needed air. I hated the fact that I was not powerful enough to stand up to those who for so long had belittled my new family and their motivation choice of lifestyle.

All I wanted was to marry Edward, become a vampire and stay by his side- wherever he chose to go- for all eternity. But I couldn’t. No. Not yet. Not while the La Push werewolves prowled in the semi darkness of the forest, watching me always . Jacob always kept me with in his sights it seemed. It was his idealism of being the hero, of protecting me, and of keeping my Edward away from me. He was afraid that another vampire may whisk me off, or worse to him, Edward would come for me. He didn’t know it, but I saw his body shaking whenever Edward had dropped me off. Charlie steered him indoors while we had said our goodbyes. I felt his eyes lingering on them as I told Edward to be safe and to come get me as soon as possible. He had rudely intruded on our needed moment of parting, a time when we assured each other that we would make it through this current crisis, that this wasn’t going to stop us from living. I hated him for it.

The crunching of gravel and leaves alerted me to someone approaching. Since I heard it, I had a good idea of who it was, but waited until she spoke to me before I greeted her.

“Hello, Bella, I was just thinking about you.” she said. A smile appeared on her face.

I was right. “Hi Emily. How are you doing?”

The scarred girl sat down beside me, looking as if she wanted to be anywhere else in the world than be beside me. I had a good idea of what she was here to talk about. “Just fine. Mind if I join you?”

I shook my head, “Not at all. As long as it is only you,”

Emily looked back, shaking her head slightly, “Has the pack been a little obsessive lately?” She knew the answer a long time before I was aware of it. She asked out of politeness and as a way of small talk, nothing more.

“How did you know?” I asked sarcastically. We both giggled. Emily covered her mouth, trying not to. That told me just how near the pack was near by.

“Where are they?” I snarled. I hadn’t realized that they were that close. It made sense and I should have known it. Sam would never have let Emily walk around unprotected as a coven of highly dangerous vampires waltzed unheeded into the area.

“Close by. I am sorry. They are following Edward’s nicely worded orders. Jacob positively refuses to let you out of his sight. But, I do not think that it is because Edward asked him nicely,” Emily sighed and looked imploringly at me, “He really likes you, you know. Would it be so bad to just give him a chance?”

I too sighed. I should have expected that this was coming. Just because they were letting us stay on Quileute land did not mean that they were just going to take my relationship with Edward lying down. “Yes, Emily. It would. I do not like Jake that way. I never could. It would be harsh to both him and me to pretend that I felt otherwise.”

Emily nodded like she had be expecting that, “I knew that you were going to say that. But, I promised Sam and the rest of the pack that I would try.”

“I understand,” I patted her friends arm. I truly did. If Edward had asked me to try to convince Esme or Alice to love some one else, I would in a heart beat. Yes, I would have my reservations, but I would do anything for him.

“I am glad that you do,” Emily sounded very relieved, “I do hope that you two are happy together.”

“Unbelievably so,” I smiled and looked down at the engagement ring that I proudly wore. “Five more weeks,” I whispered.

“Congratulations,” Emily said, looking longingly not at my rign but at the one on her finger. I looked at it, instantly noticing the difference in size. Naturally, Sam would have accumulated much less money in his life span that Edward, but I never would have given the subject any thought unless provoked. I assumed Emily also noticed the discrepancy in the size. At first, I thought that she was jealous of the size, but I quickly realized that it was the wedding itself that she craved. With a pang, I understood that she and Sam continuously postponed theirs- whether it be because of a dangerous situations that I somehow brought to Forks, monetary means lacking because of the financial strain housing most of the pack placed on them, or because of Leah’s interference. I had met all of the new additions to the pack during this visit. I pitied her.

“Thank you,” I gave a loving sigh as I stared out toward the setting sun. Every thing was going to be fine. Edward would take care of it all and I would be back in his arms before the beginning of the next week. I tried very hard to convince myself of that. I told myself that almost constantly. It was that thought made me content enough to fall asleep in a house with a werewolf in it.

The next morning, Charlie announced that he and Billy were going to go fishing. “That sounds like fun, Dad,” I said while she cleared up the dishes. He had patched things up with Billy and for him at least, things had taken on a modicum of normalcy.

“I think that we are going to talk about the Cullens and our run in with Sam Ulley’s gang. I’ve only gone over the legends and why the werewolves are werewolves, and why the Cullens are allowed to live in Forks. Is there anything that you want to tell me before I go?” Charlie asked her lowly.

I still hadn’t filled him in on Jacob being in love with me. I think he figured that one out on his own, pretty much. So, I shook my head, thinking of nothing that I had not already informed him of. Well… there was that one thing, but he really didn’t need to know that. Not yet, anyway. Hopefully never, but that was unrealistic. “No, Dad. I don’t think so,”

“Okay. Thanks, sweetie,” Charlie did an odd gesture for him by kissing me cheek and grabbing his fishing gear. I heard Billy and him tell Jacob what they were going to be doing and where they would be. Charlie and Billy each had their cell phones and I had mine, so they could be in constant communication if necessary. Jacob nodded and helped them outside.

As soon as they were out of ear range and sight, he rushed it, “He doesn’t know?”

Bella shook her head, “Nope. We never told him.”

“But he knows about the Cullens?” he pressed.

“Yes. The Cullens, the Volturi, Emma, every thing.”

“Just not us? As in, how we are going to kill the Cullens if they try to kill you?”

“That is right.”

“How were you able that out of the story?” he sounded awed.

This would stop his upcoming praise, “I did not. It was all Edward. He said that your grandfathers found out about them and agreed to not tell about them as long as they never bit any one or hurt any body. It wasn’t all that hard,”

“Does he know what your plans are?” Jacob glared.

I put the dishes in the sink up in the cupboard, “Yes. He is fully aware of them.”

Jacob reached out and started to help me. “He does not have a problem with it?” he spat out.

“If he does, there is nothing that he can do about it. I obviously have to be changed. I can not keep running from uncontrollable vampires forever, you know.” I tried to sound light hearted and up beat. He would have none of it.

“You could stay here! We could protect you!” Jake shouted.

I felt my gaze darkened, “Hardly. I am only going to be here for a few days, Jake. This is not protection. It is hiding while they throw the Volturi off. It was the best that we could come up with besides the alternative. Edward refused to do that,” I hissed the last part.

“He refuses to change you?” snarled the wolf.

“Before we are married,” I answered.

Jacob dropped the plate that he had been holding. I whirled around and looked at him in alarm. He was shaking. This was the worst that I had ever seen. His face was contorted into a mask of anger, agony, pain and remorse. I knew he sought to control it, but knew that he was failing as I started to hear the ripping of cloth.

I backed up in fear. Was this how Sam had maimed Emily? I looked around. The door to the back yard was near. I turned and ran to it as the shredding of fabric filled the air. There was a viscous snarl and a rumbling growl. I grabbed the door and turned the handle before I felt pain ripple through my back as one of his claws got through the cotton shirt I wore and barely breached a thin layer of skin.

A yelp escaped my lips. It had not hurt, too much, but it was shocking. I twisted hard on the knob. My knees were shaking, but I could not stop; I could not look back. That had potential fatal consequences.

Suddenly, the kitchen window was broken as another wolf- one that she did not recognize, therefore, making it Leah- who I seriously doubted, Seth, Brady or Connor, dove through it. He landed on Jacob and pulled him back with a mighty force. The back door was shoved opened. I was barely able to jump back. Embry and Sam grabbed each of my arms and pulled me out side.

“Are you all right?” Sam quickly asked me.

I could barely nod. I then realized how bad I was shaking. Jacob transforming on me like that was much more terrifying than m ever thought it could be. Sam told Embry to watch over m. Embry nodded and the pack leader dashed inside. I briefly wondered what was going to happen to Jacob.

Embry easily saw the tension and fear that I felt. He smiled comfortingly at me. “Come on. Let’s get you away from here.”

He grabbed my hand and took off running to the front of the house. The Rabbit was there, keys inside. Somehow, the wolves had known that Jacob was going to explode. I did not want to know why or how.

I quickly sat in the passenger side. Embry clambered into the driver’s seat. He slammed on the gas pedal. We flew down the street in tense silence. I watched the scenery. It was so odd to actually be able to see it. When Edward drove, even when he went slow, it was all just a green and brown blob. Now, the fast speed seemed slow.

“Are you all right?” Embry asked after a little while.

I nodded, focusing in on Jacob. “What about Jake? What happened to him? Is he going to be okay?”

Embry shrugged, “I really do not know. Sam did not want him to talk to you about the Cullens and he went ahead and did it any way. He went against the pack leader.”

I scowled, confused, “I thought that you could not go against the pack leader. It is supposed to be impossible to do.”

Embry nodded. “It is. So, he skirted around talking about the Cullens directly. He talked about us and when you brought up Edward, he got angry. He was forbidden to say anything about the Cullens and he tried to. He became so angry that he lost control.”

I shuddered. I had no idea that saying one sentence about Edward would make him loose control. “I am sorry,” I muttered. I hung her head and blushed a deep crimson. My long hair fell in front of her face, creating a wall between me and Embry. It was childish and it was the exact same way I had hidden from Edward whenever I had first seen him. It was foolish, and it brought me comfort. I could feel the tears well up in me eyes. The pain that I was causing one of my best friends cut me deep, down to the bone it felt like. I had not meant to hurt him so, but I had. It was my fault. I would have to apologize to him. I was not sorry for talking about Edward because I loved him. I was sorry that I kept cutting at Jacob’s soul.

“Don’t cry, Bella.” Embry said softly. “You did not do anything wrong.”

I nodded, contradicting his comforting lie. “Yeah, I did. I know how much it bugs Jacob when ever I talk about Edward. I know how much all of you do not like it. But, I keep on doing it. It is instinctive, almost. No matter what I do, I keep him at the front of my mind.” I flushed, suddenly aware of how open I was being with him. I looked quickly out the window, hoping that he did not see my flaming red cheeks.

Embry noticed but did not remark on it. He switched on the radio, allowing the soft rap music to fill the car. I was not particularly fond of rap, but agreeably listened to it.

“Are you excited about the fourth?” Embry asked conversationally, trying to take my mind off of Jacob.

I glumly nodded. I had wanted to spend the Fourth of July with the Cullens and Charlie. We had had such a wonderful time last year and I had wanted to share the experience with Charlie and Emma. I would spend it with Charlie, on an unforgiving friend’s land, painfully aware of how the one that I wished to spend it with was putting himself in danger to save me. Again.

“Up here it is fantastic. We all go down to California and buy illegal fireworks. No one has minded so far, but who knows?” Embry shrugged. “Maybe your dad will have a fit because it is all illegal.”

I gave a little laugh. “Maybe he will.” I did not think that he would care. But, Embry did not have to know that. It might spoil his forming illusions.

“Are you nervous about the Cullens?” he gently asked.

“I do not think that you have any idea how dangerous the Volturi are.” I stated slowly, factually.

Embry shook his head, “They are the vampires that we swore to stop. Not the as bad ones as the Cullens, but much worse. They drink from humans, don’t they?”


Embry chuckled, “Ever since Carlisle explained everything over the phone, Sam has been itching to get a stab at them.”

I shuddered, “No offense to Sam, but I doubt that he would do much damage to them.”

“You never know…” he trailed off suggestively.

“No, I do know,” I said firmly, “The Cullens are afraid to take on the Volturi. The only reason that no one hurt Edward when he asked them was because Aro, Marcus and Caius have a friendship with Carlisle. Otherwise, they would have killed him without a second thought.”

“Really?” Embry wrinkled his nose in disgust.

I nodded. We drove around for another thirty minutes, happily discussing the next day’s celebrations. As we pulled up to Sam’s house, the first thing that I noticed was that all of the lights were on. So people were home. Emily stepped out on to the front porch. She smiled and light heartedly called to us.

“Come on in! Every body is waiting for you.” She motioned us in.

I climbed out the door with out any help, the first time that I had done so in a while. Embry walked with me step in step to the door. Inside the kitchen, the rest of the pack sat around Sam’s table. Emily smiled as we walked in and I instinctively knew what was going to be said before it was even said.

I took a deep breath. “No more Jake, right?”