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Waking Nightmare

A new score of vampires threatens the inhabitants of Forks. The Cullens barely escape the massacre but are forced to return to help save what is left of the town. But with Emma on the fritz and Bella's own conflicts of right and wrong, vampires or werewolves, the future of Forks does not look very promising. The worst part… vampires that don't know when to quit keep popping up. And people keep dying. This is the much anticipated sequel to Nightshade. It will be finished before Breaking Dawn is published!

All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. If you know what is good for you, you will review.

6. Chapter 5 - Stupid Werewolf Shit

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Chapter Five -

The next few weeks were totally bliss. Life seemed like a perfect fairy tale. Emma was rapidly adjusting to life in the pack and soon, they all grew desensitized to their clashing odors. A few days after confessing his imprinting on her, Embry introduced Emma to his family and after that, she got to meet all of his buddies on the football team. She had no idea what an athlete Embry was. She also spent a lot of her time in La Push getting to know the other imprints that had been previously shielded from her somewhat, as well as the individual members of the pack. Paul was her favorite.

The sun was hidden behind the clouds again. It was just like every other muggy flipping day in La Push. Emma was ready for it to rain. She hated the heavy heat. She sat cross-legged on the floor, leaning against the couch. Embry sat above her, his legs were draped over her shoulders. His muscular legs were heavy and even hotter than outside the house. Inside, the air conditioner was cranked up on full blast. She leaned her head back as Embry ran his hands through her thick hair.

Kim and Jared sat cuddled together on the couch, too. The two couples were watching one of Kim’s man soap operas. Emma had no idea what was going on or why the acting was so poor, but she kept quiet. Kim was glowing with happiness. Jared looked just as happy. Embry felt a slight pang of jealousy. Why had Emma taken the floor? There was more than enough room for both couples on the couch. If she wasn’t so damn sweet, he could have been holding her for almost twenty minutes. But no, she had to be kind enough to give Kim and Jared the lovey-dovey couple space, forcing Embry to be content to just run his hands through her silken hair.

Emma yawned. Embry looked down at her, curious. He didn’t know that vampires could yawn. She taught him something new everyday. Emma looked up at him with happy eyes. He wondered if she was truly enjoying herself or if it was a pretext for Kim’s sake. Kim was currently shooting Emma a glare for disrupting to overly dramatic soap. Embry bit down the urge to snarl at her. Emma wasn’t doing anything wrong and Kim had no reason to glare at his girl like that!

“Let’s go somewhere,” Embry said softly, vainly trying to not disturb Kim. Emma glanced at the two lovebirds completely absorbed in their own world. She silently nodded, also not want to draw their attention away from each other.

Embry stood and swung his legs off of Emma. He waited patiently for her to stand before taking her hand. Emma grinned at him with her pretty eyes. Together, they strolled down the sidewalk. Suddenly, Emma took his hand in both of hers and pulled them far away. Kim and Jared were completely oblivious to everything outside of each other. Emma smiled as they moved. Embry was once again amazed at how beautiful she was. Even in a pair of his swat pants and raggedy old take top- wait a second.

“How did you get my sweatpants?” he asked with some shock.

Emma grinned up at him. “Emily gave them to me,”

“I’ve been looking for those!” he declared loudly.

Emma shrugged, “Tough luck, dude,”

“Can I have them back, please?” He asked only out of politeness. There was no way on Earth that he was letting those sweatpants go. They were his favorite pair!

Emma shook her head no. “Sorry, hun, but they’re mine now.”

“They most certainly are not!” he retorted angrily. Those were his sweatpants, dammit, and nobody, imprint of not, was going to steal them from him.

She gave his burning cheek a pat. “Whatever you say, hun,”

“I will get those pants back from you even if I have to undress you myself here and now,” he threatened. It was partially empty threat. He so would steal those pants off her tiny body if he had to. However, he would do it in the privacy of his own room, not in the middle of the street where anybody could steal a glimpse at his Emma. No. Those little glimpses were reserved for him alone.

Emma gave him a coy smile, “Is that a threat?”

“No,” he said firmly and decisively. “It is a promise,”

Emma wagged her eyebrows. “I away your attempts with much anticipation,”

Embry surprised her by suddenly crushing her against him. He held both of her wrists in an iron grip; her hands voluntarily gripped his printed tee. He cockily looked down at her, his eyes blazing with desire. “That sounds like a challenge,”

Emma slowly stood on the tips of her tipy toes so she could rub their noses together. “Maybe,” she whispered softy, “it…” she nipped at his lower lip in a tantalizing way, “…was.” She pulled out ofhis arms before he could claim her lips with his own.

He groaned. “Emma,” But the love of his life sauntered down the sidewalk, swaying her hips seductively.

They stopped at the local park. Emma made a beeline for the swings. Giggling like a preschooler, she called for him to come push her. Rolling his eyes in amusement, Embry quickly obliged her. “Higher!” she squealed, kicking her legs in utter delight. Embry placed both hands on the small of her back and pushed with all of his might. His imprint let out a surprised squeal. He had pushed too hard. The chains on the swing snapped, sending Emma flying.

“Emma!” Embry screamed. Fear clouded his vision as he raced to her.

Emma knew that she was i no danger. She was harder than diamond after all. She easily tucked her feet underneath her body so that she landed on the balls of her feet. Embry was at her side, kneeling down in front of her.

“Emma,” he repeated her name. “Are you all right? Did you hurt yourself? Oh, Emma…I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to break the chains I’m such an idiot! I am so so sorry.”

“Embry,” Emma cut him off mid-rant. He looked at her in terror. Her tone was much too severe for what she was trying to say. She tried to speak in a gentler tone as she trailed her fingers all over his face, outlining his lips with a great interest. “It’s okay. I’m fine. Hard as rock, remember?” It worked. The soft words she spoke soothed his frayed nerves.

“I forgot,” he whispered as he titled in to her touch. His reaction gave Emma the courage to keep going. She pressed a little harder wanting to feel the burning roughness of his skin, the russet skin and ebony hair. Lord, he was a handsome boy. He was sure that she was going to castrate him. He just knew it innately, like when a girl knows when to look her best or when the husband knows to shut up before he ends up on the couch. He just knew it was going to get him in trouble. But he didn’t care. He just had to do it. He’d been aching to do it since the first time that he met her. He had only experienced it once, but it was the best feeling that he had ever felt. Best to start things slow, he decided.

Emma flinched briefly as his burning skin trailed across her icy cheek. Did the temperature difference startle him as much as it did her, she wondered. Still, she could not help the satisfied sigh that escaped her ruby red lips. The most marvelous sensations flew under her skin making her want to arch and groan with satisfaction. Most sounds she wanted to make were unladylike and less than dainty. She kept them at bay but just barely. As her touch grew steadier, so did his. His calloused fingers ran down the curve of her cheek, along her jaw and down the length of her neck.

“Embry,” she moaned.

Okay. Maybe he wasn’t as castrated as he first thought he would be. Slowly, he leaned forward. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head so she did not see him and did not move towards him. That was all right. He brushed his thumb over the curve of her lips and she moaned again. He lost his head. Moving faster than lightning, he swooped down. It was as if her lips were carved by God to match his perfectly. Every dip and line, it all fit his own lips personally. It was a soft, gentle kiss. He pulled back ever so slightly only to push his lips slightly harder against her own. It was a closed mouth, dry lip kiss, but Embry’s mouth watered for me. He could not help but close his eyes as well. Bliss surrounded him as electricity surged through his every cell. He had never felt so alive, so attuned to the world around him yet oblivious to it all. He thought her name over and over again, only increasing his drive to continue devouring her mouth.

Pulling away, he took a deep gulp of air. Then, they started all over again. This time, the kisses were more needy, more passionate. Emma’s hands both gripped his face, pulling him closer to her. She moaned in the back of her throat, making Embry become alive with need. His hands left her face and moved to the small of her back where he rubbed circles. If she could, Emma would be shivering with pleasure. Her nimble fingers knotted through his ebony locks and held his head in place so he could not move it if he even wanted to- which he most certainly did not. He’d even give up breathing willingly if it meant he could keep kissing Emma.

Emma jumped when she felt something prod her lips. It took her a split second to realize that it was her werewolf’s tongue. She wasn’t sure if she was disgusted or exhilarated. With unsure lips, she slightly opened her mouth. Embry’s tongue snaked into her mouth, somewhat timid. It traced along the opening of her mouth before actually venturing into it. Emma opened her eyes only to blink. She was frenching, someone, she realized. She was actually full on frenching a guy. And not just any guy. Embry.


Except, it was not eww at all. It was rather an enjoyable experience. Odd, granted, but enjoyable. She responded just as timid as he was. They were learning together.

Pulling back, they both panted heavily.

“Wow,” Embry panted.

“Yeah,” Emma whispered.

He leaned his forehead against hers. Emma grinned. Embry blinked as he looked down. Emma was still on her tiptoes. She had been for the last three minutes of their make-out session. It was a wonder that she hadn’t lost her balance in all that time. He would have. Oh yeah. Vampire. Duh.

“Embry,” she whispered his name. It sounded like an angel calling out to him. “Embry, Embry, my Embry,”

Hers. She officially had claimed him as hers. If it meant nothing else, it meant that she was in it for the long haul.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Emma froze. She looked at him with wide eyes. Embry gave her a goofy grin and she tried to discern whether or not he was joking. Though he smiled, there was a serious glint in his eyes. He wasn’t kidding around. Emma gulped. “I think it’s a little early for that, Embry,” she muttered, eyes downcast.

Embry pulled back, pained. Emma’s heart exploded in pain as she saw Embry. Poor him. “You’re probably right,” he muttered in agreement.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be,” he tried to sound comforting. “It is too early for confessions like that.”

“You don’t think so,”

He shrugged. “I’m the one who imprinted. Not you. You have to develop the feelings, they’re not just thrust upon you.”

“You make it sound like it’s horrible to love me,” Emma complained.

“You have no idea,” he taunted while he leaned forward to kiss her again.

“Who said…I…wanted…to kiss…you?” she asked breathlessly.

“Me,” was the too cocky reply.

“Mom!” a child’s voice called, “Two big kids are kissing by the swings!”

That didn’t stop them. Embry kissed Emma with a gentle passion. She leaned into it, responding readily. Only when Embry processed the voice did he realize who it was. “Oh shit!”

Emma pulled back with a pout. “Well, that’s a mood killer,”

“That’s my sister’s voice!” he said alarmed as he pulled Emma to her feet. “We gotta split, fast!”

Emma started to go the opposite direction. “Really? I’d love to meet your famileeeeeeeee,” she slurred the word as Embry pulled her away.

“Some other time. Right now, I’m in deep shit, so I’d prefer if we saved the ‘Hi Mom, meet the love of my life’ talk for another day. ‘Kay?” he rushed out.

Emma cocked her head to the side. “Love of your life?”

“You still don’t get that, do you?” he shook his head in bewilderment.

“C’mon then, love o’ mine,” Emma took off running vampire-style, too fast for any human to even think of seeing, almost too fast for Embry to even hope to keep up with, “We’d better skidaddle.” Embry nodded. Emma thought it was cute how she wasn’t even trying to run fast and still he had a hard time keeping up. She knew who was going to wear the pants in this relationship.

They made it to the safety of his house. He was panting heavily and she was not even winded. Somehow, that seemed totally unfair to him. Emma grinned and plopped down on the sofa. She somehow magically found the remote that had been lost for weeks and began to flip through the channels. She seemed to be so lackadaisically involved in the Simpsons that Embry figured now would be a good time to get his pants pack.

He tiptoed so that she would not hear him. Arms snaking over the couch like an incognito snake ninja, he took her totally by surprise. Emma squealed loudly his fingers snaked under her armpits and tickled her ferociously. “Embry!” she screamed. “Stop!”

He didn’t. No. Rachel said that girls liked to play and be tickled and have fun. He would show the love of his life a good time and get his pants back. It was a foolproof plan.

“Stop!” she screamed, thrashing wildly. She tried to roll forward to get away. He held on too tightly. Landing on the floor with a thud, she continued to beat against his chest, screaming at him to stop. “STOP!” she screamed in between fits of laughter, “Stop! EMBY! STOP!” He paid her no mind. And suddenly, he was flying back through the room. It was like some invisible force had pushed him away from her. Emma sat up, eyes blazing in fury. “What is wrong with you? When a person tells you to stop, you should flippin’ do it!”

“You weren’t having fun?” he smirked.

“No!” she snarled, furious. “I hate being tickled. Can’t stand it in the least,”

He looked at her curiously. “Really?”

“Yes, you knitwit. I hate it,” she hissed at him.

Embry wrung his hands in indecision like a nervous old lady.. It looked like she was ready to tear him to shreds. Emma must have known it as well. Quickly, she moved away from him. He had never seen Emma mad before, and it was a scary sight to behold. She stood looking out the window, her back to him and her arms crossed. The sunlight bathed her form, making her tiny frame dark, mysterious and shadowed. He couldn’t help but stare.

Feeling his eyes burning into her, she turned to face him. There was a look of utter sadness on her ace. His hear broke in two. Through she looked like a perfect angel glittering in the sunlight she had the aura of a broken one. As she tucked her hair behind her ear, Embry rushed forward and gruffly pulled her away from the window. Thankfully she did not resist him.

Holding her for just a moment, he quickly let go, unsure if she was still angry or not. “You were glowing,” he tired to explain his actions to her.

She nodded. “I know,”

“Then why stand by the window?”

“It was warm,” she whispered, “And I don’t like hiding who I am from the sun. We used to be such good friends,”

He sighed. His poor, tormented angel. How he longed to hold her against him, to comfort her, warm her, and tell her that she was safe, that she didn’t have to hide. But he didn’t, which disappointed her because Emma really needed someone to hold her. Then and there, she didn’t feel very loved.

“What do you want to do now?” she asked with some unease.

Embry shrugged. “I don’t know, really.”

“I think that I’m gonna go home, now,” she said. He would have stopped her, but she was gone before he could blink.

She was not ready she didn't think for a physical relationship. She was ready emotionally for a playful relationship, with fun and foreplay and teasing. Not straight to the lovey-dovey emotional aspects that Embry wanted. It seemed like he was being the girl in the relationship and she was being the guy. How weird was that? Oh well, she was more strong-willed than any boy. If she didn't wanna go there, then guess what- they didn't go there. Ha.

Emma rubbed her eyes though she didn’t know why. Habit perhaps. She couldn’t cry any more. Why couldn’t she cry? Life was so unfair, sometimes. She really liked Embry, she really did. But she wasn’t sure if she liked him that way.

It seemed like he was trying to hard. He wanted her to love him, instantly adore him with every fiber of her enhanced being. Love didn’t happen that way- it shouldn’t. It was incredibly unfair if it did. She could try to love him, she decided. That much, she could do for him.

But right now, she wanted to forget it all, go hang out with her best friend. It felt like it had been days since she had last seen Izzie- which it had, but don’t be technical. Izzie helped her to forget all the stupid shit that came with the werewolves.