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Twililight Questions

These are some questions that you can think about. If you want, in your review write your answer.

In your review, put your anwers!

1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 97   Review this Chapter

1) Who would win in a fight: Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

2) Who would win in a fight: James or Jane?

3) Who do you think is “meaner”: James or the Voltouri?

4) Who do you think is the most powerful member of the Voltouri?

5) Do you think Bella should keep contact with Angela? Do you think a clean break is easier to get over? What about with Lauren, Jessica, and Mike? What about Tyler?

6) Who would win in a fight: The Voltouri or Death Eaters?

7) Do you think Robert Pattinson should write Bella’s Lullaby? Why or why not?