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Lost Drop of Hope

To Jacob, Bella is hope. New Moon AU, One-Shot

This was a story idea that bugged me so much over just a few hours that I sat down and wrote it in about 10 minutes. I like this piece; it takes place when Laurent is in the meadow with Bella. Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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Jacob, Sam, Embry, Jared, and Paul all strived to make it in time; and they knew that time was of the essence. It had only been a few minutes since they caught a fresh trail, and a different scent, but none of them had a good feeling about it. Jacob was the first to catch it and the first to start running; Bella, his life, his joy, his spirit and only drop of hope, was all he could think about and he was more worried than usual. The rest of the pack tried to calm him by saying it was all in his head, but the rest were just as worried.

She was no worse off than usual, physically at least. But it hadn’t been long since Jacob had to abandon her, and they all knew she wasn’t handling it well, especially after losing the bloodsucker. None of the five could understand her attachment to him, and they all tried to believe that it was getting better; that Bella was getting better. But underneath it all they knew that she wasn’t moving on, and that losing her only drop of hope was not going to help. Sam stood firm, though, Jacob couldn’t have contact with her.

But they were the epitome of hope to each other; he lived to protect her and she lived for him. He knew she could never fully love him, not the same way he loved her, but he still hoped with every fiber of his being. As long as she was there, hope existed.

The past week and a half had been hard on Jacob, too, and the pack only hoped the wound would heal with time. So far, it hadn’t worked. Every second he missed her more and more, every second he missed her more and more. He didn’t want her to do something stupid on her own, something reckless like the motorcycles. 12 days of being a werewolf changed his perspective; all he could see was the danger he was putting Bella in on the motorcycles when he was only human; if she were to fall, there was nothing he could do then. At least now, he could help.

If he didn’t hurt more.

But, his heart kept racing as the focused in on the source of the trail, and he didn’t relax a bit. The closer they got, the worse he felt. He knew, just knew something had happened, and the pack members felt the same. Intuition was haunting each of their hearts and souls, and a sense of urgency bounded over all of them. Step by step they moved closer, and Jacob thought of his hope. He couldn’t let go of her; hope would guide him through. Hope was what motivated him to get out of bed in the morning, what motivated him to hunt down all the strange vampires passing through the area, what kept him running just then. He needed hope; without hope there was only pain.

And as the five broke through the trees into the meadow, he saw his only drop of hope lying limp and dead on the ground.

A lost drop of hope.