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Morning Glory

Role Reversal. Edward is the human, Bella the vampire. Not like others. Edward is still a Masen. Bella is still a Swan but with the last name of Cullen. They still have the same parents and whatnot. What would change if it was Edward instead who needed the saving?

I thought it would be fun to see Bella saving Edward for once. And it's also a pet peeve of mine that some authors only switch their names, tacking on a Swan to Edward instead (which makes him seem too feminine to me). Then they leave the story practically the same as Twilight. And have Edward being Bella's singer, although he ISN'T! So I'm going to try to tackle it. Why is it called Morning Glory? Because it's the opposite of twilight. And everyone uses Dawn in their titles, so I'm going for some variety.

1. A Change

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To say I was glad I was moving to Forks with my mother Elizabeth was a downright lie.

She wanted a change of scenery, to run away from it all; the responsibilities, the pain, the loss… But choosing to come to the rainiest place in the US had me questioning her sanity.

Mom had been a little… different since my father Edward Sr.’s death. More reckless yet cautious, prone to sudden burst of strong emotion, or sometimes void of any at all. Unstable would be the right word for it.

She wanted to pretend it never happened, that we were all happy and fine and perfect. So she chose Forks, the complete opposite in landscape to Chicago. Where Chicago had bustling streets filled with crowds and buildings and the ever constant noise, Forks was a small town where everyone knew everyone, and had for ages.

I didn’t loose much back home though, I never really had friends nor material possessions I cherished. People were so predictable, and their intentions were rarely holy.

My dad, who had been a lawyer, said I was good at reading people. Mom just thought I had a slight superiority complex.

That’s how I found myself air bound, sitting in an overly stuffed chair in an airplane with my mother’s soft breathing lulling me into a daze.

The stewardess kept bothering me, asking if I’d like something to eat or drink, but by the suggestive tone I knew she wanted something else entirely. Predictable, my mind sighed again, and I sighed outwardly along with it.

I’d never had a girlfriend, I’ve never wanted one. Girls were annoying, giggling and flirting and tearing each other down like pit bulls. Immature and self-centered.

We loaded a taxi full of our luggage, not that we had much, and I sat in the back, stretching out my long limbs over the leather upholstered seats.

The taxi driver was ignoring us, grumbling to himself about the long distance to Forks, but willing enough for the money. My mother was jabbering away, talking about the benefits of moving.

“Oh Eddie, it’ll be fun! You can make a whole bunch of new friends; maybe even get a girlfriend…” She was always pushing that on me, wanting me to date and fall in love, all that sappy romantic stuff that mothers gushed about to one another.

We pulled up into an average house, one that used to belong to an older couple that died. It wasn’t exactly well kept, I mused as I looked over the inside rooms, but what do you expect in a town away from most civilization?

After a quick frozen food dinner, I sprawled across my bad and glared at the popcorn ceiling.

Mom came in and gave me a kiss on the forehead; she liked to pretend I was still a little boy at times. “Tomorrow will be fine, Eddie,” she was the only person in existence allowed to shorten name from the original Edward. “Make some friends, have fun, and be nice. It’ll be exciting being around something so different, think about it as a learning experience!” She smiled softly at me, her green eyes mirroring my own, her eyes still holding the sadness since dad’s death.

I sighed again, and turned to face the window splattered with the ever constant rain, listening to her quiet footsteps retreating into her own room across the hall.

Exciting in Forks, I scoffed mentally. Yeah, right.