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Ocean Avenue Imprints

story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

We just had too much fun the first time with this story...

10. If I could find you now

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“Please, believe me,” I tried not to let my voice crack with emotion. “I’m a real werewolf, and I imprinted on you, just like in the legends.”

She stared at me with unseeing eyes, as if she had a whirlwind in her mind. I waited a few moments, allowing it to sink in, but when she didn’t say anything or freak out or scream or run away, I got scared.

“Say something.” My voice broke and I cursed myself.

“I…can’t believe you,” she whispered. My stomach flipped over in sickening circles and I hung my head, squeezing her hands. How could I be so stupid?

“I know it’s unbelievable, but it’s true, trust me,” I said softly. Please just trust me.

“How can I believe something as outrageous as that, Embry?” She asked. I looked up, sighing, and saw that she was close to tears. Hell, I was close to tears. I hated that I had to tell her this, that I wasn’t normal, I was a… freak.

“Haven’t you wondered about my body heat? Isn’t it a bit higher than any other human? What about when I told you I had superpower hearing and smelling? And I said not all dogs are like the ones you’ve met?” My hands were shaking and I could tell she didn’t believe me. “This is true Mashaal, I am a werewolf, and so are Jake, Paul, Sam, and others you haven’t even met yet.”

“I…are you sure?” She had her bottom lip between her teeth like she always did when she was anxious.

Well, there was only one way to make her believe me.

“Yeah…I’ll show you, hold up.” I stood up with resolution.

“Wait, you’re gonna turn into one right now?!” She yelped. I looked into her eyes and could tell she was truly scared and remembered how afraid she was of dogs.

“Yeah, but I’ll do it in the forest so I won’t scare you, ok?” I said softly before turning away and running into the woods that surrounded the beach.

I stripped off my clothes and put them behind the big tree, still shaking.

It was easy—like changing clothes—only I was changing skin. My eyesight switched from good to perfect, and my nose was clogged with smells from all around La Push. I could hear the cars driving miles away from where I was.

Slowly, I treaded the sand and saw Mashaal sitting on the fallen tree with her back to me, staring out at the ocean. I knew I would scare her, but I could see no way around that.

I whined softly to get her attention and she turned carefully, her eyes widening and her jaw dropping. God—the look on her face made me want to kill myself. It was pure fear…she was terrified of me.

I could hear her breaths getting harsh and I looked down, sitting as still as I could, to not scare her even more. She stood up and stepped back, as if I were some wild creature that would kill her. She was probably remembering the dog that bit her and she started to shake.

“Embry?” She murmured, her voice was fear mixed with…awe?

I looked up and saw recognition in her expression. Knowing it was a very human thing to do—I nodded my head and stood up slowly.

I thought I heard something in the distance, but I was focusing on Mashaal.

“This is…” she started to say but stopped.

I heard another wolf and I heard muddled thoughts in my head. Ah fuck.

What the hell is wrong with her! She couldn’t take anything fucking seriously! I’m a god damn wolf and she can’t stop making jokes! I knew it was Paul. I didn’t have time, I had to act.

Running swiftly across the sand, I saw Paul in his wolf shape and growling at Abby, who had her hands held out and stepping closer. I ran faster—that was not a good idea, girl.

PAUL! I yelled in my head right as he was about to lunge over her. He couldn’t control his anger but I sure as hell could. He would regret it forever if I didn’t stop him, so I did the first thing I could think of.

I attacked him.

We hit the sand and his thoughts were so clouded in anger and surprise, I couldn’t understand a word of them. Using my paw, I clawed at his face lightly, a signal to get his attention. I mean, we’ve fought before, plenty actually, but this was different… I was fighting for a reason, and not just for fun.

It hurts really bad to hurt a brother.

He got up quickly, biting at me, so I bared my teeth at him and steered him away from the girl—her blood had been spilt, but I couldn’t change back now, I had to get him back into the forest.

Chasing him out to the forest was harder than ever because he kept trying to swipe and growl at me.

PAUL! That was ABBY! I shouted at him again through my thoughts and this time he staggered slightly, missing as he tried to tear through my skin.

What? He thought bewilderedly, howling, his mind still tangled in anger.

Embry? Paul? Sam’s thoughts came abruptly, and his black form appeared from behind the trees, keeping a distance from Paul, who was now howling and scratching the ground with his claws.

He swiped at her!

Her arm was bleeding!

Isn’t she pregnant? What’s the damage?

The girls will get her to the hospital…

More thoughts bombarded me as Jake, Seth, Collin and Brady shifted and formed a sort of circle around me and Paul.

STOP! SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Right this fucking instant! Paul was screaming in his head.

Needless to say, my head started to hurt.

Sam howled and everyone went quiet…kind of. You can never turn your thoughts off exactly…

Paul and Embry, you both keep your wolf form, the rest of you shift back! No, Paul, stay HERE! Sam ordered. Paul had been trying to run away but was rooted to the spot when Sam commanded him.

There were now fewer thoughts in my mind, with only Sam and Paul. The rest of the guys were standing and staring down, naked because they had ripped up their clothes.

“We’ll go change clothes and be at your place,” Jake muttered, running off, with the rest of the pack following him.

Now tell me exactly what happened! Sam thought.

She LAUGHED at me! I told her and she laughed! She was making jokes! Something about shedding and Frisbees and FLEA COLLARS! Damn it. She is the most annoying person I know! Paul moaned in his head.

He shifted right in front of her, and who knows why, but she stepped closer to him and he lunged at her, but I managed to get him down before he did much more than scratch. I explained to Sam.

I fucking hurt her, like I was a fucking animal! Fucking shit. I don’t even deserve to live after the shit I just did. Paul was thinking.

Paul! Listen to me! Sam said. Paul abruptly stopped his train of thoughts and listened. I know you couldn’t control yourself. I should’ve seen this coming…

That makes me feel so much fucking better, Doctor Phil. Paul thought sarcastically.

Don’t be so sadistic! I thought angrily, now growling myself. If you go kill yourself, who the hell is going to take care of Abby and your baby? She’s pregnant you idiot! You think you can just go off yourself?

I’m fucking pathetic. He was still thinking.

Both of you, enough! Sam yelled. Embry, thank you for the help. You were a good brother tonight, and you may have saved that girl’s life. Go change back and tell the boys that Paul and I went for a run. Meet us at my house in 5 minutes and we’ll all go to the hospital in my car.

I couldn’t stand listening to Paul’s darkening thoughts anymore so I ran back to the tree where I had put my clothes. Shifting back felt good, but I started to cough. Sometimes, that happens—when you’re a wolf, you don’t really feel the blood or fur in your mouth, but when you turn human again, you go into these wild hacking fits… it reminded me of a cat with a hairball.

Anyway, I put on my clothes and ran back to Sam’s house. He and Emily had been living at this small place right next to the forest, so the pack hung out in their backyard a lot. I could see the rest of the guys there now, talking about what happened in low voices.

When they saw me, they all started to ask questions, but Jake cleared his throat, making everyone go quiet.

“Sam said they’d be here in 5 minutes. I’m thirsty,” I muttered, going inside through the back door.

Sam and Emily’s house was decorated in small touches that Emily did herself, with pictures of all of us, and of her niece, Claire, Quil’s imprint. I crossed over to the always-clean kitchen and pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge. All of us were really used to each other walking in and out of one another’s house, so Emily always had the kitchen stocked with food and the guest bedrooms ready just in case. I was about to go back outside when I saw a picture of Jake, Quil, and I resting on top of the fireplace. It was years ago—before we became werewolves. My classic idiotic grin was plastered on my face and Jake was holding a can of soda while Quil tried to give him bunny ears.

It was the day we had started working on my dirt-bike for the first time, the three of us were fifteen years old and trying to figure out what the hell to do…didn’t get much work done that first day, but it was hell lot of fun. By the time my mom had come outside to see, we were all joking around and ‘reading’ the manual, even though the bike was in the exact same shape from when we started hours before.

She had demanded us to stand still for the picture of her little boys all greased up—said it reminded her of Grease, that old musical.

Standing here, it was almost impossible not to wish I could go back… when it was all easy and the most difficult thing in my life was trying to figure out who my dad was. Now I had so much shit to worry about, and apart from turning into a huge wolf, I still didn’t know who fathered me.

“Embry? They’re here,” Jake called out.

“Comin’,” I replied, taking a long swig from the bottle of water.

Well, now that I had Mashaal, it was all worth it.