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Ocean Avenue Imprints

story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

We just had too much fun the first time with this story...

2. Walk on the Beach in our Bare feet

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Obviously, with the time spent running around protecting our territory, I didn’t much time for a girlfriend. Actually, I kind of did have time these days, because there weren’t any bloodsuckers around anymore, and we had more than enough pack men to take care of anything that might happen. Still, no girlfriend. No love life. No fun on Valentine’s day.

So of course, me and my two other dateless buddies decided to flesh out this holiday for all it’s worth. Meaning lots of thriller, horror, and action movies and video games filled with blood, gore, and other things completely un-lovey-dovey. Is that a word? Never mind.

Needless to say, we had our wonderful feast laid out in front of us, and slightly falling off of Jake’s coffee table. Every kind of chip bags, candy boxes, sodas, beef jerky and cookies were displayed to our hunger. I scrutinized the table from my seat on the couch.

"Think we have enough food?" I asked, picking up some jerky that rolled off the table.

"Nope, but there is frozen pizzas in the freezer and I got the number of the Chinese place by the phone,” Jake replied. Paul flopped down next to the PS2 unit and grabbed the controller.

"You guys ready for some games?!"

"Hell, yeah,” Jake and I said together, grinning madly.

Paul dramatically pushed his finger onto the power button, and as if the heavens fell from above, everything went black. I stood up and looked around at the darkness.

"What did you do?" I yelled at him, my anger getting the best of me. Damn, I really wanted to play that new Medal of Honor game!

"I have no idea,” he replied confusedly.

"Paul, You idiot, the entire block and most likely the whole rez has lost power. It isn't your fault. That we know of,” Jake smirked. Did he think this was funny?

"So what are we going to do now?" Paul asked, almost angrily.

Before I knew it, I was up on my feet.

“Bonfire.” I said. I immediately knew it was the best idea.

"You're kidding, right?” Jake asked, looking at me weirdly.

"A bon fire, a huge pyre of fire, on the beach, right now!" I almost yelled, running out with the jerky in my hand. Paul followed me and we pulled the door open.

"Fine," Jake rolled his eyes, following us out also.

Man, I loved fire. I loved the way it was the only thing hotter than us and the colors it made when it flickered around the logs. I seriously might be a pyre, I thought to myself. In no time, we had thrown all the driftwood we could find into a pile and criss-crossed the white sticks into a better fire holder. I pulled out my old lighter that I kept for just these occasions and set it to flame, watching the red embers lick up the sticks.

Watching the fire, we sat around it on the extra wood and were lost in the flickering blaze that almost mirrored us. The way the fire seemed to envelope our feelings and throw it back to us hypnotized me.

Before long, we instinctively heard giggles coming from the forest path closer to our fire. I looked up just as three girls were also included into the glow of the bon fire. Nothing could have possibly prepared me for the moment I lay eyes on her.

The second my gaze lifted, I fell into some sort of spell as I looked at the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, oh man. I couldn’t help but stare, sinking into her body, her adorable, enchanting body. She was small, thin and flexible with the height of maybe 5’2”. Nothing close to my own 6’5”, and I could imagine holding her and tucking her head under my chin. Her hair blew softly in the wind, the sheer black looked beautiful against her tan skin. The firelight showed especially on her slender, smooth legs.

I just imprinted.

Nothing else could possibly describe the smell emanating off of her skin, like perfume but so much sharper. It filled my nose and made me almost dizzy.

“Hey, sorry for intruding, but my friends and I were on the beach down a ways and saw your fire. You guys wouldn't mind sharing the warmth would you,” the other girl said. I couldn’t look away from my girl, but I knew she was the one closer to the front. My girl. She was so mine.

"Sure. I'm Jake and this is Paul and Embry,” I vaguely heard Jake talk next to me, but all I could see was this beauty in front of me, she then looked at me, her dark brown eyes looked intelligent and sharp. I suddenly hoped she liked my name.

“Thanks, I’m Abby,” the other one said. I was waiting for her to say my girl’s name. I wanted to know so bad. I was almost frikkin’ drooling over her. As she sat down, the soft curls that fell to her elbows shifted slightly, and I wanted to touch them.

“This is Mashaal,” the girl said, gesturing at my girl.

“And this is Kati.”


What an…original name. Where did that come from? I had never heard it before. Not wanting to seem irregular, I slightly shifted my gaze to the other two girls. The middle one was smiling at Paul and the tallest with red hair seemed to look away from everything else.

“Are all of you from the rez?” My girl said. I mean, Mashaal said. I stared at her again; her voice was so soft…like a pillow I could rest on. All three of us boys nodded.

"Yeah, where are you girls from?” Paul asked casually. But I knew he was thinking the same as me. I hoped she was from here.

"Well, I'm from Texas," Mashaal said. "But, I'm not a hick.”

She laughed. Oh God, her laugh. I wanted to drown in it. Then, it clicked. TEXAS?! What the hell? That was so far away! When would she leave? I still couldn’t find my voice.

“Jersey girl breed and true,” Abby said.

"Forks, my friends were visiting so we decided to spend v-day at the beach,” Kati said. Her voice was so much smaller, seeming to fade into the fire itself.

I finally found my voice and blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“So Mashaal,” she looked at me and I sank slightly.

“Where do you live in Texas?” I asked, shifting a hand through my hair nervously. What if she didn’t like me?

“Dallas…how long have you lived in the reservation?” She asked. Again, that voice.

“My whole life,” I laughed. I hope she didn’t think I was a loser who never traveled or something.

After that, all of the indistinct awkwardness faded away, and I found myself lost in the way she talked. We talked for hours, and in the back of my head I was making a list of all the things I loved about her. It was too long and consisted of things like: I love the way she twirls her finger in her hair when she talks, I love the way her nose scrunches up slightly when she thinks of something, and I love the way she has to look up at me because I’m so much taller than her. Yeah. You could say I was obsessed already.

We talked about things I’ve never even thought about, but it included so much of my life. Everything she said was interesting, and I had so much in common with her. I could really see myself living with her for the rest of my life. When the wind picked up slightly, Mashaal shivered and I noticed acutely.

“You have goosebumps…you scared?” I asked teasingly.

“Nope, just cold,” she laughed, shivering again. I hesitated, wondering if she would allow me.

“That can be easily fixed…” I whispered, leaning closer to her and putting my arm around her. I relished in the feel of her so close to me. Someone in the heavens really put in a good word for me, because when she cuddled closer to me and I put my other arm around her waist, I felt like the happiest guy in the world.

We were talking for a while, and I was committing every word she said to memory, until I noticed her smooth fingers drawing shapes onto my arm. She didn’t look like she noticed she was doing it, but I did. I noticed everything about her. Including how cold her skin was and how amazing it was next to my unnatural heat.

“Do you like to draw?” I asked her. She shook her head and smiled. I loved her smile, it was so angelic.

“Not really…I’m more of a writer,” she said softly, looking down at the sand. She seemed slightly embarrassed, but I didn’t know what was embarrassing her.

“Really? What do you write?” I asked, interested in learning everything about her.

“Um…I’m the editor of my school newspaper…and I write some short stories sometimes,” she looked up. I smiled down at her and saw her eyes brighten.

“That’s awesome…I write poetry sometimes. Don’t tell anyone though,” I grinned. I don’t know why I told her. I had never told anyone. But she was so worth it.

“Really? That’s amazing. I couldn’t have guessed you were a closet poet…”

“Ah, that is the number one rule of closet poetry,” I laughed, glad that she was ok with it. I thought she would have said it was dorky or something.

“Hmm, I would have thought the number one rule was to turn on the light when your in the closet,” she said. And she was funny too? How can I have gotten so lucky? We both laughed together and I couldn’t resist pulling her closer to me. She turned a bit and snuggled into my chest and I looked up to see Jake and Kati laughing together and Paul and Abby missing. Paul was always quick to disappear, so I wasn’t really worried. He would have to tell me about it later when we were mourning the girl’s absence. We both laughed together and I pulled her even closer to me.

Watching the same sun set that I watched everyday, it seemed so much more magical when I was watching it with Mashaal. She sighed and her cool breath made me slightly dizzy again. How does she do that?

Our conversation became slight whispers so as not to wake Kati and Jake, and I felt like her whispers were small lullabies. I couldn’t help it---the softness of her skin made my eyes drift close and the last thing I saw were her sparkling eyes before I fell into the best sleep of my life, holding her close to me.


I woke up feeling someone kick me moronically in the side. I grunted awake and heard voices when I pushed my face into my pillow. Wait, no it was the sand.

I shifted to a sitting position, groaning as my neck cranked because of sleeping on the wood.

“Where am I?” I asked Jake, looking around the beach. “Where’s Mashaal?”

Paul smirked at me. “Half way to Texas.”

My stomach did an uncomfortable flip.

“...but, but, but…. I….. I imprinted on her.” I told them, confused. Why would she leave me? That’s not fair!

Jake wheeled around on his heel and stared at me with shock in his eyes. I stood up and felt like I was missing something really important. I was missing her.

"You what?" Jake asked me.

"I imprinted, I really love her,” I said, the realization coming out of my heart not my brain. I love her. I love her.

"Good taste in girls, Embry. You had to pick one you would never see again,” Paul said sarcastically. I felt like punching him in the face, but I was too distraught in not having her next to me.

I kind of blanked out the rest of the conversation, because I was just so confused. How could…and she was…gone? There was no way she could leave me without a trace. I scratched my head.

"What about last night?” I asked, trying to understand what the heck they were talking about.

"Oh, I'm just trying to find out what exactly happened between Paul and some girl in the woods, alone, last night." Jake said, smirking at Paul. Oh yeah!

"Dude, you got lucky?" I asked, slightly wondering if they had actually done it last night. Most of my mind was still wondering where Mashaal was right now.

"Why don't you both just shut the hell up and she isn't just some girl. Got it?” He asked. I could see the wolf in his eyes and I couldn’t stop myself from getting mad too. Why would I care? I don’t care! I just cared about Mashaal and he didn’t have to get mad at us for something he did.

"Calm down, Paul." Jake said with his calm voice. He stood with his arms out, making sure Paul knew he was in no danger. Jake was good at that. That’s why he was beta.

"You imprinted too, didn't you?" Jake asked. I looked at Paul, my eyes popping open as I saw him nod his head.

I was kind of lost again. If he had imprinted…and Abby was gone too…and, but wait…

"Shit, and…you and her…the woods. Damn. Sam's going to be pissed." Jake seemed as astounded by this as us.

That’s the understatement of the year. Sam had really strong rules for all of us whenever we did imprint, and Paul just broke a big one. He was gonna be in trouble…I wonder what Mashaal had for breakfast? I’d like to cook her some. I bet she liked eggs.

I doubt Sam would mind if I went for Mashaal. Next to himself and Jake, I was the most calm and I barely ever lost my temper. I was pretty relaxed, and Sam probably wouldn’t have had too strict rules for me… would he? Paul on the other hand…he wouldn’t have been able to touch her, and if Sam found out about last night, he would blow up.

"I'm gonna go for a run. See you guys later,” Paul said, running off into the woods. I heard him transform and felt kind of tired again.

“He’s just gotta blow off some steam,” Jake said, mostly to himself. He looked at me.

“You ok?”

“How far away is Texas?” I asked. Jake shrugged.

“A couple 2, 400 miles or something. I ran down there when I ran away,” he said quietly.

“Oh. How long would it be to run for me? A day or two?”

“Probably. But you can’t go down there, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. I just wish she had left her number or something I could talk to her with.”

“Duh man, look at your hand, they gave us their numbers.”

I looked down at my hand and saw a pink permanent marker claiming me as hers, and her number was neatly written. I needed to talk to her. I needed to tell her how much I missed her and how she was the only thing I cared about now.

Not caring if Jake was watching me, I pulled out my cell phone and texted it, so that if she was still on the plane, she would still be able to read it.

I typed in a message, Hope you had a good trip…I’m missing you and sent it. I cleaned the sand off my jeans and started to follow a silent Jake home.

When my phone buzzed, I opened it and grinned fiercely. I did, thnx. I miss you too ;)

And my life began then.