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Ocean Avenue Imprints

story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

We just had too much fun the first time with this story...

3. Staying Up all Night

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I hadn’t had much of a love life, or any kind of life outside the pack since I had transformed for the first time. As a result, when every one else was busy getting all cozy with the ones they love, or in Quil’s case all covered in pink sparkles. So, as any teenage boy would do on the hallmark created day of love, we were going to toast the day with blood and gore. We had every gory movie ever created lying out on the table, everything from Alfred Hitchcock to Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Grind-house double feature.

And then there was our alter of food. We had beef jerky, candy, chips, soda, and have a dozen other snacks flowing off of Jake’s coffee table. We had spent a good amount of money on the spread in front of us. Embry sat on the couch examining the food. "Think we have enough food?" he asked.

"Nope, but there is frozen pizzas in the freezer and I got the number of the Chinese place by the phone." Jake said, leaning against the door to his kitchen.

I ignored both of them and sat on the floor by the PS2 unit. I had brought my copy of Medal of Honor and the new star wars game for us to play.

"You guys ready for some games?!"

"Hell, yeah." Embry and Jake yelled in reply.

I dramatically raised my hand in the air, and pushed the power button in on the TV. As soon as I heard the click and the beginning static as the screen warmed up, everything went black.

"What did you do?" Embry yelled at me. I had no idea, I looked at the TV and then at the now dark room confused. What the hell had happened?

"I have no idea." I said.

"Paul, You idiot, the entire block and most likely the whole rez has lost power. It isn't your fault. That we know of." Jake said, a smirk dancing across his face.

"So what are we going to do now?" I asked, completely mad that our blood festival was now permanently put on hold.

Embry however, was already making contingency plans. "Bon fire." He said, a wicked grin conquering his expression.

"You're kidding, right?" Jake said.

"A bon fire, a huge pyre of fire, on the beach, right now!" Embry all but yelled. He got up and hurried through Jake’s kitchen to the back door. I followed him out, a bonfire was better then sitting in the dark in my book.

It was easy enough to collect the drift wood they lay scattered in the sand. The storm a few nights ago had washed up a gold mine of wood. I laid the worn white sticks against each other in a hap-hazard pattern that kind of resembled the tepee form we had learned to make a fire with. Embry pulled out his old lighter and let the smaller twigs at the base catch flame. The fire soon spread up the twigs until the entire fortress was consumed in dancing sparks.

We spread out around the fire, lounging in the flickering light. I wasn’t sure why, but we all seemed to be hypnotized by the twirling blaze. Not too long after the muffled laughter of a bunch of teenage girls reached our circle. Three girls about our age stepped into the edge of the light cast out by our bon fire.

I looked up at the one girl who stood slightly in front of the other two, showing that she was the unofficial leader. As I soon as my eyes glanced at her, I was doomed. I felt drawn to her and it seemed like she was the new center of my own personal universe. My eyes racked down her body, absorbing her. She was slender and smooth. She had a petite frame, I guessed her height to be about 5’ 4’’ or so. Her hair was a chestnut color but in the firelight there were hints of red and blonde highlights. The attribute that caught my eye though, was her bust. I was so thankful I had imprinted, on well, some one hot.

"Hey, sorry for intruding, but my friends and I were on the beach down a ways and saw your fire. You guys wouldn't mind sharing the warmth would you." I listened to her voice as it broke the silence on the beach.

"Sure. I'm Jake and this is Paul and Embry." I heard Jake talking, but I was still staring or rather gawking at the angel in front of me.

"Thanks, I'm Abby." She spoke. The name entangled itself into my mind. Abby. The name was perfect for her. She gestured to the other girls behind her, but I didn’t turn away. I barely even heard what their names were. They sat down by the fire, on the opposite side of us. They gathered close together, huddling in a protective grouping. An awkward silence descended upon the group.

The girl with darker hair, who seemed to be slightly shorter than Abby spoke up. "Are all of you from the rez?" I think her name was Mashaal. I just nodded my head.

"Yeah, where are you girls from?" I asked sounding casual, I really hoped they were from around here.

"Well, I'm from Texas," Mashaal said. “But, I’m not a hick,” she laughed freely at herself.

"Jersey girl breed and true." Abby echoed behind her. Damn it, New Jersey was all the way across the whole Fucking continent.

"Forks, my friends were visiting so we decided to spend v-day at the beach" Kati said, I swore if a mouse had a voice, they would sound like that girl.

Embry asked Mashaal a question about Texas, probably trying to gain her attention. I didn’t pay attention, instead I just tried to catch Abby’s eye, and when I did I couldn’t help but smile at her. God, the fates did love me.

Jake attempted to start a group conversation. He began babbling on about some movie that he had gone to see with Quil the other week in Port Angeles. I noticed Abby grab her backpack out of the sand and pull it to the side. She pulled out a serious digital camera, the kind professionals have, and the kind I could never get to work correctly. She seemed to be taking pictures of the drift wood fire. She had the cutest look on her face when she was concentrating on taking just the right picture.

“Did you get a good picture?” I asked her.

“I don’t know.” She sighted standing up. She walked over the group to where I was sitting. She propped herself up on the log, holding the camera between the two of us as she skillfully shuffled through picture after picture of the curling flames. They were amazing. But then the picture suddenly changed, from the twisting fire to one of her dressed in a sensual skin tight black dress with accompanying knee high black buckled boots.

I took in a gulp of air. She tried to flip back to the fire pictures, embarrassed, but I laid my hand over hers to step it. I said the first thing that came to mind.

“Wow, you look like those hookers from sin city.”

I instantly wanted to whack myself up the head, did I seriously just tell her that she looked like a hooker. Point one for the idiot over here.

She grimaced, “Thanks.” She said a hint of sarcasm within her tone. She shut off the camera and put in back in her bag. I scratched the back of my neck, attempting to think of something to fix the situation over here. I fidgeted as I tried to think of something to say. Luckily she spoke first.

“So, how come you aren’t celebrating valentine’s day with your girl friend?” Her voice was trying to sound casual, but I was glad of those words, it meant she might also be interested in me.

“I don’t have one; it was either hanging with Jake and Embry or helping my friend Quil at a little kid’s party.” I explained nonchalantly, while internally jumping up and down.

She laughed, “I think you made the right decision.” I loved the sound of her laugh; it was so carefree and natural sounding.

“Same, lighting stuff on fire is definitely more fun then helping little girls dress up their Barbies for a tea party.” I couldn’t help but grin imagining all to well the fun Quil was having. I laughed picturing him most likely stuck in a pink boa with Barbie dolls.

Abby giggled “I’m guessing you are more of a Ninja Turtle kind of guy.”

“Definitely.” I agreed. We began to discuss our favorite ninja turtles, she was the only girl I knew who could name all the turtles and what color they were. We soon began to talk about other things, but after a while the only thoughts I had in my head were of me and her, together, but along. I glanced around and noticed that everyone else had paired off and was pretty busy with their conversations. I doubted they would see us leave.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” I suddenly asked her.

She seemed startled at my sudden question. “Where to?”

“No where in particular, I just feel like going for a walk.” It was partly the truth. I didn’t have any where in mind, but I didn’t just want to go for a walk.

“Okay, but please don’t get us lost.”

I choked on my laugh, and grabbed her small hand in mine, hauling her onto her feet. I brushed the sand off my cut off jeans and led the way down the beach to the opening in the forest. The path was clearly visible to me in the dim light of twilight. I watched her face as she seemed to be mesmerized with the sky above us.

After we had walked into the forest a ways, I turned to her, nervous for some unknown reason to me. I was usually self assertive and confident. “Abby?” I hoped that my nervousness wasn’t apparent in my voice.

“Hhhmm.” She responded.

“Never mind.” I chickened out, God I hadn’t done any thing like this since I had phased for the first time. I was seriously out of practice.

“No, what were you going to say?” She turned her head to me, her brown eyes innocent in a way, but at the same time there was a devious knowing look that made me want her all the more. Only a kiss, I told myself, one kiss.

I didn’t trust my voice; instead I grabbed her hands and leaned down, pressing my lips to her own soft luscious lips. She responded almost instantly, her arms moving around my neck, brushing the short remnants of my hair with her fingers. I hooked my arms around her waist, pulling her body into mine, letting each curve be felt against my body.

I slid my tongue against her closed lips, tasting the slightly salty taste of her. She gasped slightly against my mouth, her sweet breath invading my own. I let my hands wander over her hips. My fingers found their own way under the edge of her shirt, until they were resting on the supple flesh of her stomach. We broke apart, panting. I wanted her so badly right there and then, no matter what I had told myself before, but her next words contradicted that need.

“Paul, that was great, but we just met, literally, we’ve only known each other for a couple of hours.”

“But I want to know you for the rest of my life.” I spoke without thinking, the truth falling so easily from my lips. Her eyes showed an inner debate, but I wasn’t expecting for her next reaction to only press herself against me, her lips searching for mine. I kissed her hungrily. My hands slid up her sides, pushing her shirt up and over her head, till I could see her pale skin almost shimmering in the twilight. I gripped her hips in my hands, maneuvering us backwards a few steps until I had her against one of the large red pine trees that filled the forest.

I felt her fingers steadily trail down my upper arm, leaving a trail of heat behind even though her skin was far cooler then my own. I moved my head so that I could trail kisses down her neck. I could feel her soft pulse beneath her skin. Her fingers trailed down my chest, her palms pushing against me, but not in a way to push me away. I felt her fingers come to rest at the edge of my jeans.

(Okay, I know everyone hates me for this, but I can’t write good smut, so I edited out the tumble in the forest.)

I helped to detangle the leaves and pine needles from her hair as we followed the path back to the beach. She seemed to be oblivious to where she was walking; instead she kept giving me loving smiles, which in turn caused her to trip now and then, though I was always there to catch her. In the end, I just kept my arm wrapped around her waist, holding her to my side, partly for her safety and partly because there was no way in hell I was going to let her go ever.

The moon was now high in the sky, reflecting over the breaking waves and upon the dunes of sand. The once large bon fire was now nothing more then a few scattered flames upon charred logs. The rest of the group was completely dead. I was shocked to note that Embry was curled up with that girl Mashaal, from what I knew, Embry had all the smoothness with the ladies as a cactus.

I fell down into the sand, and pulled Abby down with me. I moved her till she was sitting in my lap, her cheek resting on my bare shoulder. We spoke to each other in hushed whispers until we too succumbed to sleep.

I awoke to the mouth watering woodsy smell of smoke. I was instantly aware of someone’s foot roughly nudging me in the side.

“Get up already.” Jake’s voice cut through my hazy mind.

I groaned and started to rise; glancing over at my side, but there was no one lying there. “Shit. How early is it?” I rubbed my eyes in a useless attempt to wake up.

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Where are the girls?” I asked, looking around a bit.

“They left.” Jake said, kicking Embry awake. I groaned, I hadn’t gotten her number or anything. “Check your hand.”

I looked down, in pink sharpie a phone number was scribbled ever so cutely across my hand. Her name written over my palm, as if I belonged to her, which from my point of view, I did.

Embry groggily got up. “Where am I?” He asked, looking around the beach, a perplexed look on his face. “Where’s Mashaal?”

I laughed at him. “Half way to Texas.”

“...but, but, but…. I….. I imprinted on her.”

That single sentence made Jake turn around and face him in shock. I just froze, not wanting to admit just yet what had happened to me last night.

“You what?” Jake asked.

“I imprinted, I really love her.”

“Good taste in girls, Embry. You had to pick one you would never see again.” My sarcasm marred slightly by my sleepiness.

Jake turned back to me. I noticed an ill-disguised smirk hovering over his face.

“What?” I asked.

“And how was your night?” There was no mistaking the inflections in his tone.

“None of your damn business.” I retorted. Embry who was now semi conscious was scratching his head. He had obviously missed the middle part of the conversation.

“What about last night?” He asked, struggling to understand what Jake and I were discussing. We had gone from him imprinting to something else which I personally didn’t want to talk about.

“Oh, I’m just trying to find out what exactly happened between Paul and some girl in the woods, alone, last night.” Jake said, trying to urge the story out of me.

“Dude, you got lucky?” Embry asked, hoping to hear about it no doubt.

“Why don’t you both just shut the fell up and she isn’t just some girl. Got it.” I feel the red hot anger start to build within my chest as the wolf begs to be released as it rips the walls confining it within me.

“Calm down, Paul.” Jake’s joking voice is gone. He stands with his arms open, trying to calm me down. A funny look calm into his eyes as a thought seemed to pop into his head. “You imprinted too, didn’t you?”

I nodded me head, the wolf whimpering as it receded. The pieces began to click into place in Jake’s mind. I was pretty sure Embry was still trying to remember he was awake.

“Shit, and…you and her…the woods. Damn. Sam’s going to be pissed.”

I snorted, pissed is saying it lightly. Sam laid down strict rules for every pack member as soon as they imprinted on what they could and could not do, depending on their control. Jared was always frustrated with the fact he always had to obey the Alpha. Luckily for me, I got to Abby, before Sam got to me. With my luck, and control, Sam probably wouldn’t have let me within five feet of her.

“I’m gonna go for a run. See you guys later.” I didn’t wait for a reply, I just ran of into the woods, transforming as soon as it was possible. I let the wolf in me run out my pent up frustration and anger. New Jersey. Shit, that was on the other coast completely on the opposite side of the nation.

I stopped short, remembering in an instant that I had her number. As fast as I could I morphed back to human and pulled on my jeans. Her number was still on my hand. I fished my cell phone out of my jeans. I flipped open the scuffed up phone and quickly typed up a text message, just something short. I miss you already. –Paul. I added in a sad smiley face as a finishing touch before hitting send. I flipped the phone shut.

It would only be a 2 day run to New Jersey if I didn’t stop to sleep. The thought brightened my outlook considerably. I slowly walked out of the woods, and back to civilization and the damp gray clouds. Except this time the beep from my phone announced a text message to me, and suddenly the skies didn’t seem so gray.