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Ocean Avenue Imprints

story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

We just had too much fun the first time with this story...

5. Felt So Right

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I gotta go see my baby

gotta run run run

The only girl I loved

it'll be the last one

I know I know

She's hell on wheels

I know how she feels boy

I like the way that she moves when she moves me

I like the way that she feels when she feels me

She don't complain when I say that I'm leavin

I'm in love

There were only two jewerly stores that I had ever been to. One was a very commercial expensive store, the kind that had stupid tag lines like “he went to Jared”, or “Every kiss begins with K”. I had gone there once with a friend who wanted to get his girlfriend some expensive diamond bracelet. Personally I thought his girlfriend was a bitch and had no problem telling him that. Unfortunately, he didn’t believe me until he found her bracelet adorned hand down some other guy’s pants.

The other place was kind of a junk store, the kind that had shelves cluttered with history. It was on the Rez and there was all of this cool stuff there. I’ll admit, it was not my kind of usual store. It was the kind of place that girl’s dubbed vintage or antique and they would ooh and aaah over every little knickknack. To be truthful, Emily and Kim had dragged me here the first time. Sam and Jared had coincidentally been out on patrol and I was the only one they could persuade a.k.a. trick into taking them there. I had never admitted it to any of the pack guys but I had liked the store. I mean besides jewelry, and doilies, there was also shot glasses and old relics from wars. The guy who owned the store, Joe, was really old, I mean I had no idea how the guy was still able to walk let alone run a store.

The bell over the door tinkled as I walked through the entrance. Old Joe was sitting behind the counter as usual, polishing a little shot glass that probably had some significance.

“Well, hello Paul. Long time no see.” Joe smiled as he looked up at me. I was probably his only male customer, or rather his only straight male customer.

“Hey Joe. Do you still have those rings lying around someplace?” I strolled up to the counter, careful not to disturb any thing.

“I do believe that I do.” Joe shuffled around to the side of a large glass case. Using a small silver key attached to a ring on his belt he opened the case and pulled out a velvet box in which lay a variety of different rings. “Aah, here it is.”

Joe blew a layer of dust off the tray before putting it back down on the counter in front of me. I saw the exact one I had been thinking of. I pointed to the silver band.

“That’s the one I want.”

“Are you sure?” Joe asked as he picked the ring up between his thumb and forefinger. “It’s actually an engagement ring.”

“Then it’s perfect.” I couldn’t help but picture the ring placed on Abby’s hand.

I got a cyclone woman she's cookin up a pound of thrills

Another night she's away couldn't take cause you know it kills

I missed her for six days

Can't wait to see that fine-lookin woman motherfuckin lyin next to me

She's hell on wheels

I know how she feels boy

Not much can scare a werewolf, ten to one, you’re bigger, stronger, and heal faster than any thing that is out there. But to be honest, I was fucking scared. I was standing right on the corner of my street, looking down to where a figure sat on the porch of my house. And who do you think it was sitting there, a mask barely concealing a facial expression of bitter anger.

I was in trouble; lots of trouble if Sam’s facial expressions were any hint. I might have been over 6 ft but right then I wished I could shrink up and disappear. No one wanted to get ripped out by the alpha and have to crawl away on their belly. As much as I wanted to just turn around and run to the other side of the rez, I knew that Sam would only get angrier as he waited, and showing up later would be a hundred times worse.

Sam didn’t acknowledge my presence till I was barely a foot away, even though his cold eyes had been staring apparently right through me. I stood silent.

"Paul, I want to know exactly what the hell happened last night and that’s a direct order.” He spoke in a distinct manner, making no mistake as to what he was referring to.

I hedged around the answer. "I imprinted." It was true, but that wasn’t the only that had happened.

"I know that much, I talked to Jake. What I want to know, is what else happened." His voice was low and sharp.

I knew that if I said what had happened, Sam would literally filet me into a werewolf steak. He had terribly strict rules about imprint relationships. I knew he was just trying to keep the girls safe, but still I did not want to be told what I could and couldn’t do with my soul mate.

“We were just talking and we… um …kissed and then things kind of got out of hand."

"How far out of hand." Sam wasn’t going to let this drop easily. I fidgeted uncomfortably. Sam was still just sitting there, watching my squirm.


"PAUL!" He reprimanded, ordering the answer out of me.

"Fine, we did it." There I admitted it. All I had to wait for now was for Sam to kick my butt back to the ice age. And I was right, as soon as the words were out of my mouth Sam was standing, his features livid with anger.

"Damn it, Paul. Do you realize how dangerous that could have been! You have no control whatsoever. Did you even think of what could happen if you were that close!” A picture of Emily flitted through my head as I’m sure it did in Sam’s. Too close too soon.

"Nothing happened though. I kept control.” I wanted to yell that I had kept my control and kept her safe, but I had no right in the pack to talk back to the alpha.

"Fine,” Sam conceded, it was pointless to argue what ifs, and he knew that better than anyone. “At least tell me you were safe about it." His face was back to the usual calm, and his tone was no longer that of a crazed fiend.

"Like I said, nothing happened." Abby was still in one piece, and I can tell you that she was not the least bit upset with how events had turned out.

Sam gave me an incredible look. "Paul, you did use safe sex practices didn't you?"

His words were not what I had expected. Shit. Of course I hadn’t been prepared. I hadn’t known I was going to imprint, I didn’t know if she was on the pill or anything. "Um…"

I tried to think of an answer, she must have been, she made no objection to the lack of protection, though everything had been spurn of the moment, she hadn’t had time to object really.

"You'd better hope to hell that you didn't knock the girl up then." Sam said, and with that he walked back down the sidewalk and most likely back to Emily. I stood there, in the middle of my yard thinking. I hoped to hell that nothing like that had happened.

That night I lay in bed, with sleep evading me, thinking. I was lucky, in a way, Sam had not banned me from doing anything, which was good ‘cause he was right. My control still sucked, though it wasn’t as bad as it used to be. I was working and around people all the time, but I hadn’t erupted and hurt anyone, well ever, but still there was always a threat. I still got angry enough to shake hard and most of the pack brothers, especially Leah could piss me off till I would literally phase. The little boys knew not to bug me, but Embry and Jake still loved to piss me off when they were in the mood for a fight, or bored.

Nothing happened, I told myself. Nothing.

I like the way that she moves when she moves me

I like the way that she feels when she feels me

She don't complain when I say that I'm leavin

I'm in love

“Hand up that hammer, will you.” I yelled down to Andy.

“One second, Paul.” He knelt down and grabbed the hammer out of the saw dust that had crept into the tool box.

Work was a good thing, being around a bunch of smelly dirty guys all sweating as they built a house was a good way to keep me day dreaming of Abby. Andy handed up the hammer, standing on his toes to reach. He was a nice guy, one of the people I would consider a friend outside of the pack. He was 29, already dreading the big 30 as he put it. Sue, his wife, was already 30, being that she was 6 months his senior. For how tough Andy was, after all he was my boss, his wife sure had him whipped.

“You seem kind of preoccupied lately, Paul.” Andy observed. “You didn’t even go to the pub with the guys and me after work Friday. What’s up with you?”

“It’s nothing.” I said, hitting the nails into the wood, careful to not hit my hand.

“Don’t tell me some little woman has you wrapped around her finger now.”

I brought the hammer back and let it come down missing the nail as I was distracted by Andy and smashed it into my own hand. “Fuck.”

Andy laughed at my pained expression. “I’m going to take that as a yes.”

Andy left to go over see the concrete. It wasn’t until I was in my truck driving home from work when I heard my phone ringing her song, that I realized that Andy was more right then he knew.

I spent a lifetime finding you

oh my love

and I'd die a thousand times for you, my love

Yeah gotta run run run

ooh, she'll be the last one

I know I know