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Ocean Avenue Imprints

story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

We just had too much fun the first time with this story...

7. Take Me Away

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2343   Review this Chapter

“Hey! You’ve reached Abby’s phone; leave a message after the tone.” BEEP!

I slammed the phone back down on the receiver. That stupid message was the only thing I had heard for almost a week now. “Leave a message.” Damn it. I had left a message, hell I must have left half a dozen messages this past week. Everything had been going to well. We had talked forever after I had gotten home from work. She had always seemed so glad to hear my voice. But then out of no where she had started to cut our calls short, with stupid excuses like homework or being tired, and now, nothing. The phone would ring, but she wouldn’t pickup.

I growled, what the hell had happened. I felt myself getting more and more upset as I thought it over in my head. What had gone so fucking wrong? I needed to hit something as the rage inside of me boiled to a breaking point. I need to phase or do something before I literally burst.

I shot my first forward into the wall, a sickening crunching sound erupted around the empty kitchen. I pulled my arm back, shit. Of course my hand wouldn’t break, it was the wall. I was going to have to patch it up, again. I looked back at my fist, as the flesh knit itself back over the bare bones.

Could my day get any better? I hope to hell it didn’t get worst. I groaned; this day had really sucked.

I ambled over to the fridge and pulled out a cold bottle of beer. Sam had made a point of telling us that it was impossible for werewolves to get drunk, but I was willing to try and disprove that theory.

I twisted off the cap and flicked it onto the counter, before ambling into the living room and plopping down in one of the well loved chairs. I took a deep gulp from the bottle and let the cool liquid trace its way down my throat. I drained the bottle as the mindless images of some stupid TV show flickered across the screen. I let my mind wander and my thoughts approached one subject no matter what I tried to think about. I tried thinking of anything and everything, but some how every topic seemed to revolve around her. I wonder if this is what it was like for the other pack members. If when ever they closed their eyes, they saw their mates, if they thought about them all the time. Hell, I knew Embry did, it was nauseating to phase with him, I preferred Quil and Barbies to the gooey thoughts that circulated around Embry.

A soft timid knock sounded on the door. “What now?” I groaned, switching off the T.V. as I stood up. I walked lazily to the door, not really caring any more. I flicked on the porch light, as I twisted the finger print covered doorknob to reveal a rather soaked figured. I felt my features twist in too shock as I realized who it was. Great, now I’m hallucinating.

“Um…Hey Paul.” Her voice was so tired and small, so unlike the voice I had grown to love over the last month. This couldn’t be a hallucination; she was really here, on my porch, for some god only knows reason. She looked like a drown puppy standing there. A huge duffel was weighing down her shoulders and she was holding a ratty pair of sneakers in her hand. She brushed her soaking hair off her face with her free hand. "Do you think I can come in?"

Of course, she was still standing on the porch. I felt like an idiot. I stepped to the side, realizing I had been blocking the door, and gestured for her to come in. I saw her eyes glaze over the room, taking in all the details. Shit, I really wished I had cleaned the house before…well, I wish I had ever cleaned up the house.

“Let me take that bag from you.” I took the sopping wet duffel from her small hands. My fingers brushed against hers. Her skin felt colder than normal. I put it down on the floor by the door, ignoring the puddles that had begun to form on the wood floor.

She dropped her sneakers onto the welcome mat that Kim had gotten for the house. She stood there her fingers entwined, and she was biting her lower lip in the most adorable way. She was really here. I couldn’t help the smile that was spreading across my features. I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around her small waist. I literally lifted off the floor in a giant hug. It felt so good to have her back in my arms where she belonged.

“I missed you.” I whispered in her ear. I heard her gulp.

"I know the feeling."

It didn’t matter that she hadn’t called me in a week, or that she was across the country from where she should have been. I placed her feet back on the ground while keeping my arms tightly around her. I bent my head down and placed my lips against hers. I felt her kiss me back, but it wasn’t the sweet kiss of reunited lovers, it was something else. I felt her lips move so desperately against mine. I could feel her tension and fear as if it was my own in that moment that our lips were together. I stepped away from her, breaking the contact between our bodies so easily.

The wood creaked under my feet as I moved away from her. I looked at her trying to figure out what was wrong. Something had to be, why else would she be standing in the middle of my living room soaked to the bone. There wasn’t a smile on her face. I tried to examine her features for some clue to what the hell was going on. She shied away from my scrutiny, looking down at her feet rather than at me.

“You aren’t alright.”

She shifted her head so that her hair hid her gorgeous face from me under a curtain. She wasn’t going to do that. I never liked when I didn’t know what was going on, and what was worse was that it was her hiding something from me. Something was hurting her, and I couldn’t protect her if I didn’t know what the hell was wrong. I gripped her soft chin in my hand, and angled her head upwards, so that I might be able to look into her eyes, and maybe just maybe I could figure out what the fuck was going on.

"What's wrong?" I asked, I could no more read her face then I could read a crystal ball. All I saw was my reflection and nothing more. Her eyes fell closed upon my words and a stream of tears began to flow down her cheeks. I inwardly groaned; I was a guy, ergo I had no experience with emotional problems. I pulled her to the couch and on to my lap. I pulled her close to me, attempting to protect her from what ever had caused her to run here. I felt so god damn useless and I think that was scaring me more than her painful expression.

She cried into my chest, her small body shaking with sobs. She was soaked to the bone, and would probably have caught pneumonia if she hadn’t been being held by an abnormally warm werewolf.

“Sshh, it’s okay now.” I whispered, remembering how my own mother would comfort me when I was little.

"No, it's not okay." She turned to me, her eyes puffy and red. She stared me right in the eye, a look of determination on her tear stained face. She pushed on my chest until she was standing on the floor in front of me. I sat up on the couch, wondering still what the fuck was going on. Hopefully whatever she would say would clear up that little mystery.

"Paul, there is something I need to talk to you about. I…" She paused, a sick look coming over her features. It seemed as if she really was turning green. Her hand flew up over her mouth. "Oh god, I'm going to be sick."

I pointed towards the bathroom door as she bolted away. I heard the distinct sound of retching. I was so fucking stupid; of course she would be sick, she was still soaked. She was lying on the floor, resting her head against the tub, shivering. "Maybe I should get you some dry clothes." I thought out loud.

She nodded her head, “Thanks.”

I walked hurriedly to my room, trying to think of what would fit her. She was so small, it’s not like I had pants that would stay on her small frame. I grabbed one of semi-clean t-shirts and walked back to where she lay.

"I hope this works. I couldn't find any pants that would fit you."

She stood up slowly, using the rim of the bath tub to keep her balance. She used her hands to lift her soaked black sweat shirt up over her head. When she pulled it off, her shirt rode up slightly to reveal the tempting flesh that lay there. She swayed towards me, and pushed me out of the bathroom, after taking the shirt from my hands.

I groaned, this day went from bad, to a whole fucking rollercoaster of fun, I thought sarcastically. I heard another knock on the door and walked to answer it, ready to tell some pipsqueak of a pack member to get the hell home. Instead I saw a smirking Jake, and Embry. Embry had this stupid idiotic grin plastered over his face that I just wanted to punch off. “Hey, what are you---Mashaal?”

I noticed her standing within Embry’s arms, a good head, or more, shorter than him.

“Hey,” She said.

“What are you doing here from Texas? Did you know Abby’s here too?” I said, maybe she knew what was going on.

“Yeah, wait---she’s here already?” She attempted to look around me to the inside.

“Yeah, she’s inside. Here, come in,” I said, attempting to be polite, at least for the fact that Embry would try to attack me if I as much as cursed in front of his girl.

“Where is she?” Mashaal asked, searching with her eyes around the room. I swore she was about to check under the couch for Abby. “How is she feeling?”

As if on cue, the bathroom door opened revealing a very pale Abby dressed ridiculously in my shirt. Mashaal saw her instantly and rushed over and gave her a hug. “Do you know what is going on?” I asked Embry as he passed me.

“No idea, Mashaal hasn’t told me anything.” He replied.

"Are you okay?" I heard Mashaal whisper.

"Yeah, I'm just peachy."

"Did you tell him yet?" She whispered even more softly. Abby just shook her head, glancing ever so quickly over at me. Tell me what! I wanted to know what the hell was going on. This was my house, my soul mate, and some how I had no idea of what was going on!

"Ok, it's alright. We'll tell him after I feed you. When's the last time you got sick?" So it wasn’t just the wet clothing, maybe she was sick or something, but then why was she here.

"Just now…Mashaal, I couldn't do it! I couldn't tell him…" Abby looked down at her feet. That was it.

"Ok, I'm standing right here!” I all but growled. I could feel the wolf in me clawing to get out, but I kept control. “Tell me what? Why did you get sick? What are you NOT telling me?"

Mashaal turned on her heal towards me, a very frightening look on someone so small.

"Why are you yelling at her? Can't you see she's a bit distressed over here?!" Mashaal yelled back at me.

"Yeah, but it'd be nice to know what the hell she's distressed about so I could help her!"

I yelled back at her, ignoring the shaking in my hands.

"Don't you dare raise your voice at me!" Mashaal suddenly reminded me all too much of my mother. Shit, she was scary. I also saw the beginning of shocked tears in the corner of Abby’s eyes. I really didn’t want to make this harder for her.

"Sorry, I'm just worried about her," I said softly.

"Good. Now, I suggest we all sit down and eat some dinner, then Abby will feel better, and you two can talk. Anyone have a problem with that?" She looked around, as if daring anyone to disagree.

“Nice girl, you’ve got.” Jake commented from behind me. I just rubbed my forehead, this entire evening was giving me a killer headache so far.

"What is it, Embry?" I heard Mashaal ask amidst a cloud of giggles.

“I was wondering…What are we going to eat? Can you even cook?” Embry asked. I chuckled, Embry couldn’t cook past a microwave, and I was only slightly better.

I felt Abby’s cool skin against me as she held me for support. My stress melted away under her touch. I snaked my arm around her to keep her standing. "Yeah, I can cook. Can you?" Mashaal asked him.

"Embry, I think that you have just been owned." Abby gasped out. I smiled caused she was sounding more like the fire ball I fell for.

"No, I can't cook," Embry announced, rubbing his stomach. "But I can eat!"

I lead everyone into the kitchen, never once did my mind wander far from the fact that there was a secret still untold surrounding us.