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Ocean Avenue Imprints

story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

We just had too much fun the first time with this story...

9. Let Your Waves Crash Down on Me

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Mashaal had kicked us out of the kitchen pretty fast, so Jake had picked out a movie to put on. It was some mindless blood movie rated R for language, violence, gore and nudity, also known as a guy movie.

Abby was somewhat calmer now, she was curled up into my chest, her hair trailing across my skin. I played nice, only wrapping my arms around her waist, even though it was so tempting to run my hands lower, down over the pale tan of her legs, feeling her flesh across my fingers.

I heard her sigh in what I assumed was contentment, breaking me out of my day dream. I glanced back to the screen where one of the guys was being murdered with a fire poker. Abby half yelped and buried her head into my side. I laughed at her reaction, as did Jake.

"Stupid teenage boys." She muttered into my skin.

"Dinner is served!" Mashaal's called into us. Jake paused the movie and we headed into the dinning room. Abby sat down beside me in the well used wooden chair set that was my dinning room. Embry and Mashaal entered carrying bowls and trays of delicious smelling food that filled the air with their teasing aroma. Jake and I couldn't help but exclaim in hunger.

Mashaal knew how to cook for hungry boys; she had steak, potatoes, spinach, and lemonade. Sure I would have preferred a beer, but I was the only one old enough to legally drink in the room.

"Mashaal, you made my favorites!" I was shocked as petite Abby began to shovel food onto her plate. The last girl I dated would have been appalled by the spread, it was meat, carbs and sugar, and totally not diet appropriate. I'll admit it, I never dated any of them for anything but their looks.

The rest of us quickly served ourselves, and between mouthfuls, we took seconds, thirds, and fourths till there were nothing left but empty plates.

Mashaal disappeared telling us that she was going to get dessert.

Jake was telling one of his infamous dirty jokes, when suddenly I heard Abby scream. I jerked away from her, searching for what had caused her alarm.

"Coconut Cake!!!!!!!!!! My favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said, clapping her hands in excitement. Shit, I swore she had been attacked or something with the octave in her voice she had hit.

Though I had to admit that she was right, the cake was amazing. I had never had much of a sweet tooth, but coconut cake might just have to be my new favorite. I was almost sad when I realized that there was no cake left to eat, except for a few crumbs amid dabs of frosting on the platter.

Mashaal had us carry all the dishes into the kitchen. I froze when I saw all the dirty pans and bowls that needed to be clean. Geesh, why would any one want to cook with all this clean up? But then I realized why, Mashaal was standing there, extra towels in her hand, eyeing us. She had a work crew to do the work for her.

Abby, luckily got out of the work. She sat on the counter, chatting away animatedly as the rest of us scrubbed and dried every last pan. I was seriously getting dish pan hands. Somehow I had gotten sink duty while everyone else got to dry.

When everything was done, I realized that I still didn't know what was going on. I walked over to wear Abby sat and leaned casually on the counter, wiping my wet hands on my jeans.

"Do you want to go for a walk on the beach with me?"

I was nervous, but I figured a walk might get the answer I needed. She glanced at me, her brown eyes no doubt noticing my anxiety.

"Sure, let's do that."

I relaxed at her words. Now all I had to do was kick everyone else out of the house, which I would do happily. Abby had rushed over to Mashaal and given her a big hug, as I ever so graciously showed Jake and Embry the front door.

"Guys, Out." I said pointing. They both laughed.

"Let's go Embry; I think Paul wants some alone time."

I was about to exemplify my point of out more physically, when Mashaal rushed to the door, taking Embry's hand in hers. I saw them all pile into Embry's car, and listened to the stereo blast as they drove away. Jake was going to have fun driving home with those two tonight. Embry was unbelievably whipped.

I turned, ready to go. Abby gave me a side smile.

"One Second." She walked over to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. The way her hips swayed as she walked naturally was hypnotic. I was entranced by her every movement.

I shook my head, heading towards the screen door in the back of the house. I ran my hand across the stubble of hair that was left after buzzing it. I was worried, shit, I was scared. Why was she here? Had something happened? Was she dying, or worse?

I didn't have the time to ponder it further as the doorknob twisted and revealed Abby dressed in her damp jeans and my over sized shirt.

She walked out the door in front of me without a word. The trail was steep, and it was hard to maneuver in the dim light. Once we hit the beach, I felt her fingers weave between mine, they fit there perfectly and I didn't want to let go.

The sky was clear and the stars were just coming out. I waited for her to start speaking; I didn't want to say anything to push her or cause her to feel like she couldn't tell me what was wrong. I was a guy, so I sucked at anything remotely emotional, and I didn't want to fuck up this.

Suddenly, she stopped walking, digging her toes into the sand. Her brown eyes looked up into mine. "Paul, I need to tell you something, and as you can tell, I've been really scared to do this."

I took her other hand in mine, urging her to speak further. I wanted her to trust me and not be scared. "You can tell me anything."

She edged a bit. "Let's sit down for me to tell you."

I nodded, agreeing. I sat us down on the sand, not even bothering to walk further to the fallen logs down a ways. We sat there on the beach, facing out towards the waves.

She took a deep breath and began her explanation.

"When I met you on Valentine's Day, I really liked you, I couldn't really understand why I was drawn to you, and I didn't regret what we did in the woods that night. I still don't. It's just, well, when I stopped calling you it was because I realized that I was..." I waited impatiently, realized what, I wanted to shout. "It was because I found out that I was pregnant, and that you were the father."

Fuck, did she just say pregnant??? I felt my eyes go wide. Pregnant. You'd better hope to hell that you didn't knock her up. Sam's words echoed in my head. Shit, I had. I had ruined her life. She had come across the country to tell me that she was… Pregnant.

"Paul, are you okay? Say something please." Her voice seemed to be begging.

"You're pregnant? That's why you showed up here? That's why you were sick? Oh God." I was an idiot. I clenched my fists. I had fucked things up majorly. She must hate me for this. Sam was right. God, how could I do something like this to her. Pregnant. It was like a curse. She was barely 18, and I had knocked her up the night we met.

"You know, that wasn't easy for me to say. I'm having a baby. You don't have to be a father to it. You can just be the kid who knocked me up." The anger and hurt was evident in her voice, and my heart constricted just hearing it directed at me. Just the kid, who knocked her up. She stood up, dusting off her jeans.

I just sat there, attempting to control my pain, forcing the wolf back down. "You're pregnant…" I couldn't comprehend this yet, but I sure as hell didn't just want to be just some kid.

"Yes, damn it. I'm pregnant." She growled, and I mean literally growled. Her voice softened. "I guess I shouldn't have forced this on you."

And then she ran. Without thinking, I followed her. She was easy to catch up to, she was quick, but it's hard to run on a beach, let along out run a young werewolf. I grabbed her arm, spinning her back into me.

"Abby, stop, please."

"What do you want?" I wanted to hit myself; she was standing there, tears running down the sides of her face. I was a fucking moron.

"Look, I'm sorry about how I reacted. I wasn't expecting for you to say that you were pregnant. That idea hadn't occurred to me." It had, just not recently, I thought in my head.

"Well, it hadn't occurred to me either until the pregnancy test ended up turning blue. This is going to be the last time you see me if that's what you want." She was ridiculous.

"That's not what I want, Abby, and you know that."

"Do I?" She asked, staring up at me, doubt evident in her eyes. "I don't want you to deal with this with me because you feel responsible, I want you to help me because you want to, because you love me." Her voice cracked on the word love. She wanted me to love her; I swear, I had never heard more beautiful words said.

I laid my hand on the side of her face, touching her smooth cheek. "I do love you, I want to love you, and I want this…" I placed my other hand on her stomach, were our child was now growing, "to be our family." Sure, I would have preferred this to be a bit better planned, but hell I was not going to complain if this catalyst hurried up the relationship process.

"I want that too." I saw her face soften and her lips slid into a soft smile. "But I how do we know that we aren't going to out grow our love."

"I know." I had known since the moment I had first seen her. I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. The love and lust that rose within my chest in that instant was unbearable. I felt her arms wrap around my neck and each curve of her perfect body melted into my chest. I had never been one to believe in an after life, but god help me, I swore this was heaven.

It was only after the wind picked up and the damn sand was digging into our skin, did I even think of letting go of her. I kept my arm around her waist, holding her against me as we walked back towards the house.

I let go of her as we entered the kitchen again, only so that I could find the damn light switch.

"Paul… would you mind if I spent the night on your couch until I find someplace to stay?" Her brown eyes slightly down cast. Was she insane? We were having a kid together, and she was thinking I would make her live somewhere else? I laughed in my head as I simply stalked forward and in a single fluid motion grabbed her legs and swung her over my shoulder.

Abby let out a fearful little squeal. "Hey. Be careful." I chuckled, ignoring her hands beating upon my back in a futile attempt to get free. I carried through the house, nudging open the door to my room with my knee. I walked in and dropped her in a rumpled mess in the center of the bed.

She smiled as I laid down next to her, a real smile, the kind that started at the center of her fucking gorgeous lips and ended in the middle of her eyes.

"What makes you think you need to find someplace to stay?" I asked her as I leaned forward, ensnaring her waist in my arms again, pulling her against me.

"I think I just found one." Abby said, as she pressed her lips to mine. I couldn't help but moan as her hips pressed against me. She knew how to tease, but I had waited way to long to be with her. My sentiments were shared because in a flurry of hands, clothes were scattered haphazardly across the floor.