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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

11. Enter the Beginning of a Catastrophe

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As I ran through the surroudning darkness, I felt something brush my hand. It was Rosalie. I felt my eyebrows wrinkle in confusion. Edward pulled back and Rosalie sped up to join Alice.

"What's with her?" I whispered.

"She wants to go with you tonight," Edward whispered back.

"Why? She doesn't like grizzlies."


"Why?" He glanced toward Alice.


"Take her with you...for everyonhe's sake. Alice won't tell me or show me what she saw and it's worrying me, so try to get back to the house as quickly as possible.."

"Got it." I saluted him, but he rolled his eyes and smacked my hand down.

He ran into the forest with Alice and Jasper. Rosalie stood at the edge of the trees, gazing up at the metallic stars that peppered the midnight sky.

Once I caught up to her, I took her hand and wrapped it around my waist.. She hugged herself into me, leaning her head on my chest and I let my cheek rest on her hair.

"I'll keep you safe, my angel," I promised.

"I know..."



"So..Let's go!"

I grabbed her hand and started to run. She kept herself slightly behind me at all times, almost...cowering. The smell of grizzlies swirled around me.

Sweet! They're strong too. Even better..Score one for Emmett!

The large, furry beasts finally caught sight of us. I tackled the larger of the two and it hit the ground with a loud thump. It struggled against me, but I forced my teeth through its thick fur and drank. Just drank.

As the sweet, warm liquid flowed through my mouth and cascaded down my awaiting throat, Rosalie stiffened. I drank the very last drop of life from my prey and then turned to calm my angel.

She stared off into the haunting shadows of the forest, eyes wide.


She walked slowly backward, stepping over the lifeless grizzly corpses, and hid herslef behind me.

"It's a...another...Triste," she whispered, angelic voice marred by fear.

"Another one? Goddamn...How many of you guys are out there?"

"Hundreds..maybe thousands."


The trees rustled quietly in front of us, revealing our visitor.

I almost exploded into laughter once I caught sight of the small, vampiric figure that had emerged from the trees. My shoulders shook violently from surpessed laughter. Rosalie snapped the waistband of my protruding boxer shorts and I stopped, holdng her hand to my back pocket and she softly kissed my ear.

"Rosalie?!" a squeaky voice called out.

She stepped out from behind me, focusing on the elfin features of the small vampire's face. Her eyes lit up.

"David!" she cried excitedly, running towards him. She picked him up and spun him around twice before setting him down and hugging him.

"Hey, sis."

Softly we tremble tonight. Picture perfect fanding smiles are all that's left in sight. Lost in a simple game, cat and mouse. Are we the same people as before this came to light?