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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

14. Twiggy Meetings

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xXEmmett FlashbackXx

"Hey Emmett!" Bela called from above me.

I had tucked myself into a ball outside of the backdoor. I looked up, forcing my eyes to smolder in her gaze. Her heartbeat faltered.

"Hey Bella." I stood up, still holdng her gaze.

"You okay?" She shifted uncomfortably.

"Yeah, I guess.....I could use a hug." I smiled hopefully,

"No problem!"

She held her arms open and I wound my arms around her tiny, fragile body.

Now kiss her.

I froze.

That wasn't my voice.

Kiss her. Do it NOW.


Do it.



"Kiss me, Bella,"I whispered.

"What?!" she screamed, but suddenly stopped. And kissed me.

xXEnd of Emmett FlashbackXx

"How could you do this to me, Emmett?" Ouch.

"I...I didn't...want....to," I choked out.

"Emmett?" Edward snarled.


"Forest. Now. Come on Rosalie!" he snapped.

"Fine," she whispered, eyes pained.

"Go hang wiht Alice,Bella," Edward growled.


"GO." She tripped quickly into the house to greet Alice.

We all ran to the edge of the forest, stopping at the base of a large,but twiggy, oak tree.

"Shall we?" Edward gestured to the tree.


Within thirty seconds, all three of us had scaled the tree, each perching on a branch.

"Well,Emmett. Is there some reason your tongue was makng contact with my girlfriend's larynx?" Edward demanded.

Rosalie stiffened and I choked down a nasty retort.

"The...the voice....it...," I stumbled.

"You heard a voice?"

"Yeah. In my head, but it wasn't mine. It told me to do stuff and I just sort of....did it."

Rosalie finally spoke.

"Like you were in a trance?"


"David...," she mumbled.


"He put the four of us in trances and commanded us to corrupt each other."

"That connieving little weasel..."

Edward brought the meeting to a close by jumping down from his perch, leaving me alone...with Rosalie....who is mad...and depressed...all at once. God help me.

"Rosalie. He'll only listen to you, so talk to him, okay?" Edward requested before taking off.


She lept from her branch, landing on mine. Our eyes met, hers searching for an explanation...that I didn't have.

You may tire of me 'cuz our December sun is setting, 'cuz I'm not who I used to be. No longer easy on the eyes, but the wrinkles masterfully disguise the youthful boy below. He turned your way and saw something he was not looking for; both a beginning and an end. But now he lives inside, someone he does not recognize when catches his reflection on accident.