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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

16. Don't Touch Me

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As I ran my hands over Rosalie's body, I silently begged her to keep her eyes shut. For if she had opened them, she would have seen my eyes.

Ah, my eyes. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. This is especially true of me, for my eyes are the one place I show emotion through. Rosalie, over the years, has become incredibly skilled at reading my emotions just by looking into my eyes.

Now, if she were to do so, she would see the clear expression of insecurity that tore at me.

Shouldn't I have been able to resist? I could have refused...if I wanted to. Did I want to resist at all or did some sick, twisted part of me want to kiss Bella? No. Rosalie....I love her. More than anything...as Edward does Bella.



"I love you."

She smiled, eyes still closed. Her hand reached out blindly and I caught it, placing it in mine.

"I love you too," she whispered.

I hesitated before speaking again.


Her eyes flew open, locking with mine. She sat up and leapt from our branch, landing gracefully and silently on the ground. Her hands found the soft blue material of her shirt and pulled it back over her head.

"Don't..." I moaned.

She flicked her eyes upward, meeting mine again.

"You want to know why? Come on," she beckoned.

I sighed, but still jumped from the branch as she had done. I reached for my shirt, but she grabbed it first and pulled it over her own shirt.


She pressed a finger to my lips, stopping me.

"Leave it off."

She started to walk, slowly and deliberately. I followed after, helpless against her enticing aura.

"You want to know why I love you?"



"I just want to know."

She paused momentarily, but kept her slow pace.

"I can't give you specific reasons. You realize that don't you?"


She sighed, not turning her head.

"Love is irrational, Emmett. Surely you can understand that."

I remained silent.

"I love you because of what you are. What you do to me. What only you can make me feel again."


"You make me feel human again. Just like Bella does for Edward."

"This is diff-" I interjected.

"No. It's not. When I'm with you, I'm not just the "pretty blond vampire". I'm worth something to you. I have...depth. I'm not a monster. I'm your angel. You make me feel whole. Only you."

I was silent for a moment. She stopped walking and turned to face me.

"Well?" she murmured.

"Well what?"

"Anything to say to that?"

I scooped her up, holding her to me. Her breathing quickened.


She pressed her lips to my neck. I stifled a moan.

"Nothing at all?"

"I love you," I whispered finally.

I could feel her smile.


"That's not-"

"Why Emmett? Why do you love me?"

"Rosalie..."I groaned.

"Tell me."



I sighed.

"I can't put it into words how much you mean to me. You're my everything. You're beautiful and-"

"Oh. So you love me because I'm pretty."

She pulled out of my arms and jumped back down to the ground. Once again, she walked ahead of me. Slowly, deliberately.

"No! I mean you are beautiful, but that's not why I love you."

"Yeah, but it still influences the rest of your feelings for me."

"Not really-"

"Let's make a bet then, shall we? I bet you can't go four hours without touching me."

"What?! That's not fai-"

"Oh it's fair,Emmett."

"Fine. But if I can't touch you, you can't touch me."

"That's not what we-" she protested.

"No, but that's the only way I'll do it."


"If I win, then I get to finish telling you why I love you."

"And if I win?"

"If you win...you can touch me as much as you want and I'll stay absolutely silent."



"We need rules though."

"Okay," she agreed.

"Six inch radius. Lips only."



I stuck my hand out.


She took my hand and shook it.

Did I really just shake hands with my fiance? Ah, but I did. Did I just agree not to touch her? I did again.

We managed to make it into the house and upstairs to our room without being noticed.

"Can I have my shirt back?"

She locked eyes with me.

"No. This is my way of touching you without actually touching you."

"Fine. Then I get your necklace."

"Fine. Here you go."

She crossed the room, unfastening her necklace as she walked. She came around behind me, clasping it behind my neck. She pressed her lips to the back of my neck.

"Hey! That's touching!"

"No. You said 'Lips only'."


I flopped backwards onto the bed. Rosalie flopped down next to me, nose buried in my shirt.

"This sucks."

"Hell yeah it does."

She seemed dressed in all of me. Stretched across my shame. All the torment and the pain leaked through and covered me. I'd do anything to have her for myself...Just to have her for myself. I don't know what to do when she makes me sad. She is everything to me. An unrequited dream, a song that no one sings, the unattainable. She's a myth that I have to believe in. All I need to make it real is one more reason. She isn't real...I can't make her real.