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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

21. Say WHAT Now?!

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I had never given much thought to what Rosalie had done...without me before she was changed. It never really mattered. But now....

"He's lying you know." Rosalie's voice came from behind me.

"Is he?"


I locked eyes with her.



I looked at her skeptically.

"Oh come on, Emmett! He's four years younger than me! I was nineteen when he was fifteen. I'm not some freakish pettifiler!"

I raised my eyebrows.

"I'm not," she repeated.


I pulled her into a hug just as Alice raced down the stairs.

"Do you have ANY idea what that was?!?" she shrieked, voice reaching an unnatural octave.

"My little brother and his best friend?"


I nodded. She shrugged.

"Oh. Well besides that, he's...he's.."


"Do you know what he can do?"

"No. It must be something big, though. Their eyes should be gray. David started to say something, but he got cut off."

"That's because they're hiding something...something BIG."

"Like what?" I demanded.

Alice's eyes grew wide. She turned to Rosalie.

"Are you sure you want to know?"


"Come on, Alice! What is it?"

She drew in a deep breath.

"He's not a Triste, or whatever you called him, he's a werewolf."

Have you heard the news that you're dead? No one ever had much nice to say...I think she never liked you anyway. Wouldn't it be grand? It ain't exactly what you planned. And wouldn't it be great If you were dead?