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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

23. Brooke

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"Holy. Flippin. God," I choked out.

Anthony beamed. Rosalie choked. I blinked twice.

"Welcome. I'm Brooke."

Her voice was unaccented, as I had expected it to be. Her Italian accent had been flawless, but then, so was her English.

"Sono tutto il di destra?" she whispered to Anthony.

"Ale," he mumbled, looking at the ground.


I gawked. She was absolutely striking, but in a completely subtle way. Her eyes were wide and a strange shade of blue, pale with tiny sliver flecks that stood out like stars. Her hair twisted in the slight breeze, long but choppy. I couldn't tell what color her hair was, it was almost black, but not brown and had emerald ends.

She was wearing a short white dress, revealing her muscular legs and shoulders which were partially covered by......wings. She had wings.

"You...you have..." I choked out.

"Yeah. I have wings."

I just nodded.

They were breathtaking, stretching up above her head and behind her. They were transparent and fragile looking, tinted a strange viridian hue. Tiny shapes that looked like x's spotted the tips and thin aquamarine scribbles covered the rest.

Her shoulders were covered in what looked like wax in the same shade of viridian as her wings. It melted over their muscular contours. This same strange, waxy substance covered her wrists and the tops of her hands all the way to the base of her thumbs.

"What... What are you?" Rosalie started.

Brooke laughed and her wings fluttered lightly.

"I'm a hybrid."

"Of...what?" I asked hesitantly.

"A vampire and a Keylindt."

"A what?"

"A Keylindt. They're sort of like faries, but completely the opposite."


"They must be something else," I offered.

"Oh, they are. Just like everyone else here. In fact, almost all of them are hybrids."

"That's pretty cool...of what?" Rosalie asked.

"Eveyone is something different."

Rosalie and I looked at each other and exchanged glances.

"What? Do you guys never talk to anything other than vampires or something?" Anthony laughed.

"No...it's just that we don't exactly get along with our...neighbors." I explained.

"Oh. That's too bad."

We approached a large fire that was in the middle of the whole site. Gathered around it were about four people, leaning on one another, eyes shut peacefully.

"Okay. Let me introduce you guys."

Brooke pointed to a small vampiric girl with spiky black hair, slightly resembling Alice, and gripping a huge leatherbound book.

"That's Izzy, my co-founder of this little community, she's a vampire-sprite hybrid. And the one she's leaning on is Mirelii, who's a were-fox.

She motioned to a bronzed girl with wavy brown hair and an out-of-place black studded belt that looked like something out of Edward's punk-rock 80's phase.

Anthony pointed to a small boy with unruly, curly black hair. He had small white fangs that stuck out of his mouth had as he slept.

"That's Alejandro, he's a were-bear." He smiled at the rhyme.

"Everyone else is around here somewhere and I guess they'll show up sooner or later so...."

"Oh. Fuck."

I whipped my head around, searching for the source of the outburst. My eyes finally landed on a small Asian girl, standing at the other edge of the meadow. The winds picked up as she stormed towards us and Roslaie and I both glanced at Brooke.

"That's Mana. She's an element-bender. Wind's her specialty," she grinned.

She finally reached us and her eyes landed on the two of us.

"Oh. So you're the bastards David's been burning my eggs over."

They've told you everything you need to fix you up
and you feel good now but you can't wake up. They found a way to reassure you that everything would be okay. Reach out today now, I emplore you,
to remember who you are