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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

3. Don't Leave Me

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"Just remember, she's his angel."

Emmett's words rang through my ears repeatedly. He, Alice, and Edward had taken Bella back to her house to set their plan into motion. If Alice's vision had been accurate, at the very least I could be with my Emmett. But right now, I absolutley loathed Edward and couldn't care less what he did to save his precious human.

Did he have to love her so much more than me? I'm his fucking sister! I was supposed to be for him! And now this human comes along and I become unimportant and the villain? I think not!

I snarled at the very thought of it. Jasper put his hand on my shoulder, calming me down, involuntarily.

"Calm down, Rose," he whispered, almost inaudibly,"he'll be back soon."

'He'll be back soon'. Hah! As if that's what I was concerned about.

The headlights of Bella's stupid, ancient truck and Emmett's Jeep shone throguth the windows and we both reflexively jumped to our feet, facing the door. Esme and Laurent darted in from the kitchen and did the same.

An instant later, they came bursting through the door, Emmett carrying Bella. Another snarl rose in my throat, but I choked it down.

"He's tracking us," Edward announced, glaring at Laurent.

"I was afraid of that," Laurent responded, gravely.

Alice flitted over to Jasper and spoke to him quietly. I didn't even bother to listen. They took off up the stairs and I went quickly to Emmett's side.

I glared furiously at Bella and could feel her anxiety. Laurent and Carlisle spoke for a while, but I didn't start listening until Emmett spoke.

"We'll stop him," Emmett promised.

He pulled me into his chest and I could feel his muscles flex in threat.

"Are you sure it's worth it?" Laurent asked, glancing at Bella.

Of course not! Nothing's worth this much trouble.

Edward's enraged roar echoed through the room. I stood stubbornly, unflinching. He glared at me and I smirked in response. Laurent left and Edward explained his tactics.

He was taking Emmett with him and leaving me with Esme.

"As soon as Bella is clear, we hunt him," he finished.

He turned to me.

"Get her upstairs and trade clothes," he commanded me.

I stared back at him in enraged disbelief.

"Why should I?" I hissed. "What is she to me? Except a menace -- a danger you've chosen to inflict on all of us."

Bella flinched. *smirk*

"Rose...," Emmett murmured.

He put his hand on my shoulder. but I shook it off. Edward turned to Esme, completely ignoring my exsistnce, who obliged and carried Bella up the stairs.

I turned to Emmett, desperate now. He had a large, black backpack slung over his shoulder and was staring down at me. I clung to his muscular frame and he lifted me, effortlessly, until my ear was level with his lips.

"Stay with me, my love. Don't leave me!" I whispered, crying silent, tearless sobs.

"Don't worry, my angel. We'll be together again soon," he murmured.

I clung to him even more desperately. He started to sing, comforting me, so quickly his lips trembled.

"I'll come in from the storm. I'll taste you sweet and warm. Take what you need, Take what you need from me."

I kissed him over and over again, ignoring Edward's eyes on my back.

Esme, Alice, Jasper, and Bella were half way down the stairs, so Emmett put me down. His arm remained across my shoulders and I glared viciously at Edward.

Carlisle handed Esme a tiny, silver phone and gave an identical one to Alice. Esme came over to stand by me and Emmett headed over to Carlisle and Edward.

I held his desperate gaze until Edward blocked it, glaring at me. I looked away, enraged.

"Esme and Rosalie will be takign your truck, Bella,"Carlisle told her.

She looked to me for a reaction and I glowered at Carlisle resentfully.

"We're taking the Jeep."

Alice informed me that Victoria was going to follow us.

Emmett locked eyes with me one last time, sadness filled them and I had to look away. Such a beautiful creature shouldn't be so anguished.

He and Carlisle left throught the kitchen and Edward stayed behind to kiss Bella. *gag*

She started crying.

I hope it's worth it.

He glared at me and snarled. Then he ran.

Esme's phone vibrated and I stalked out the front door and into Bella's crappy truck. Esme finally joined me and started the car. We sped off into the dark, Victoria running behind us, and I didn't look back.

What's the worst thing I could say? Things are better if I stay. So long and good night. So long and good night....my angel.