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My Angel

Rosalie is Emmett's angel. A/N: You'll need this for awhile.

This does not belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

6. Rip and Burn...

Rating 5/5   Word Count 870   Review this Chapter

"Are we there yet?" Edward whined quietly.

My hand gripped the arm rest on the plane seat tighter.

"What are you, five?"

He glared at me and turned his attention back to the window. Our plane was to be landing in Phoenix in about 15 minutes and I feared for my angel's life back in Forks without me.

Why did I leave her? Why did you make her stay there?

I turned on Edward. He heard me, I knew, but didn't respond. I closed my eyes and seethed inwardly, not caring if Edward saw or heard my memories of Rosalie, which were flashing through my head rapidly.

It was amazing how relentless my own mind was as it sifted through all of my favorite memories of her... Her long hair brushing across my arms as I held her, my angel's golden eyes pouring into mine, the feel of her soft lips on mine, her voice...Oh God..."Don't leave me!"

I moaned and rammed my fist against the small radio on the seat. Edward caught me before I broke it entirely.

"We're about a minute or so away," Carlisle said from behind us.

I looked at him in confusion.


"I may have exaggerated a little bit to keep you both calm," he explained for my sake.


"We don't have time for that. We have to go now!" Edward growled.

He jumped up and we ran full speed through the plane, into the gate, and through the terminal until we found Jasper. No one noticed us until we stopped. Edward looked around.

"Where's Bella?" he asked, glaring at Jasper.

"In the bathroom," he responded, gesturing behind himself.

"No she's not. I can't smell her," Edward growled.

Jasper's phone vibrated and it was at his ear before it finished.

"Alice?" he asked, confused.

She jabbered quickly and Jasper's eyes widened. He snapped the phone shut and turned to Edward.

"No! That bastard! We're going after him, let's go,"Edward whispered furiously.

We ran and found Alice and then headed to the dance studio where James and Bella were. Edward broke through the window of the room they were in. We all ran through the hole and stopped short.

Blood. There was blood everywhere and on everything... The sweet, delicious smell swirled up around my nose. I could feel my teeth start producing double the usual amount of venom.

Edward roared and Bella passed out. Jame started to take off, but Jasper and I caught him.

That smell.....oh God.

"Let's take care of him in that next room over there," Jasper said.

I could tell he was holding his breath and I did the same. James was struggling against our grasp and snapping and biting our hands.

I threw him against the wall and he slid down until he was laying on the ground, shaking. I growled, even more deeply than usual. Jasper was baring his teeth. He ran over to James and stepped on his rib cage.

James made a loud keening sound that was continuous until I came over and snapped his neck. Then, we attacked.

It was almost as if I was hunting...I lost control. I was snapping and ripping at him, as was Jasper.

Stop! Stop! That's enugh!

I finally managed to stop. There were chunks of what used to be a monster everywhere.

I ran to the nearest house and got a can of lighter fluid, a lighter, and sand to put out the flames.

Jasper dumped the lighter fluid all over the...chunks and I held the lighter in front of my face.

"So long, bastard," I whispered.

I tossed it into the mess and watched it burn. Jasper covered it in sand and the flames died down.

Jasper's phone vibrated.

"Bella's in the hospital and Alice said that you can go home to Rosalie," he reported.

That was all I needed to hear.

"Sounds good to me. Can I take your phone?"

He handed it to me and I ran all the way to the air port. I was thrilled about my Rosalie, the trip...flew by.

Once the plane landed, I dashed off, nearly knocking over assorted people. Amidst the large crowd, I spotted my Rosalie's glowing golden eyes.

She ran to me and I picked her up, holding her to me.

"Emmett! My angel...you came back....," she whispered, only to me.

"Of course I did, my love."

She took my face in her cold hands and kissed me. Hard. She gasped and my tongue flickered over hers repeatedly.

I suddenly became aware of the people watching us. She laughed and I put her down, taking her soft hand.

"How did you come?" I asked.

"I ran," she admitted.

"Let's go then."

Once we got outside and into a forest, I picked her up again and threw her across my back. She laughed again and I started running. She pressed her lips to me ear.

"I need you so much more than I thought, my love," she whispered. "Don't ever leave me again."

"I promise."

And with that, I ran off into the darkness with my angel on my back.

These streets turn me inside out. Everything shines, but leaves me empty still. And I'll burn this lonely house down.. If you run with me, if you run with me...I'll stay with you.

Run with me, my angel....please?