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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

1. Memories

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I took my ‘lunch’ to our table. Edward had bought the whole counter of food, I didn’t know why I wasn’t going to eat it, but I didn’t stop him, I knew that wouldn’t have made him happy.

We sat down, Alice next to me and Edward across of me, just like everyday. He sat down the trays of food on the table.

As Alice sat down she wrinkle her nose, "Edward I dare you to eat that." She said pointing at the weird looking spaghetti. "I’ve seen some disgusting food but that is definitely the foulest…why did you get it."

Edward looked at her and shrugged, and without another word he got a fork and twisted the spaghetti in it and popped it into his mouth, he chewed, and to top it all off he gulped a carton of milk.

He turned to me and smiled. Alice shivered, "Gross Edward." She leaned across the table, "You know you are going to have to cough that up later right?"

Edward shrugged again, "It wasn’t that bad."

I giggled, "It will be when you return it." I giggled again.

"And that is the reason it wasn’t so bad, as long as I could see that beautiful laugh of yours." He said while touching my nose.

Thank goodness I wasn’t human, I of course would’ve been blushing.

Alice grimaced, "You two seriously need to get a room."

"Yes we do." Edward said still focused into my eyes, it made me feel very uncomfortable.

"And so do we," Jasper said behind Alice’s chair, walked around the table and sat across Alice. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. They each looked at their eyes for a while.

"Oh Jazzy not here, not now…later…at home." Alice said with a quivering voice.

I knew exactly was Jasper was doing, he was making Alice feel…

Edward scoffed, "And you said we need a room," He shivered; whatever was passing through Jasper and Alice’s mind was making him uneasy. I looked at him hoping him to explain, "You don’t want to know."

I levitated a piece of pizza and threw it at his face. I narrowed my eyebrows don’t mess with me Edward. He still couldn’t hear me but he did understand me.

Since I became a vampire I earned the ability of levitation. It was easy for me; I didn’t have to pick anything up. Edward was proud of me, he was happy I earned a powerful power considering I’m still not quite strong. I remember the trouble I had with my powers the first couple of weeks. I managed to control it, before I took our house down.

"Oh Bella be nice." Edward begged, "Not in front of the humans."

I turned around the cafeteria, "Nobody can see us." Almost nobody ate in the cafeteria they all went out to eat, we usually went out but today was a pretty sunny day.

Edward put his hands up, "Fine levitate all you want."

"With pleasure," I purred.

"Taking revenge?" Alice asked confused by my change of mood.

"Yes from yesterday, he left me to go work with that partner of yours." I levitated an apple and threw it at his chest.

Edward looked appalled, "Bella sweetheart, Jasper was there working with another person in the library also."

I looked at Jasper, "Bella he was at least three feet apart from her, no contact, no touch, no nothing, they just worked on the project, promise," He put his palm up.

I immediately sank into my chair and flew to Edward, "Oh I’m sorry Eddie." I kissed his neck and traced up his jaw.

"Apology accepted, with a kiss like that who wouldn’t." Edward said with his crooked smile that I loved.

"Come on let’s go to class." We got up and all made out way to class. We entered the classroom and sat down at our desks, Edward sat next to me, as did Alice and Jasper in the other double desks.

During class was the time I used to think, think about life, or anything from my past.

Emmett and Rosalie were out in another honeymoon.

Edward managed to get all my classes with him. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and I were accepted in the same college. Charlie wasn’t too happy about the fact that the Cullens and I moved so far away, but he was happy to know the secret of the Cullens. He accepted them just like they were regular humans, everything that happened of course was cleared for him and he didn’t leave a grudge against Edward.

He was also fine with the idea that I wanted to be changed into one of them, "As long as it makes you happy" Charlie said when I told him. That was the best day of my life, graduation, the day Edward changed me. "Will you marry me?" Edward asked before he bit me, "Of course," I said happily.

Charlie was also fine that I accepted to marry Edward. He was actually very exited. Edward and Charlie became close friends after the whole ‘vampire’ situation was cleared up. Of course we explained that the Cullens were vegetarian vampires and that made it easier for Charlie. "I trust him to be your husband, he loves you and you love him." He said after Edward and I told him I accepted.

Renee was another story, she was a little more difficult because she really didn’t know the Cullens but then she got to know them and supported Edward and I one hundred percent. She was helping out a lot with the wedding that was in two months.

I go visit Charlie and Renee they are both very surprised that I still look eighteen. But they learned to deal with it. Charlie got sick so I visit him a lot more, that is when my powers come in handy.

Life as a vampire really isn’t that different, sure we have the strength of like 200 men (me about 100, Emmett about 300), we have speed beyond belief, and of course that the sun makes us sparkle other than that we are pretty normal.

"Miss Swan?" It’s Miss Cullen pretty soon.

"Yes Mr. Bartley?" I looked at the board, "Moscow." I answered sure about my answer.

"Correct Miss Swan." Miss Cullen you doofus. I shouldn’t be saying that to him, Mr. Bartley really liked our family, mostly because we were doing well in it and we actually paid attention, like we don’t do well in our other classes.

The door opened and a tall blond straight haired girl walked in. She handed a slip to the teacher. She was new. Something about her gave me a sense that I knew her.

The teacher pointed to the table behind Edward and I. She noticed Jasper and looked at him staggered, Alice noticed and a growl built up in her chest. The girl noticed Alice’s expression and knew immediately Jasper was unavailable.

She finally noticed Edward and tripped over thin air. She didn’t fall though I wanted her to though. Edward scoffed, a good response, he wasn’t interested. I glared menacingly at the girl and took Edward’s hand in mine. Edward turned to me and smiled my favorite smile and kissed my lips, "Don’t worry my eyes are only for you." He kissed me again; the girl rolled her eyes.

But t she took the hint that the two hottest guys were unavailable. Oh no Emmett…poor Rose. She is going to have to deal with this tramp. I was surprised at myself, why was I jealous, Edward loves me and I know it. I didn’t want to sound like a brat but we have spent four years together and been through everything.

The girl stared but now at me, "Bella?" She whispered shocked.

I tightened my grip on Edward’s hand. He noticed and looked at me stunned. "Bella? Sweetie are you OK?" He whispered.

Who is she?