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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

10. Invite

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The day had been going pretty great, for now. I hadn't seen Penny all day and was happy for that in fact. Alice and I went out to hunt pretty fast for lunch, hunting reminded me of Bella, she was not here with me and I missed that. I didn't like not having her with me. She was my safeguard.

Crap I knew I should have stayed home, I thought to myself when I saw Penny come into Mr.Bartley's classroom. NO, NO, NO!

She glanced over at me smiled a sly smile that made my skin prickle and went to her seat...behind me.

"Edward...um..she is looking at you." I stiffened as Alice referred to 'looking' in a very grasping sort of way.

I peeked at Alice, and furrowed my eyebrows in worry, Alice looked at me for a brief second and then looked at Penny, "Edward I don't like how she is looking at you...Edward? Edward..."

I got sidetracked to what Alice was saying, the whole room went in circles around me and I felt light again, then I heard the soft hum of Penny's voice, so soft and sweet I lost my train of thought in an instant.

The bell rang and I was out of the trance relieved, I Alice again, she wasn't looking at me, Alice looked very upset. She blocked me from her mind obviously very annoyed that Penny's trance still had an effect on me.

Mr. Bartley called the whole 134 students in class to order, "Shush down class, today we will be working in partners - i know you haven't done that in a while- but get with someone right now and I will pass you your instructions."

My eyes flashed to Alice who looked worried into mine, "Edward! Penny doesn't have a partner either." Her eyes flashed to someone in back of me stunned, I turned in a flash, and saw Jasper going toward Alice and his table. I suddenly felt a rush of hope and my spirits lit up as I saw Jasper.

He walked towards Alice whispered something in her ear which made Alice's relief turn to worry. "What?" I whispered immediately to Jasper, he turned my way.

"Um..Edward...uh...Bella is not coming to school today..she and Rose went to go try on Bella's dress that is now ready and then they said they where going to go get invites and a limo and balloons and etc...you know."

"Today of all days!" I said in shock.

Jasper nodded.

Mr. Bartley came to my table, "Well you seem to not have a partner today...ah..there is Natasha," I glanced at Natasha William sitting alone at her table, i looked relieved to not be working with Penny, but then Andrew Moreno walk to ask her if she wanted to be his partner, "Oh no she got Andrew, ah what about Penny!" He said pointing to Penny who was sitting shyly behind me.

I immediately groaned.

"Is that a problem Mr.Cullen?"

"No...just a stomach ache..you know spaghetti day again at the cafeteria." I said holding my stomach.

"Ah yes." Said Mr. Bartley and handed me the papers and left.

I heard the chair next to me slide, I was afraid to look but since we were going to be partners I had to look at her. I shifted my chair about thirty degrees and smiled a halfhearted smile to Penny.

She beamed and her teeth glistened, "I guess we are partners huh Edward?"

"U-huh." I said uneasy, as she pronounced 'we' in an unnecessary way.

I turned to look at the papers Mr.Bartley handed me, the assignment was quite easy,I have done it before, maybe we wouldn't take so long if there wasn't any distractions.

"OK class begin, you have until the bell rings to turn in your papers."

I immediately began answering not looking at the textbook, Penny gaped, "Wow Edward you really know your stuff."

I cringed, maybe I shouldn't show off. "Yeah, sure."

I stopped on question number twelve, I had forgotten this answer, but how? I had it about two seconds ago.

"Is there a problem Edward?" Penny said in a girly voice. "Here let me help you."

She reached across to get the textbook, as she leaned over her hand touch my arm, the contact with her made the song grow stronger. I shut my eyes, the voice was ringing hard in my head, but it didn't disturb me, I enjoyed it.

Something or someone was shaking me, "Edward!" The voice hissed. I opened my eyes to find Alice's hands on my shoulders. "What happened are you feeling well?"

I peeked from the corner of my eye to Penny, smiling slyly and copying down the answer to the paper. I shook my head.

"It was her again wasn't it." Alice's thoughts were menacing, she was furious.

I just nodded.

Alice went back to her seat, Penny moved her chair closer to me, "Ok here is the answer Edward, her hand grabbed mine."

I didn't close my eyes, I couldn't, I kept my eyes fixed on Penny's luscious blue eyes, the hum in my head became more of a lullaby, it lured me to her.

The bell rang and I was out of the trance.

"U-uh I guess we didn't finish...I'll ask Mr.Brtley if we can do it for homework today." Penny said with the same sly smile that made me shudder.

To my surprise I agreed.

Penny came seconds later skipping happily, "He said yes. So i should come now then you and Bella can take me home later."

"Ok...or maybe just Bella." I said hopefully.

She laughed, her laugh shouldn't have soothed me. "Lets go."

"Edward please tell me shes not going with us..." Alice said angrily.

"Ugh...she is."

Alice passed through me, not looking at me.

Great. What have I done.