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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

13. Boyfriends

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"So did you like the stuff that I showed you Edward?" Bella said skipping around the room looking for her pink shirt.

I smiled, "Yes I love them, especially the cake, it looks delicious...except to bad we cant taste it." I said taking the picture and pointing at it.

Bella made a face, "True, I guess I will just have to ask Charlie how it is."

"Edward can you come here?" Alice called from her room. I looked at Bella, she nodded still piling all sorts of clothes.

I moved my way through the maze of shirts and dresses and entered Alice's room, I found her pacing and biting her lip, "What's wrong?" I said eyeing her.

She stopped pacing and came walking towards me, "Edward, we should really tell Bella, this is going to get out of hand."

I looked at floor, "No." I said plainly.

Alice looked at me incredulously, "What Edward please Penny is a siren she can kill you even if you are a vampire we don't know very much about Sirens, we cant risk it." She started pacing again.

"Alice, I am a vampire, hello, stone," I said pounding on my chest with my hand.

She grimaced, "We cant risk that," Alice repeated icily, "We cant count on our stone body anymore with her, we are not sure how strong she is." She put her hand on her temple shutting her eyes, "Ugh...nothing." I knew she was trying to have a vision, but for some reason she couldn't get anything. "You see we cant risk it Edward," She grabbed my arm as I was walking away, "Listen to me Edward, something bad can happen to you, please understand for once stop being your hard headed self...for Bella."

I frowned, I hated when she pulled the Bella card, "Alice, no, OK, Bella has too much stress to be dealing with her psychotic friend. I will deal with this, Penny can't beat me." Alice scowled and stormed out of the room, I grabbed her shoulder, "Where are you going?" I asked out of breath.

Alice took her defensive face on, chin up, teeth clenched, "If we cant tell Bella, then I will get some information out of her of Penny." She made her way into Bella's and my room, Bella was sitting on the bed looking through some old pictures. "Hey, Bells." Alice's tone was still defensive but she immediately cleared her throat, "What are you doing?"

"Looking at some pictures of Renne's and Charlie's wedding." Bella said, flipping through a few pictures.

"Oh," Alice said, sitting down on Bella's right side, "Look here is one of you and Penny." Alice said taking the picture and examining it closely, "You seemed to be good friends." Alice said trying not to blow out screaming.

"Yes, she was my closest friend but not that close." Bella said looking at the picture.

"So you know some stuff about her, right?" Alice said with hoping eyes.

I sat down on Bella's left side taking some pictures from the bed and looking at them."Edward help me out here..." Alice pleaded in her thoughts. I shortly shook my head, "Fine," Alice hissed in her thoughts, I shrugged.

"Yeah, I suppose, why?" Bella asked confused and snatching a picture from my hand which was from her being potty trained, I smiled and snatched it back looking at Bella's blushing baby face in the bathroom. "Edward give it back," Bella demanded.

"Stop acting like an idiot Edward and let me get on with my questioning," Alice hissed in her thoughts, it made me chuckled.

Bella managed to take away the picture, Alice continued, "Oh I dunno, just wanted to know because she seems a little boy crazy." Alice said peering at me, I tried to ignore her by grabbing a picture of a 13 year of Bella getting a bra for her birthday, the tag said, "Auntie Marylin." I chuckled again, Bella turned around, if she would have been human she would have turned my favorite flushed red.

Alice glared at me, I didn't really want to talk about Penny and the only way to avoid it was to grab more pictures and let Alice deal with her problem.

Bella turned back to Alice, she laughed, "Well yeah, I guess she has always been like that." I tensed and closed my eyes.

Alice's face turned to worry, "Oh, has she succeeded with them?"

Bella's eyebrows furrowed, "Well yeah, guys really like her voice," Alice's eyes bulged out, "Yeah she has an amazing voice, she has gone out with three guys, but they always moved after about a week." Bella said, she found nothing weird about that, she continued to look through the pictures as Alice stared at me with a worried expression. "Why?" Bella asked after a while of awkwardness.

Alice bit her lip, "Well, ugh, she seems interested in...." She looked at me, "Jasper." She said.

Bella giggled, "Alice you have nothing to worry about, Penny knows how much you love Jasper she would never do anything to brake you up."

Alice chuckled nervously, "Well yeah I guess you're right. I was just overreacting. You know me, I watch out for Jasper." Alice got up, she gave a stern look at me before exiting the room.