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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

14. Parthenope hard at work

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Edward's POV

It was finally Friday, I was going to be free of Penny soon. I sighed and put on my clothes. Bella perked up looked at the clock at gasped, "Uh-oh its late, I need more time to get ready." She hurried towards the bathroom.

I glanced at the clock, we still had about two hours before school started, I chuckled putting on my pants.

I sat in the chair in the corner of the room thinking about the talk Alice had with Bella yesterday, which I was trying to avoid. Alice got pretty angry with me when I didn't get into heir conversation but I didn't really want tot talk about it, too much stress that Alice doesn't understand.

Penny had three boyfriend that all 'moved', that got me scared, Bella just knows of those three, what if there where more of them that Bella didn't know about? She did say they weren't that close to each other.

I sat in the chair for a long time, my nerves reaching to the highest point, I noticed because my hand shook like crazy on the my lap, "Edward?" Bella said exiting the bathroom looking at my expression.

I jumped, "Huh?" I said startled.

"Are you feeling well?" She said walking up to me.

At that second Rosalie popped into the room, oh thank god. I thought to myself in relief.

"Oh hey, lets go, I want to get there pretty early to show off my new outfit," She said fixing her pants and boots."To make everyone jealous." She exited the room quickly.

We both went down to the entrance hall.

"Edward you are going to have to take the Vanquish today I have to take my Mercedes," Carlisle said.

"No.." I said pleading.

I wound up having to go in my vanquish, I scowled the whole way to school, Bella giggling at my muttering about my car. "I mean there is a reason why I got the Volvo its not standoffish..." I ranted on and on. I knew I got on Bella's nerves.

After a couple of minutes of Rosalie showing off her outfit the bell rang and we headed towards class. The day went slow, during lunch Bella and I went shopping for my tuxedo.

We came back in time for the bell to ring, I made my way to Mr.Bartley class. I sat in my seat next to Alice, Bella immediately talked to Alice and Rosalie about the tuxedo.

I found a newspaper under my seat, I got it out of boredom and turned to the front page, the murder that was taken place near Penny's home was on the front cover, I shivered, "Eerie isn't it." I looked over my shoulder to find Penny eavesdropping on what I was reading. "Very strange that it happened here, I didn't notice," She said with a sly smile. I nodded uneasy and joined in the conversation with Bella.

"OK class, today you will be working with your partners that you had yesterday,"I groaned lightly, "You wont be finished today so you will have to work today or over the weekend.

He passed out the papers, I read the instructions, this could take all day.

"So I guess we are partner again, huh?" Penny said with a wicked smile, "Good," She muttered to lightly for any human to hear.


Penny's POV

That stupid teacher finally did something right for a change. He pared Edward and I together again. But what was most satisfying was the expression of Edward and Bella's face when Bella got pared up with Ryan. I smiled to my self happily. Making someone so miserable could be very easy, if you play the cards right and you have control over the teacher.

I read the directions for the assignment, we were going to need the book, "Poetry styling of Shakespeare," I looked over to Edward's shoulder he shook his head angrily, "Do you have the book?" I whispered gently into his ear, he flinched.

He shook his head again, not staring at me.

I sat up straight in my chair again with a gleaming smile, "Oh, I have it at my house." I said smile still in place. Alice glared at me, when she looked at Edward her expression turned to sympathy, I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, begin." Mr.Bartley announced. I was excited to begin to work, to get him in my trap, for him to be lured to me, I couldn't pass out on Edward, he is my most prized trophy.

Edward moved himself to the chair next to me and immediately started working on the assignment. The bell rang and we weren't half finished with it, I smiled to myself, we would have about a whole hour together at my house. "I'll see you at my house, Edward." I said in my girly voice he nodded.

Edward got his bag in flash and helped Bella with hers, I scowled. They left happily together, Alice and Rosalie gave me another glare before they left with their husbands. I rolled my eyes, slowly putting my things into my book bag. Everyone was out of the class when I was finished packing.

I sighed, and walked down the steps of the class to where the teacher was erasing everything he had written on the board. I sat silently on his desk, I skimmed that class to see if no one was really there, I glanced at the door -lock shut. I steadied myself on his desk uneasy for what I had to do again.

He turned slowly when he finished, looking surprised to see me there, "Yes?" He asked eyeing me and getting some papers on his desk.

I looked into his eyes, focused on his mind as I passed my melody into his thoughts. A second later his eyes went blank, his face expressionless, I leaned closer into his face and pressed my lips gently on his. Then I pulled back, "OK now," I said in a menacing whisper "Next week I wont be here, neither will Edward, all right." He nodded slowly, "OK...next week I want you to give the rest of the Cullens, especially Alice Cullen, hell. Can you do that?" I asked icily. He nodded again, "Good." I said, pressed my lips on his again and hurried out the door.

It was a shame to do this to a young handsome teacher, I didn't want his life to end, but I couldn't stop my routine -I lure them, then I kill them, Its how it always works-.

I wiped my mouth on my jacket sleeve and made my way out to the parking lot. I put my hood on as the rain poured down hard, I hurried to my car. I turned it on put the heater on, I was about to step out of my space when I noticed a flash of silver, I squinted through the rain and saw an Aston Martin in the school parking lot, I saw that Edward was getting into the he car laughing with Bella, I scowled and revved back.

I entered my driveway and got in my house shaking my wet hair on the way.

The rest of my sisters where reading the front page of the paper, I scowled. "Get out." I said.

"What?" Asked Ligea icily.

"Get out, I have work to do tonight." I said hanging my jacket up.

"Oh." Leucosia said getting up, "Is it Edward?" She asked with her soft voice.

I nodded smiling, "Yes, I think I can get through to him, finally." I said looking for he book we needed for the assignment.

"I am so proud of you sister." Ligea said getting up and headed towards the door, "I hope you do a great job and live up to your name." She said opening the door and made her way into the rain.

"I have a job also, there is a bartender that looks like lots of fun to brainwash." Leucosia said getting her jacket and walking out to the rain also.

I closed the door behind them as they took their car out of the street. I put the book bag down on the floor and brought out some refreshments and placed them on the kitchen table.

Edward's car arrived twenty minutes later, he brought the Volvo, I scoffed, I wanted to ride the Vanquish.

I opened the door, "Hello Edward." I said gesturing him to come in.

He stepped inside my house, looking around, "Uh...where is your...grandma." He said uneasy.

I giggled, "She's not my grandma, shes from a retirement home I take care of her." I said closing the door. "She went...out...to -er- play bingo." I said scrambling through my thoughts.

"Out here?"

I frowned, he was so observant, "Yeah um.. a bus comes and picks her up and other retirement people every Friday." I said biting my lip.

"Oh." He said.

I sighed and smiled to myself, I had an hour to get through to him.