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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

15. Her Personal Toy

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Penny's POV

Edward started on the assignment immediately, I scowled there wasn't even breaks for when I could try and concentrate on him. He refused my refreshemnt about five times, I stopped asking, he seemed irritated.

We finished the assignment in less than an hour, I grimaced, I didn't have enough time before he left, I needed to do it now. He reached over to put his notebook in his bag, DO IT NOW! The voice in my head screamed. NOW! PARTHENOPE! I shook my head violently for a second, when Edward turned back I got a glance into his eyes, I closed my eyes swiftly concentrating on his mind, clearing his thoughts so he could only hear my song. He went rigid for a few seconds then he stopped. I opened them again, he spun around.

His eyes went blank, no expression on his face, but I had to make it final, I slowly closed my eyes as I leaned in to his lips, then his lips met mine, and I was shocked to feel his lips were cold, freezing even, but I didn't care not now, I had him. I pulled back and stared to his eyes, I was taken back when I saw his eyes turning black, dark, not his usual golden color, but I didn't think about it any further, I started to get to work.

I would kill him just yet, no I would toy with him, just like that teacher. Once I kiss them, they are under my control, neither of the Sirens in the past could do that, I was glad we evolved these past thousands of years.

Edward Cullen was under my control now, I could do whatever I wanted with him, and I knew exactly what. I would harm his precious Bella, not hurt her in a physical way, no, but emotionally. Seeing Edward with me will hurt everyone else in his stupid family, yes.

"Edward?" I said breathing into his ear. "I have one job for you...."


Alice's POV

Bella was waiting eagerly to see how Rose and I looked in our maid of Honor dresses, we stepped out and she let out a high pitched squeal, "That looks perfect on you two, it fits like a glove!" She said happily. '

Rose and I both laughed, we loved to please Bella, especially now that it was going to be her and my brother's wedding.

We were about to change back when someone came in the house, I knew it was Edward, I rolled my eyes, he was late....I growled lightly when I scented someone with him.

Rosalie looked at me and a growl formed in her throat, Bella looked at us.

We three went down to the entrance hall and my eyes bulged out when I saw Edward and Penny standing there. Penny had an evil smirk on her face that I would have loved to beat out of her.

Bella gasped, her eyes looking at Edward and Penny.

"Well hello." Penny said, her smirk not coming off her stupid face.

None of us answered we just stared at each other for a while until Bella spoke up, "What's going on?" She asked stepping forwards.

Penny chuckled, "Oh, Edward just came to say that he is leaving with me."She said grasping Edward's arm.


"You heard me Bella....he...is...leaving...you." Penny said to Bella slowly pronouncing every syllable slowly.

"Shut up! He would never do that to Bella." I yelled in anger.

"No?" Penny said, "Well Eddie," I scowled, "you are coming with me right?" She asked Edward, he nodded slowly. Penny giggled and got on the toes to kiss Edward on the lips, Bella gasped horrified and fell to the floor, Rosalie caught her before she landed, before Penny's lips met Edward I struck hard on the side of her face, making her fly across the room.

"DONT YOU TOUCH HIM!" I screamed.

Carlisle and Esme entered the room looking horrified at the scene before them, "What is going on here?" Carlisle asked in a booming voice looking at each of us.

"Who are you?" Esme asked Penny.

"Oh me? I'm Edward's new girl-" Before she finished her sentence Rosalie had punched Penny again and was on top of her.

"SHUT UP!" Rosalie yelled, strangling Penny on the floor.

"Edward!" Penny yelled.

Edward moved quickly, getting Rosalie by the waist and flung her on the floor.

"Hey!" Emmett's voice loomed in the room, "Edward what the hell is wrong with you?" Emmett asked. Edward ignored him picking Penny up from the floor.

Jasper heard the noise and bounded down the stairs, he saw Bella on the floor sobbing and immediately went to help her.

"He's under my control that's what." Penny said followed by another chuckled.

"Edward!" I yelled and went up to him, his face had no expression, his eyes were dark coal, which was weird because we went hunting two days ago. "I warned you about this." I said in a whisper. "Please." I said, clutching on to his shoulders.

Edward's eyes went to his golden color for a second, "Help Alice!" He said scared holding on to my shoulders, I was stunned but before I could say anything Edward was back in the trance, his cold dark eyes and expressionless face on me. .

"Edward!" Penny said.

Edward yanked my arms off his shoulders and threw me across the room, I was smashed against the wall and fell hard against the floor taking a flower vase with me.

"Edward," Bella said breathless, "please, I love you. Don't leave me." She said holding Jasper's hand for support. She gasped for air crying.

I got up brushing myself off, and cursing Penny off, she didn't seem to notice so it pissed me off more.

"But I don't love you anymore." Edward said coldly. I froze, no Edward don't be stupid you love her. I tried to communicate with Edward but my thoughts wouldn't go through to him.

Bella gasped and sobbed loudly. Penny laughed viciously, "Aw little Bella is crying." She said happily.

"You evil BITCH!" Rosalie said, running up to Penny, she was stopped by Emmett, he shook his head. "Emmett?" Rosalie turned back to Penny sticking out the middle finger which made Penny laugh more to herself.

Emmett's eyes turned dark, his body shook, "Edward! Snap out of this shit!" He said getting angry. Edward stood there emotionless.

Penny laughed again, "He cant hear you, he only listens to me now!" She said holding Edward's face she kissed him lightly.

"NO!" Bella yelled getting up fast moving towards Edward, "Edward!"

She held his hand, but he threw her against the floor like he did to Rosalie.

Carlisle stepped up, "Edward, what is this?" He asked. Esme hurried to Bella and carried her to the stairs where she sat down with Jasper. Edward didn't answer.

"Haven't you been listening?" Penny said looking annoyed, "He leaves with me!" She yanked on Edward's hand smiling mockingly towards us.

"Not if we have anything to do with it!" I said, Rosalie, Emmett, and I in a line.

Penny laughed amusingly, "You cant stop me....Edward!"

Edward held on to Rosalie's arm and Emmett's and threw them both to the window making them fly across braking the window and crash on the pavement outside, as he did that I went for Penny, I barely got a punch on the stomach of her before Edward got me and hung me by the neck before throwing me against the mirror on the wall. I landed breathless, gasping for air.

Emmett came in with Rosalie, they were not about to give up. "No!" Carlisle said, ceasing them. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Esme, and I looked incredulously at him, "Let him go, if he wishes to, we cant change his mind." Carlisle turned around away from Edward looking disappointed.

Bella was sobbing tearless against Jasper. Rosalie and Emmett relaxed their positions and fled the room. I stood there looking at Penny's face, with anger.

"Goodbye then. Oh and I cant wait to see how your marriage turns out Bella." She said mockingly, Bella gasped, "Wait there wont be one." She laughed, I growled loud and she left with Edward out into the night sky.

Bella stood up chased after them but fell on the porch, sobbing louder than before. I ran towards her, as well did Jasper and Esme.

"No." Bella breathed, she lay their her hand clutching onto something, "Edward," She gasped, "He doesn't ..love me." She said sobbing.

"No-no Bella don't say that, Penny is doing that, she made him say that stuff, he loves you deep down I know it." I said, anger filling around my body, I warned him but he was stupid enough to do this, but it isn't his fault, he loves Bella and didn't want her to worry, its that Penny who forced him into this.

Bella shook her head, and lifted her hands, "Look," She said and she dropped into my palm Edward's engagement ring. She dropped her head to the floor and sobbed, "He doesn't love me!" She said her voice breaking. She got up slowly, looked at her own engagement ring, yanked it out and gave it to me, "Keep them away from me!" She said and ran to her room.

I stared at the rings that were suppose to symbolize their love and crushed them in my hands with anger, then threw the pieces into the rain and walked away.