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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

16. Bella's sorrow

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Bella had been locked up in her room since Edward left, a week ago. I sometimes peek up to see if she hasn't gone to suicide herself to the Volturi, but she is always in the same place, in her bed, with her legs crossed wearing the same clothes, and looking out the window. Sometimes I hear her throw things around in frustration, but I know its to hide her sadness.

Everyone in the house decides to leave her alone to be by herself, and she isn't bothered by that, when I go in there she ignores me or looks the other way. It pains me to see Bella like that, she seems life less, I wondered if that is how she was when Edward first left her. She doesn't talk at all, she doesn't smile, she doesn't move. She has missed a week of school ,she doesn't budge, so we just leave her.

Her eyes are always cold and blank, she looks pale, her facial expressions are blank.

"Jasper I'm worried," I said sitting on my couch in Jasper and my room, he had just walked in from visiting Bella with a sad expression.

He smiled encouragingly, "I know, so am I, but she just needs time." He sighed, "I cant feel any emotions coming off from her...that's not normal Alice." He looked at me, his butterscotch eyes full of worry. "I'm worried about my sister."

This time I smiled, but my smile faded, "Jazz," I said, he looked at me, "I think the only solution for Bella is..." I stopped feeling ashamed of what I was about to say. Jasper nodded for me to continue, I took a deep breath, "to bring the one person that helped her through this before," I said looking into his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed confused, "Jacob Black." I said biting my lip.

Jasper sighed but nodded his head in agreement, "I think he would help." He said.

"I have his number right here, I took it from Bella yesterday." I said unfolding the piece of paper where Jacob's number was.

We headed down to the phone in the kitchen.

"Ahem, what are you two up to?" Rosalie asked coming from the living room looking at our expressions. She saw the paper in my hands and snatched it, I opened my mouth to protest, but she was gonna know sooner or later. She scoffed, "What?! Alice you seriously cant be thinking of bringing....him...here?" She said pointing at the paper.

I nodded sheepishly, "Its our only options Rose." She scoffed again but disappeared out of the kitchen leaving the paper back in my hands.

I sighed and headed towards the phone, 862-4, I gasped and dropped the phone closing my eyes. Jasper moved quickly to my side, hung up the phone and grabbed hold of my shoulders, "What is it Alice?" He asked worried.

I was lost in my first vision of Edward since that day that I told him about Penny, I saw him there being tortured by Penny. I also saw two others. My vision continued for a long time, making me see every detail of it.

Finally I opened my eyes in shock, "Edward." I whispered and ran up to Bella's room and flung the door open, Bella didn't move. "Bella!" I said kneeling besides her. I noticed that she had broken a few more things since yesterday that I came in here, like the mirror on the wall had been shattered to pieces on the floor, some clothes had been shred, the sofa on the corner of the room had been slammed against the opposite wall, and some perfume bottle were shattered on the wall, among many other things that Bella had done these last couple days.

Her eyes moved to look at me but her body stayed toward the window.

"Bella, Edward is in trouble," She flinched when I said his name, she turned away from me squinting her eyes. "Bella, he needs you."

She turned her head to me in a flash, her eyes coal dark, "No he doesn't, he has her." She said coldly.

"No, Bella, Edward-" She cut me off with a low growl coming from her chest.

"Never say that name!" She spat.

"But Edward loves you..."

"NO! NO he doesn't or else he wouldn't have left me again!" She said almost screaming.

"Bella he had no choice." I said in a soft voice.

"He didn't have a choice, you say...huh? No? WHO TOLD HIM TO LEAVE ME!?" She used her telekinetic powers to smash a picture of her and Edward out the window making the window break to pieces, and shatter to the floor.

"He didn't have a choice Bella, I told Edward to tell you before this happened, I knew this would happen but he said to keep quiet." I said hanging my head.

Bella scoffed, "So basically he wanted this to happen? Yeah that makes it a whole lot BETTER!" She said in an angry sarcasm.

"No- Bella, I didn't mean it that way- he just- I should of, but he said he could- but I shouldn't have listened to him," I began to studder, my brain was jumbled up, it wasn't Edward fault that he left, it was Penny, he was just trying to protect Bella. But it came out as I had predicted. Why couldn't I speak that out loud, when I tried it came out stupid.

Bella looked at me, appalled, "Don't cover up for him, he doesn't deserve that type of love, all he needs is Penny." She spat, levitating Edward's stereo speakers and throwing them hard against the plasma screen on the wall, making it fall and land on the desk, breaking a leg of it making everything fall to the floor in a loud crash.

I winced, "No, no, no, no, no, Bella listen you have to stop with this anger, I know I would be too, but Edward is not responsible! Bella please let me explain!" I exclaimed getting to my feet and started pacing.

She scoffed, "I have so much reason to be angry about, my fiance runs off with my friend who I trusted! Edward is responsible, you saw what he did last week! HE PROTECTED PENNY FROM US! US! THERE IS NOTHING TO BE EXPLAINED!" Bella said her final words she screamed them at the top of her lungs then fell to the floor , her head on her knees, "He left me." She breathed out.

I knelt next to her, "Bella please, please, Edward needs you, he needs us to help him. Without our help he will die." I said taking her hand.

She breathed heavily, her eyes darker than ever, "He needs us?" She laughed mockingly, "He doesn't need anyone, he has Penny," she glared at the wall, "for all I care he COULD DIE! THAT'S WHAT THAT EVIL BITCH DESERVES! THAT AND MUCH MORE!" She yelled out the last words, they made me wince again, it was too late to change Bella's mind, the damage Edward and Penny had caused had been made.

The headrest of the bed started shaking and soon it was thrown across the room onto the wall where the plasma screen had been. I had never seen Bella like this, she scared me. Her telekinetic powers seemed to get stronger when she was angry, and now she was furious.

I opened my mouth to speak but she opened the door with her power, "Get out..." she whispered. I opened my mouth again to protest, she looked into my eyes, "GET OUT!" She screamed, I ran out of there, she slammed the door shut and began to cry.

I sighed in the hallway and slid down the wall to the floor, I held my head in my hands, I couldn't convince Bella. I couldn't tell anybody else about this. I was alone and Edward needed me. I couldn't let him down. Penny will kill him.

Jasper came up the stairs slowly, his face in a small smile, he sat down next to me, leaning his head on the wall, "I heard everything." He said, his smooth voice filled with compassion.

I sighed, I didn't speak.

"I wouldn't go either," Rosalie said appearing in the hall, she stopped to glare at a picture of Edward and Bella on the wall, "I agree with Bella. And don't expect Emmett to go either, hes angry about what happened. Poor Bella. I always knew Penny was trouble. But Edward was too stupid to realize it." She said with a wicked smile.

I glared at her, "Shut up Rose!" I spat, "You don't know anything that's going on." She shrugged and left for her room, I looked at Jasper, he nodded and I knew I had him to go with me, we could save Edward together.