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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

17. Torture

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I groaned as I sat int he corner of the room where penny had locked me up. I didn't bother to gt out or escape, anytime I tried to get out, Penny would just jump into my mind and control me. It was exhausting so now I just gave up. I was thirsty even though I had gone hunting last week, but Penny's trances take a lot out of me. And the idiot thinks I eat food, she doesn't know I'm a vampire. She slips some burgers int he corner of the room for me to eat like I'm a dog, but I don't need food I need blood. I could just suck out her blood but when I try to get near her or she feels like I might hurt her, she controls me.

I banged my head on the wall hoping that I could fall unconscious, nothing. I cursed out loud, I should have paid attention to Alice when I had the chance, but since I didn't I'm stuck here, being mentally tortured my some sadistic lunatic. None of this would have happened if I would have warned Bella, told my family about what Penny was going to do. Now I have ruined my life and my wedding. I slammed my head again. I didn't know where my engagement ring was, I know I didn't throw it away, I couldn't, could I?

I didn't remember anything that Penny did to me when I was in her trance, I just remember before then after when I get released.

I closed my eyes, "Edward! I warned you about this." I remember Alice telling me the only few seconds I had gone out of the trance, I saw Bella crying in jasper's arms, Rosalie outraged a long with Emmett, I put my hands on my eyes cursing at myself, Alice said in a whisper. "Please." She clutched onto my shoulders, i asked her for help, then I went back in, my thoughts lost. The last thing after that was being int eh car with Penny, her laughing maniacally. Telling me the good job I did in leaving Bella.

I remember her explaining everything I did, I was so angry I got hold of the wheel, even though i wasn't in the drivers side, and swerved the wheel to the left, crashing my car. Penny survived, making it out of the car before it burned. She got a lot of injuries but not enough to keep her in the hospital for more than a day.

I put my head on my knees and began to cry, upset of what I did to Bella, remembering her expression, Alice's worried face, Rosalie's dark eyes, Emmett's body shaking, Jasper's torn face of all the emotions coming off from everyone.

"Oh Edward stop beating yourself up, so what you left your family blah blah blah blah blah!" Penny said interrupting my thoughts coming into the room with a satisfied smile.

"Shut up!" I breathed.

She chuckled, "Ooh so forceful I like it!" She said kneeling in front of me.

I scowled, her breath blew in mine, I grabbed hold of her neck with my hands, I wanted to crush her trachea, but she pulled me in her trances again.

I regained my thoughts what seemed to be seconds later, Penny was coughing holding her throat in the corner of the room, "What strength, what a shame I'm going to have to kill you." She said her eyes looking at me from head to toe.

I scoffed, "Doubt it." I said.

"You doubt me, have you not seen what i can make you do, I can kill you in a heart beat!" She said pulling up to me, poking a finger at my chest where my heart was suppose to be.

"I don't have a heart." I said coolly.

She laughed, and again I was pulled in.

I awoke again by the lake surrounded by trees, I knew where I was, I was in the lake in front of Penny's house.

I clapped my left arm, there was a handcuff on it, I noticed my left hand was chained to a large tree. I tried to break the cuff, it didn't look very strong, like the ones the cops used, I easily broke one of those one time. When the cuff was about to break, I heard a ruffling coming from the forest.

"Oh Edward, what a shame I didn't get to know you better. But I just got bored of having you around my house, so I guess I'll have to say goodbye!" I jumped when I saw Penny come out of the forest, she wasn't human she was half bird, I guess Sirens can change their appearance now. I heard low chuckled coming from behind her, her annoying sisters, Ligea and Leucosia. Their thoughts almost drove me insane. I found out that Penny's name was actually Parthenope, I remembered reading about three Sirens which had Penny's and her sisters names. It was probably their great great etc, grandmother.

Penny came up to me, she stroked my cheek with her hand before she raised up her foot, her long talons pointed directly to my chest.

I closed my eyes, I didn't know if Sirens could kill me but if they did, would most likely be painful. Bella I love you. I thought.

I felt a hard thud on my chest but nothing more, Penny gasped in horror, "What the hell!" She exclaimed, she stepped back looking wide eyed at me.

I smiled to myself, feeling grateful for my granite body, I looked down, my shirt was torn but no injuries were done to my chest. I chuckled darkly.

"What the HELL are YOU!?" Penny asked, terror in her voice, her sisters backed up looking terrified. "Why didn't you die, your body is hard as-"

"What? Rock, no, more like granite, your claws can't make it through," I looked down at Penny's leg, it looked like I broke it. I chuckled.

"WHAT ARE YOU!" She repeated anger showed up in her face.

I felt my eyes grow dark as I chuckled at her, "I'm a vampire." I said stepping forward.

She jerked backwards, "A vampire?" She looked at her sisters, they shrugged, "What, no you cant!"

"But I am sweetie." I said playfully, I ran up behind her when I released the cuff from my hand, she jumped when I appeared behind her out of thin air. I grabbed hold of her waist, "Now, you want to die the easy way or the hard way?" I asked.

She gasped, her sisters jumped up on me, they returned back to their human form, so did Penny.

"You cant beat me, I can still control your mind!" She yelled.

I was being pulled in to her trance again, her lullaby humming in my thoughts, "NO!" I yelled, "Get out of my head!" I tried to resist, I had enough power now, knowing that she couldn't kill me, I closed my eyes, thinking of Bella, my family. I resisted her charming voice ringing my my ear.

"No you cant resist my voice." She said in a singing way, her song continued, her sisters began to play their instruments to help her pull me in.

I screamed as I felt like I had thousands of pound of water on me, my ears rang, my head throbbed. I clapped my hands on my ears. "No!" I yelled again, I was drifting in. I dropped to the floor, my head hit the tree hard.

Then I was pulled away, I breathed heavily and looked around frantically, I saw Penny’s sister, Ligea, crumpled up on a rock in the middle of the lake, Leucosia's body limp by a tree trunk and Penny’s -Parthenope- body laying motionless in front of me.

"Edward!" I heard a high pitched yell from the forest.

I got up swiftly and turned to find Alice’s worried but happy face running towards me, followed by Jasper’s blonde wavy hair and big smile.

Alice slammed into me, "Edward," She said hugging me.

I hugged her back happy to see them.

Maybe now I could win this fight.