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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

18. Revenge

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I left as soon as I could with Jasper, Bella didn't seem like she was going to come. I ran my way, I knew exactly where Penny lived, Edward told me before.

I stopped in front of her house, I slammed the door open, "No one is here!" I gasped, then I remembered my vision, Edward was in the forest. "Come on!" I grabbed Jasper by the hand and took him into the forest. It wasn't long until I heard Edward's screams of agony and Penny's laughter. I scowled.

I creeped up slowly, Jasper followed me. I gasped as I saw Penny in a Siren form, top half human, bottom half bird. She raised her claws to Edward chest, I held my breath. She slammed hard on his chest but nothing happened. I smiled. She couldn't kill him, well maybe not alone, she and her sisters could probably do the job.

She yelled to Edward what he was, Edward said in the simplest voice, "I am a vampire." I smiled again, Edward's eyes were dark but not like last week, they had emotion. Anger frustration and exhaustion. I frowned, Penny gave Edward a hard time in her house.

Penny seemed to do something Edward fell to the floor grasping his head yelling in agony, my vision. Penny's laughter roared in the forest. I got out from hiding behind the bush and slammed into one of Penny's sisters. Jasper hit Penny on the head making her fall unconscious to the floor, she wasn't going to stay there long. I grabbed hold of Penny's other sister's hand and flung her as hard as I could into the lake, to my satisfaction she landed hard on a rock.

"Edward!" I yelped, he opened his eyes getting to his feet quickly. His face full of happiness, I slammed into him, "Edward." I sighed, my brother was alive. I had saved him, well for now. Penny would wake up son enough as well as her sisters.

"Jasper! Alice!" He called back happily.

"Lets go!" Jasper said suggestions towards the forest.

"No, you three are not going anywhere!" Penny yelled. "Ligea, Luciousa!" Penny caught Edward's eye, she closed her eyes and Edward went stiff beside me.

One of Penny's sister, Ligea, I think Penny called her focused on Jasper, she caught his eye as well and like Edward we went stiff.

"Now." Penny hissed, "Jasper is it?" She asked me, I didn't answer, she swiftly went to Jasper's side, she placed a finger on his lips and winked at me.

Anger flooded my body, she was going to kiss him, and when she did she would have full control of him like Edward, I wasn't going to let her. I took my left hand and jabbed it on the side of her face.

Luciousa came from behind me and grabbed hold of my hands, I couldn't break free, in time, Penny had already kissed Jasper when I was free from Leuciousa's grasp. They were strong, that was my fear.

"Jasper," Penny said in a sweet voice, "Can you control you..."She scoffed, "wife, please?"

Jasper nodded and grabbed my hand flung me to the nearest tree in a simple move. I fell to the floor with a loud thud. I wasn't going to be able to do it alone. Bella was a no show.

Penny walked up to me, her smile bigger than ever, she was back to her Siren form again. "Doesn't it suck to lose?" She asked. I scowled. "Attack her Jas-" She didn't finish her sentence she was hit by a large log.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!" Yelled Bella from the opening, I smiled.

Penny laughed even though she was in pain, the log was at least 10 feet tall and 3 feet thick. "Oh, dears you are outnumbered even if you are vampires you cant beat us, cant you see I have in power two of your kind!" Penny said her hand moving to each of her siblings and Edward and Jasper.

Bella looked at Edward, her face went soft for a second then it was back to the anger. The trees around me shook, I looked up, the branches where shaking.


Bella's POV

Penny laughed loudly when she pointed at Jasper and Edward. I scowled, she only had control of them when she was in control, but when she was weak they could break through.

I locked my hands in fists staring deep into Penny's eyes, they were full of amusement, I lifted my hand and a large tree went flying up in the air, and crashing right next to Penny. She gasped and looked at me in horror, I smiled triumphantly.

Her body morphed into a bird type body, she sprinted towards me, I crashed another tree on her from her left side before she got to me, it landed right on top of her. She yelled in agony.

"Alice." I said looking towards Jasper, she understood. She ran up to Jasper, she locked hands with him and kissed him lightly. Jasper's eyes turned to his golden color again.

"What happened?" He asked Alice he looked at me, shock in his eyes. He looked around, he found me and smiled.

"Help me you idiots don't just stand there!" Penny commanded.

Two girls, happened to be Sirens also, moved up to Jasper and Alice. There was a large boulder on the floor, I levitated it and threw it to one of them, Jasper stopped it before it hit them, he was back in the trance. I scowled.

My body shook with anger, all the leaves branches were flying around me, my telekinetic powers were out of control when I got mad, I smiled, it seriously comes in handy right now.

Penny laughed harder, she had been taken out from under the tree by Edward, she held his hand, "You CANT win!" She yelled, she lifted her head up to meet Edward face, she grabbed Edward's face and drew it nearer to her.

My hands balled into fists and I ran into her, "YOU HAVE TAKEN MY FIANCEE AWAY FROM ME!" I yelled throwing her across to the water, "YOU MADE EDWARD'S LIFE MISERABLE SINCE DAY ONE, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN NOT TO TRUST YOU, YOU SIREN!" I yelled again grabbing her by the hair, her eyes full of terror. I threw her deeper into the water. "YOU BETRAYED ME..." I yelled again, i landed on her, she was out of air, I dug her head deep into the water. She struggled to get out.

"Oh no you don't!" Alice yelled grabbing one of Penny's, what seemed to be sisters, hair and pushing her to the ground. Jasper and Edward were immobile. One of Penny's sisters had disappeared, chicken.

Penny released herself from my grasp, getting up from the water coughing, she punched me across the face, I fell into the water. I growled loudly, the wind blew hard the lake water was in my control, I focused hard, looking straight at Penny, her amused eyes locking into mine.

Penny gasped when she saw a whirlpool was being made underneath her, she was deep in she could swim out of it. The rain began to pour so I took that into my advantage. The whirlpool stopped, I was gripped out of my concentration by one of Penny's sisters. "Ligea kill her!" Penny screamed, nearly drowning.

Her sister Ligea smiled at me, not in a good way, then she glared at me and threw me onto the sand.

I heard Penny hiss Edward's name, he moved to my side, his face showing no expression, he grabbed my hands from behind, like a cop does when he arrests someone. Edward drew his head down to my neck, i closed my eyes, I knew he wasn't going to kiss me. Before he was about ready to rip me apart, Alice got him right in the gut, Edward tumbled to the floor and I was released, I took a punch at Ligea. She screamed.

"Bella you take care of Penny, I'll take care of them two, they're not nearly as strong as Penny." I nodded.

Penny was still struggling to breath, she was at the edge of the lake coughing uncontrollably.

She lifted her head to meet my face, her golden hair on her face. Her blue eyes filled with hatred. "As I told you, you cant beat me." She hissed.

"I will try," I said grabbing herb the neck, crushing her throat, she coughed more, and gasped for air, she was two feet up in the air, I threw her into the water once more. "You have hurt a lot of people," I said looking at her get up from the three feet of water, "But you wont hurt anyone else ever again!" I yelled, she was about fifty feet away from me.I noticed two large boulders were left and right of me, I levitated them and made them meet right in the middle, where Penny was. Penny stood motionless, like a deer caught in lights. Then...

The boulders fell to the water, making a large wave. Blood shown where the boulders had landed.

Jasper gasped as he was released out of the trance once more.

I ran back up to Alice and hugged her, "You did it Bella." Jasper said stroking my hair.

I nodded.

"Bella?" I heard a familiar voice call for me. I turned around, Edward stood limp and exhausted in front of me, his his dark gold eyes on me, my favorite crooked smile played on his face.

"I'll take care of these in the forest," Alice said pointing at the unconscious girl at her feet. Jasper and her picked them up and headed towards the forest.

I walked slowly to him.

I reached him, his face inches from mine. "Bella, I'm so sorry, I was really stupid not to tell you." He took my hand, "Forgive me."

I looked up to his eyes, he opened his mouth to tell me something else but I got in my tippy toes to reach up to his face, I locked my hands on his neck, pushing his body closer to mine, my lips met his. I kissed him passionately, gasping for air, his hands went from my shoulders down to my hips, he held my hips close to his body. I kept his torso close to my chest. I could feel every inch of his stone body. My fingers tangled in his hair.I flet the same electric shock I felt every time Edward would come near me when I was 17 pass through me as his tongue brushed mine for a moment. I pulled back out of breath.

Alice sighed happily in the back, then she giggled. She took care of them fast.

"I forgive you." I breathed to Edward. He smiled and gave me another peck. We walked towards Alice and Jasper.

Edward looked apologetically at Alice, "I shouldve listened to you." He said with a sheepish smile.

Alice nodded, "Yes you should have." She smiled, then looked at me questionably. "Bella how did you know about- well how did u find out that Penny-?" Alice stammered looking at the scene behind us.

I smiled at Edward , "Edward told me." I said.

"Huh?" Alice said, her expression grew more confused.

"He wrote a not actually, telling me that if he died, the reason was because of Penny and her sisters, he said he was sorry for not telling me. He explained everything, even what happened to him, the trances and all that, your vision." I said looking at her.

"You could have just told her instead of writing it." Alice said to Edward.

He shrugged, "I told you, Bella had enough problems, she didn't need anymore so I left her a note the day before Penny - well you know- hoping she would find it and understand."

"OK, so is the wedding still on?" Jasper asked teasingly.

Edward looked at me, I smiled, "Of course."