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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

19. Authors note!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 84   Review this Chapter

OK im debating wether i should make a sequel or no. Eclipse is almost coming out so I dont think anyone will be reading it. But I have a bunch of ideas for a sequel. so whatever you decide I will do...

so if you want a sequel TELL ME! so i can start writting as soon as I can!

depends on how many people tell me to make a sequel, or if i will have time...

(again thank you for the awesome reviews aboutt his sotry!!!)