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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

2. Mean Girl

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Who was this girl? How did she know me? Do I know her? Questions like this kept filling my head.

"Isabella Swan is that you?" She asked surprised.

"Miss Burton, please sit." Burton? Penny Burton? No way! Crap!

I wasn’t sure if it was Penny but it did look like her.

She sat down at the desk the teacher pointed out earlier.

"Bella what’s wrong?" Edward asked still stunned by my response to the girl.

"Bells? Are you feeling well," Alice and Jasper asked simultaneously.

I nodded, "I’ll explain once we get out." I whispered too low for the humans to hear.

The bell rang and all four of us were out immediately and rushed out the door. I saw the girl I believed to be Penny staggered by our quickness and probably our elegance.

We made it to the car and I sank into the front sink.

I noticed Penny followed us, she was even more staggered by the car we drove. Edward’s newer Volvo of course was catching.

"Edward, Alice, Jasper get in the car!" I yelled. We didn’t make it in time Penny was waving at me to get out of the car. I groaned. "Shit!"

I got out of the car and pulled my best fake smile on. "No." I said through my teeth. I heard everyone in the car snicker. I turned my head and they shut.

"Oh my it is you Bella." The girl said when she got to me. "Wow you haven’t changed a bit…well except your skin and your eyes." I groaned on the inside. This freakin’ sucks.

"Um not to be rude but who exactly are you?"

She blinked repeatedly, "Oh its like that now is it?" She studied me, "It’s me Penny!" I was right.

"Oh Penny!" I tried to sound exited but I couldn’t even fool myself. I didn’t really want to talk to her; we got off in the wrong foot today. And we weren’t really the best of friends when I left Phoenix. "How are you?"

"I’m doing good. But it seems like you are doing better I mean look at that car and look at the guys in the car. You got lucky." She said looking at Edward. Edward cringed; of course he could read her thoughts.


"Oh sorry he is just gorgeous and the other one too." I looked at Alice and she glared at Penny. "But of course he is taken also. Your boyfriend is really cute."

"Fiancé." I corrected her.

"Hm… Oh! Ooh! Sorry. Wow you are getting married already?" she eyed Edward again.

"Yes. Um I have to go Penny but I’m sure I’ll see you around."

"Oh but I want to catch up."

"Um today is not really not a good day. I’ll see you tomorrow."

"Count on it," she muttered obviously she didn’t want me to hear, and it wasn’t mean for me, it was for Edward. "Uh sure bye Bella." She said louder.

I turned and got in the car, Edward sped out of the parking as fast as he could.

"Would you mind telling me who that was?" Edward asked.

"That’s Penny. She was my friend back at Phoenix one of my only friends." I sighed, "She didn’t really take the news that I was moving so well and we got in this huge argument and until now I haven’t heard of her."

"Is that why you were avoiding her?" Alice asked in the back seat I could tell she was interested.

"That and because right now she noticed Edward." I said looking at Edward. He looked at me from the side of his eye and laughed. I rolled my eyes.

Alice grumbled, "Yeah she noticed my sweetiepattuti here too. Jazzy is mine. Right?" She asked Jasper.

"Yes only yours Alice." Jasper said in a uncomfortable way, he didn't like it when Alice made nicknames for him like 'sugarmuffin'.

"Not in the car. I might return the food I ate right now." Edward said teasingly.

Alice and Jasper laughed in the back seat.

Once we got home I flew directly to our room. Edward followed me. "Bella stop being so upset about that girl. She has no effect on me like you do." He knelt beside me by the bed and stroked the side of my face.

"I don’t know that for sure Edward. I hate it when girls look at you like that. I know that she is just using me." I said in a glum voice.

He lifted my chin and kissed my lips, "Bells, really what does she have that I would notice?" He waited for me to answer when I didn’t, "Nothing, you are everything that I need in the world." I smiled and he kissed me one more time.

"You must like it when I get jealous."

"No not really because it makes you upset." He said sincerely.

I sighed; I didn’t want to go to school the next day.


We were in the cafeteria again; the day was sunny. Alice and Jasper were talking gullible words to each other. Edward and I were just staring into each other’s eyes.

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder, I turned to find, "Penny, hi." I said with no trace of interest.

"Hi Bella. Can I sit here?"

I looked at my family; they were all looking away from me. I sighed, "Sure."

She smiled at me but somehow it seemed like the smile went through me to Edward.

Penny sat down next to me and introduced herself, to Edward first of course.

"Hi I’m Penny." She stretched out her hand to Edward.

Edward just looked at it and said, "Hello my name is Edward." She stared staggered by the fact he didn’t take her hand.

She faced Jasper with her hand still stretched out, "Penny." She said.

Jazz just waved once, "Jasper." Was all he said.

She shook her head and unwillingly turned to Alice, "Penny."

Alice looked at her hand and turned the other way ignoring Penny completely. "Her name is Alice." I said, I understood Alice perfectly; I wanted to do the same.

"Does she talk?" Penny asked. Alice tensed.

"Yes she does but-"

Penny cut me off, "Well why didn’t she answer she does have a mouth. It’s rude to not introduce themselves after someone was nice enough to do it. Why does she have a mouth if she will not use it to use for speech. Unless she is too stupid to form words." Penny said towards Alice.

Alice slammed her hand on the table, "I don’t have to introduce myself to someone I don’t like. If I am nice to you when I don’t want to be that will be called two faced and I am not like that. I for one am not a faker and I and respectful enough to not be nice to you because the minute I do I will be talking rude things about you and that is not being honest. If I chose not to talk that is my problem and my choice, I wont let a pee brained wanna be hot, flirty ass, nose job girl tell me how I should act around a person I don’t even know. I am being respectful right now by telling you what is real, not saying ‘oh hi my name is Penny and the second you turn your back I am going to flirt with your husband.’"

That was the longest speech I have ever heard Alice say, I was so proud of her. Penny looked very stunned, Alice may be small but she packs a punch.

After that Alice left storming out the cafeteria doors.

"Learn from a girl who has expertise. Never talk to my wife like that again, you bitch." Jasper said and followed Alice out the door.

Penny sat there looking very staggered.

"Think about it." I said and left with Edward to check on Alice.