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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

6. Leverage

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Bella said bye to me and skipped her way to her car. I quickly got into mine before they left. I saw Rosalie’s car three cars down from where I was parked and all the pieces of my puzzle were put together in my head.

I backed up my car from the parking space and waited two seconds before Rosalie’s car made its way out of its parking space, I waited until the whole back of the car was visible and then revved my car into it.

My car slammed into Rosalie’s glossy red BMW M3, convertible, with thirty miles per

hour force. The whole back of the car was destroyed, as well as my front of my car.

I stomped on the brakes as I ‘accidentally’ hit the car, the air bags came flashing out and blocked my view from the distraught face of Rosalie and Emmett as well as the rest of their family watching five cars down.

I was unharmed, of course, so I made my way out of the car- limping to make the act- and made my way to ‘help’ Rosalie out, who was also magically and disturbingly unharmed as well as Emmett.

I pretended to act innocent, "Oh my gosh Rosalie I am so sorry are you all right?" I looked at her car in shock, "I will pay for the repairs I promise," this turned out fantastic.

Rosalie stared at her car breathless, "M-m-m-my c-c-c-CAR! You evil vile eccentric dumb ass son of a bitch…you did this on PURPOSE!" Rosalie screamed at me, I wasn’t liking this reaction.

Emmett came running around the car and got a hold of Rosalie’s shoulders, "Rose Rose! Its OK, I don’t think she did it on purpose. Now relax." Oh how wrong you are Emmett.

Rosalie was trying to get out of Emmett’s strong hold on her, swinging and kicking and cursing and trying to reach me. Rosalie growled and inhuman growl and it scared me.

"Rose! Emmett!" Bella came running to the scene. "Oh my gosh Rosalie …your c-" Bella gaped at the broken glass and scratched paint on the car.

Rosalie interrupter, "I know my car," Rosalie fell limp to the ground, "It is HER fault!" She said pointing at me.

"Who? Penny?" Bella asked innocently, yes me Bella. "N-no Rose, Penny wouldn’t do that." How touching Bella.

Edward, Jasper, and Alice reached us by then, what surprised me was no one seemed to care for the health of their two family members that had just been in a car accident.

"Yes she would Bella, you wouldn’t know that for sure you have only met her for a couple of days." Rosalie shrieked the words out, Oh please you are overreacting…its just a car.

Rosalie focused her eyes on Edward, he looked at me briefly and then back at Rosalie and shrugged, what?

Rosalie growled.

"Rosie sweetie I think you are taking this too far." Emmett got a hold of Rosalie’s waist but she wiggled out.

Edward and Alice both had their eyes fixed on me, full of rage and hatred. They both knew it wasn’t an accident but said nothing. But how exactly would they know, they are just suspicious.

"Rosalie I am truly sorry I couldn’t see you backing up, I guess I was paying attention to some coffee I spilled and didn’t see you backing up." That seemed innocent enough.

"It’s OK Penny we understand, it was just an accident, right Rosalie?" Bella answered, Oh how gullible you are Bella Swan; you are the exact leverage I need to make my plan work.

"Whatever." Rosalie said clutching on to Emmett.

"I will pay you back."

"You have eighty thousand dollars with you?" WOW eighty grand.

Emmett whispered something into Rosalie’s ear, she exclaimed back in a whisper, "I know I can fix it on my own but…"

I couldn’t hear the rest, I could still feel Edward and Alice’s eyes burning into me, they knew something was wrong.

Jasper grunted, "Rosalie take it easy." Take what easy? Huh?

"Sorry Jasper…I’m just really angry." What in the world did I miss?

"Yeah you were kind of hurting me too," Edward said with a chuckle, a grand chuckle. Hurting? What? How?

"Maybe we should deal with this issue at home," Alice said, she meant it for everyone but there was something extra as she said it that seemed she was directing it to Edward mostly.

"Sorry Edward about …you know," Rosalie looked at me, "we are going to need a ride."

"Uh no problem Rose about the first thing but of the second I’m not sure if we can fit." Edward said looking at his Volvo.

"Um I kinda don’t have a ride for myself." I said in a small voice, trying to seem innocent.

Rosalie answered before anyone else, "SO?" She said icily.

Bella glared at Rosalie and somehow Rosalie was moved about two feet. "You can ride with us if you’d like Penny." Bella said genuinely.

Oh how my plan is going to work out perfectly.