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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

7. Trance

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"You can ride with us." Bella offered Penny to ride in my car.

I heard Rosalie growl, "Edward put some sense into Bella and beat her...cant she see how evil that Penny is?"

I looked down to the floor and shook my head. Bella doesn't know what she is getting herself into.

"OK thank you Bella...I mean if its all right with Edward," Penny looked into my eyes, i looked away swiftly. Should I let her or make her walk?

" Edward DONT let her, you can't!" Alice screamed in her head, although her body seemed perfectly calm.

I chuckled, "Uh..," I looked at Bella, her eyes pleading for me to let Penny go with us. I can use an excuse like 'we cant all fit sorry Penny' yeah that's good. "Sure Penny." Idiot that didn't sound right.

Penny smiled triumphantly and walked next to Bella, they both giggled.

Rosalie giggled mockingly and rolled her eyes, " I'm going to kick your ass Edward." Rose glared at me, I winced, great.

"Edward! What THE HELL!" Alice scolded me. I brought hell into this...fabulous.

"Be VERY careful tonight Edward...Rosalie's pissed." Jasper thought to me in worry, while holding Alice with a strong grip.

"Ugh..we might need to take double shifts though so we can all fit." I said looking at my five passenger Volvo and turning back to the seven adult size people standing in front of me.

"Oh NO! I'd rather go 'walking' home!" Rosalie exclaimed and headed into the forest to 'walk' home, Emmett, Alice, an Jasper followed into the trees.

"Uh you don't have to walk home, I can walk home and you guys can ride. It's fine I don't mind." Penny called out at the retreating figures with a fake smile on her face.

The rest of my family disappeared into the trees, Penny sighed.

"I guess we will take you home now then Penny, I will call a pick-up truck." Bella took out her phone and dialed the number for the pick-up trucks.

Penny headed towards me, I tried to get a hearing off of her thoughts...but i got nothing. Is she blocking them or is it like Bella?

"OK we can leave now," Bela skipped to my side, Penny glared.

I opened the door for Bella in the front seat and Penny in the back. Penny smiled as she slid her way in the car, 'Wow Edward nice car."

"Thank you." I said and revved the engine, "Where is your house Penny?"

"Uh..turn here to the left and go all the way until you see a street called 'Mountain St' then find a green house -the only green house- and that's my house.

I took a left just like Penny told me to.

"Who do you live with again Penny?" Bella asked to make small talk.

"I live with an old lady whom I take care of." Penny said in a glum voice.

Bella sighed, "Oh how cute."

I rolled my eyes.

I made my way into 'Mountain St', it looked deserted, only a few houses and not that many green as the rest of the town, I could hear water nearby so there must have been a lake or a river near by. I spotted the green house and pulled up in a driveway. "This it?"

"Yup!" Penny said getting out of the car, she hummed a light melody as she stepped out and sniffed the air.

The soft tone of her voice was very catching, I stared in disbelief at her, amazed by the beautiful sound she had made. "Goodbye Penny." I said, then shook my head in shock of myself.

"Bye Penn!" Bella yelled out. Penn?

"Bye 'B'!" 'B'?

Penny made her way into the house and I pulled out of the driveway. I chuckled, "B?"

Bella smiled timidly, "She put me that nickname...I like it." She giggled.

I sighed disturbed.

We made it to our house and as I entered the door the same low hum of a melody that Penny made earlier surrounded me, I felt light, I closed my eyes and let it in, I felt free and whole. Such a beautiful sound.

"Edward?" I turned around and saw Penny before my eyes. I shook my head and Bella took her place, a concerned look in her face. "Are you OK?"

"Huh? Me? Oh yeah I'm fine honey." I kissed her lips and she made her way to our room.

The feeling was very strange but it felt good, I couldn't think straight anymore, all my thoughts directed to Penny. What the hell is going on with me?

"Edward," I heard a low hum again, "Shh...I'm here." It was Penny's voice. What is wrong with me.

I closed my eyes again, I felt a shake, I opened them and Alice was standing before me. " Edward, what is wrong with you?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Nothing ...we have to talk...NOW!" Alice seemed concerned.

"Edward." The low hum. I got scared and ran with Alice to the living room.