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Bella and Edward are getting married soon but when Bella's old friend from Phoenix moves where they are things could get a little complicated. Will Penny be able to break up the love between Bella and Edward before their Wedding?!? Penny isn't so gullible and stupid as Bella thought.

I DO NOT! own any of these characters, except for Penny which most of you WILL hate :D even me

9. Because of Emmett...

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Penny's POV

Oh poor Rosalie and her stupid eighty grand dollar car! Ha ha ha ha! She made an extra leverage for me. While everyone is too busy worrying about that I am going to get Rosalie again they wont even be ready when I get near to Edward. Oh how stupid they all are....thank you Bella! kisses to you my darling and to your handsome fiance.


Edward POV:

Alice and I had been talking all night, she had been trying to help me control the voice in my head.It was now fain, Alice was proud of herself but I thought that it wore off depending how long I stayed from the source...in this case...Penny,

"All you need to do now is stay away from her as much as possible ..." Alice said while holding on to my shoulders. Easier said then done, I thought to myself, "Yes mother." I said with a sly smile. Alice glared.

Then she marched herself up to her room, I hadn't noticed how late it was until I opened the curtains and the sun gleamed through, well not the whole sun...just part of it. I glanced at the clock on the wall 6:07 am, I have another hour to get prepared...another hour.

I pulled open the curtains and looked in the direction of the woods, no sign of any of my other family members. Why would they be taking so long? I thought in agony to myself, Bella you cant leave me! Go get dressed and maybe she will come on that time...I kept telling myself over and over. So I payed attention to myself and went up to my room, took a fast -faster than usual- shower, picked out my clothes, shuffled my hair, and hurried downstairs to stare out the window, then took another peek at the clock, 6:22 am...shit... I took too fast.

I grumbled and sat down on the cherry colored sofa in the entry hall still staring out the window.

I heard a low giggle in back of me, it was Alice I knew it was, "Relax Edward...they will get here...don't worry so much." Then she walked around and planted herself next to me with her legs crossed.

At that second the phone rang, I ran to the study room and unhooked the phone off the wall and answered it immediately. "Hello?," I asked panting, "Edward," It was Bella, I recognised her voice, "Edward we ugh... we might not make it for school today..." Bella said flustered, "Why?" I asked worried, Bella growled, "Because Emmett got us lost about five hundred miles from here, but we don't know in which direction!" , "He what?" I asked confused, "How did you get that far?" Bella scoffed, "Emmett got us lost by chasing an antelope, a coyote, a horse, and a BEAR!" Bella said almost screaming, in the background I could hear Rosalie's screams about Emmett acting stupid and chasing random animals, Emmett's constant apologies to Bella, Rose, and Jasper, and Jasper's constant, 'Alice!' close to the phone. "Uh...OK ...but you will be here in the afternoon...right?" I asked getting hesitant, "Yeah, sure, we will be there...oh I have to go ...Emmett just spotted a deer, bye Edward." Click, "Bye," I said though no one was on the other line.

I sighed and turned to walk to where Alice was sitting, "They aren't coming." I said in a glum voice.

Alice giggled, "I know...I heard...OH Emmett, the trouble he gets us into." She laughed.

I had no humor in me to join her in her laugh. I didn't want to be in school all by myself without my Bella.

We walked to my car. Alice stopped me before I reached for the handle, "Edward...you don't have to go you know."

I shook my head, "I cant avoid her, I have to confront her."

Alice nodded and went to the passenger side, "Ok."

I stepped on the pedal and drove our way to school, now regretting by not staying home.