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A poem from Jacob Black's point of view. Even though I don't really like him, he provides a good angst factor.

I hope you like it, I tweaked it a lot.

1. Chapter 1

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He mourns with the willow trees in the night,

With the soft moon fawning its' delicate stars

And the wind whispering his aching cries,

From late in the evening 'til the morning's light.

He prays for redemtion in the wild grass,

And the frogs and birds join in his heart song

Wishing with the flowers for greater days,

And a love that would forever last.

He howls with the wolves to his master,

The godess of closure and endings

As pain consumes his being and flows thickly,

He hopes for release to come faster.

A soft wish among the fallen stars,

Fairy dust tears sprinkled in dried out eyes

He asks for her to be happy with another,

As he loves her from afar.