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This takes place during New Moon, when Bella is at the cliff, just before she jumps. Victoria was close friends with the Volturi and ask for their help to destroy Bella. But Aro can't read her mind and ends up changing her. When Bell turns out to be special, the Volturi won't let her out of thier sight. Without her memories to guide her, how will Bella find her way back to the people who really do care for her? After you've read the story, post a comment on what you want to happen next, If enough people agree, I'll put that in the story.


1. Ignorance is Bliss

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 966   Review this Chapter

Victoria’s POV

I stared blankly at the wall of trees. There truly was nothing to look at in Forks, setting suns were sheltered by many layers of clouds, and every plant was the same shade of green. Yet, I gazed fixedly toward this section of the never-ending forest, knowing that my acquaintance would soon exit from them.

Revenge is sweet. I licked my lips instinctively, the taste of my previous meal still lingered.

Aro appeared before me, as expected. His face did not glow like it would have in Italy on such an afternoon, because of this, his hood was unneeded and I hardly recognized his onion face without it.

He did not seem pleased with leaving his luxurious home, and was very blunt when speaking. “Why must I meet with you every time you stumble upon one of your petty problems?”

I forced a smile and spoke softly, “How nice to see you too, Aro.”

Ignoring my sarcasm he continued. “What type of fire am I to extinguish now? Surely your problems are no match for what James had in Florida…I heard he got quite a run for his money.”

“Don’t…” I hissed, my nostrils flaring. “Don’t you dare…”

“Enough of this chit-chat then. What brings me to this minuscule town of Forks?” he spoke calmly, hinting at the scenery with his scarlet-rimmed eyes.

I took a deep breath. Please him, promise him, praise him. “Those Cullens kept a human as a pet, they told her what we do, what we are. She knows everything, and then they just throw her out of their tight little group, expecting that she would keep our secret. Didn’t even think about the consequences!”

Aro nodded, uninterested. As he would put it, it was just one of my petty problems, even more minuscule then the town.

“I’m sure she doesn’t know everything. I have much faith in the Cullens, and I refuse to believe that Carlisle would disobey me like that.”

“Well you better believe it! She needs to be dealt with, and soon by that matter. She’s falling apart more and more each day. She had some sort of attachment to one of them.” I said dismissively. What is love to her. Nothing compared what I had possessed before…

“Fine, it shall be taken care of, do not fret.” he wasted no time, turning on his heel as he muttered the last word. I watched him as he glided away, accompanied only by his shadow.

Bella’s POV

The light breeze whispered in my ear, and sent my hair dancing across my face. I felt the slight tingle at my fingertips, the anticipation of my next adventure.

I wasn’t ready for what I was to see. The sight left me breathless.

What seemed like a million miles below my feet, were waters with merciless strength and will. I knew there were razor-sharp rocks piercing through the waves, but they were invisible to me through the fog. The rumbling reverberated off the cliff face.

Earlier I had thought this was the perfect place to be, overflowing with noises and distractions. I had come here only to realize that noise just made the silence so much louder. It made me want to hear his beautiful voice more and more. The sweet velvet I longed for could be found no where else in the world, except for where danger lurked-well maybe not anywhere.

I heard a soft thud at my feet. Then another and another, until I felt the rain piercing every inch of my skin. My knees trembled beneath me. Now or never.

I took the last step toward the edge and froze- it was as if the wind had whispered my name.

Don’t let it play tricks on you. Just Focus.

I let my body slowly fall into the clouds…

The pull came from nowhere, whipping me back to reality. I was on two feet, being dragged to the shelter of nearby trees. The hand that gripped my forearm was colder than any wind or ice, stinging where it touched my skin.

“Falling apart alright…” I heard the voice mumbling. I couldn’t see his face, hidden behind the hood of his cloak. I suspected he was elderly by his raspy voice and bony knuckles, but the liveliness that he foreshowed did not match.

I felt uncomfortable in his presence. Every instinct screamed at me to run, but he still gripped my arm with painful force.

“Why on Earth can I not seem to…”

I stopped abruptly. He dropped my limp arm, and I realized that it had not gone numb from the cold of his hand, but by the strength of his grip. I gaped at were my arm went crooked.

“Amazing.” His hood was thrown back to his shoulders then, and I finally saw his face. His skin was like an onion, thinner than a sheet of paper, and translucent. His eyes, a deep crimson, sent me back in time. I gasped when I realized what he was.

There was no point in running. I knew that. He knew that I knew that.

“So you do know, how…surprising.”

I backed up to a tree trunk. I wasn’t breathing. I was shaking non-stop, and I realized there was nothing I could do.

“There’s something special about you. It may have been the reason the Cullens were so interested.” He watched as I twitched at the name. “Usually, people are an open-book to me, but you…you’re quite different.”

I understood what he was saying, but couldn’t seem to infer what he was leading up to.

“It makes me wonder what you would be like…” the words trickled out slowly. He moved closer until he was leaning over by my ear and whispered, “It makes me wonder, if you would also be special.”

I let one last shudder rack my body, his frosted face touched mine, and I started screaming. I screamed for what seemed like days- three days to be exact.