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This takes place during New Moon, when Bella is at the cliff, just before she jumps. Victoria was close friends with the Volturi and ask for their help to destroy Bella. But Aro can't read her mind and ends up changing her. When Bell turns out to be special, the Volturi won't let her out of thier sight. Without her memories to guide her, how will Bella find her way back to the people who really do care for her? After you've read the story, post a comment on what you want to happen next, If enough people agree, I'll put that in the story.


3. Forgotten

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Bella's POV

“What did you do?” she hissed.

I looked over at the elder man, his eyes full of pity. “Perhaps when I was dragging her…”

The girl who had spoken before rolled her crimson eyes. She had long, silky, black locks that framed her angular face. She was absolutely beautiful in every way, but there was something unsettling about her - only one emotion crossed her scarred face. Hatred.

Her eyes were locked onto mine, and I looked away shyly. I could tell she was looking for something below the surface.

“What is her human name?” she asked him.

I looked up in alarm at this, human name?

“Isabella Swan.” this came not from the same gentleman as before, but another younger man. I didn’t know how he knew this, for even I didn’t know.

“Isabella,” the white-haired man spoke directly to me for the first time. “This is Scarlet and Marcello, they are members of the coven that I have. I am Aro.”

I looked at Marcello as he spoke, “She needs rest, this is too much for her to digest all at once. You have left her with no memory, Aro, I don’t know how much of a help she can be to us now.”

Aro nodded, expecting this much.

I was then led away by two new faces. I tried my best to observe my surroundings as they escorted me, keeping note of every turn, and each unique painting that caught my eye on the way.

I noticed a theme in the building about halfway to the bedroom. Everything was old. There were many paintings that dated back to the late 1600’s, and there was a peculiar smell, like honey, only stronger.

We reached a door at the end of a hallway that looked just the same as the rest. I supposed it must have been different in some way. I wondered how the people here kept from getting lost in the identical passageways.

The bedroom was completely empty except for what looked like study corner. A leather chair was framed by two tall, empty bookcases. I searched the mass amount of space for a bed or couch, surely they would provide these if they wanted me to rest.

Scarlet appeared beside me, emerging silently from the shadows.

“Rest does not mean sleep, we do not slumber here.” she said to me, with an annoyed tone toward my ignorance.

“This will be a time you get each day to relax, and try to recap your memory.” she added.

My memory, I searched the black areas of my mind, hoping I would find a light switch and that all would be known again.

Scarlet left as quick as she had come, and I sat silently in the chocolate brown leather chair.

The first memory did not come immediately. It felt like hours since Scarlet had left that it appeared, clear as ice.

He stared at me again, meeting my eyes with the strangest expression on his face - it was hostile, furious. I looked away quickly, shocked, going red again.

…I noticed that his eyes were black - coal black…

…I kept my eyes down as I went to sit by
him, bewildered by the antagonistic stare he had given me…

I held my breath as I analyzed the emotions that had flickered across his beautiful

face. A word came to mind when I dug deeper: vampire.

I thought of Scarlet’s comment from earlier, ‘What is her human name?’

I was no longer human.