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This takes place during New Moon, when Bella is at the cliff, just before she jumps. Victoria was close friends with the Volturi and ask for their help to destroy Bella. But Aro can't read her mind and ends up changing her. When Bell turns out to be special, the Volturi won't let her out of thier sight. Without her memories to guide her, how will Bella find her way back to the people who really do care for her? After you've read the story, post a comment on what you want to happen next, If enough people agree, I'll put that in the story.


4. Convincing is Not Deceiving

Rating 5/5   Word Count 576   Review this Chapter

Aro’s POV

Marcello was the first to speak when we heard the screams.

“She has had her first memory of the Cullens.” he spoke.

I looked at him, astonished. “Are you sure, Marcello? I wouldn’t think for her to react quite so…loudly.”

Marcello’s face twisted in anger, “Am I sure? You of all people know that I am never wrong! It is my talent to be right about everything is it not, and….”

“Shut up! No one cares about your talent, if anything it is overreacting.” Scarlet spat in his face. “Do you not see the chance this gives us? Her first memory was not her most comforting, and most likely, those that come to follow will also be the most vivid, or most horrifying she had with them.”

I felt her eyes on me, expecting a response. I sighed, “You’re correct in that matter Scarlet, and who better to deceive her than you?”

Her face was smug as she turned and strutted from the room, as if she had already known my answer before spoken.

I sat there in silence with Marcello, and then asked, “For a gift that doesn’t come in handy often, she sure finds ways to use it, doesn’t she?”

He ignored me.

“Of course, it doesn’t matter…”

“But it does matter,” he whispered. “Do you not see how she just used it on you there? How she convinced you that her way was the only way? You didn’t even think Aro!”

“Now now Marcello, convincing is not deceiving, and you of all people know that she did not use her ability in any way upon me. I remember what it feels like when she does.”

We sat in silence again, until I asked, “What is happening?”

“She is comforting her, and telling her that it isn’t her fault. Bella feels light, much better with her there, like she would do anything for her. It is working.”

I nodded. Of course it is working, it is Scarlet, our miracle worker.

“Bella can look into her eyes without shaking now, her trust is building.” he stopped for a moment, and then continued. “She is telling her of her past with the Cullens, how she was simply a pet to them, lured by lies of love and peace between vampires and humans.

“Bella believes her now, and is changing her thoughts of the memory. She’s trying to remember his name, but there is a wall in her mind.” Marcello stopped again.

I nodded, alert for more.

“Scarlet is leaving now, asking if she will need anything to soothe her thirst. Bella doesn’t like the thought, but agrees because Scarlet has convinced her that it is the only way of living now. She knows that it isn’t the same as what the Cullens did to her.” he paused again, thinking harder than before.

“Marcello, what is wrong?” I asked quickly.

He shook his head slowly, “This makes no sense…”

“What, what doesn’t make sense?” I asked.

“Just as Scarlet is leaving, she asks if Bella is okay by herself, and first Bella says yes, still unsure, but then…

“She looks up at Scarlet again, and says she is perfectly fine by herself, and Scarlet feels warm all over, believing every word.” he whispered.

I shook my head, “Like how we feel around Scarlet, that makes no sense at all…”

“But it does!” he stood up and looked me in the eye for the first time since he had started, they were glistening with a hunger for knowledge.

He spoke happily as Scarlet reentered the room, “I know what Bella’s gift is!”