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Friendly Competition

Things go awry between Jacob and Alice while playing baseball in the rain. Alice/Jacob

I have had an intense itching to write something between Jacob and Alice, so here it is. I kinda like to ship them. . .

1. Chapter 1

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Alice smiled as she heard the boom of thunder not too far away as the rain poured in fat droplets. She'd taken this day to go to her family's makeshift baseball field by herself to brush up on her batting and catching for their next game. She was more than ready and up to the challenge of doing it all herself.

She readied herself for the next flash of lightning which would bring thunder with it. There was a lavender flash of electricity in the sky and Alice tossed up the baseball - swinging at it hard - the crack deafeningly loud, blending with the thunder. As she made a mad dash towards where her ball was flying, she tossed the bat aside; she'd find it later. She amazed herself when she positioned herself under the ball, diving into the mud mere seconds before it hit the ground, landing in her bare hand. She couldn't help but grin to herself triumphantly. On her way back to home plate - and looking for her bat in the process - she paused. She smelled something familiar, but unpleasant and it automatically made her muscles tense.

She froze in the middle of the baseball field, waiting. She knew he was approaching, the scent becoming more potent in her nostrils. A reflexive hiss escaped her lips as a large, reddish-brown wolf appeared in the clearing. Even though she knew it was Jacob, a wolf she was sure she didn't have to worry about, her instincts set her in a state of tense uneasiness. She took a deep breath and relaxed her muscles. Jacob disappeared back into the forest and reemerged in his cut-off shorts on two legs.

Shrugging off this chance meeting, Alice continued searching for her bat nonchalantly.

"Looking for this?" Jacob called to her, holding up her bat. She'd nearly thrown it into the tangle of trees and bushes without even realizing it. The two met at home plate. Alice knew Jacob was tall and she short, but she never considered their difference in height - never even needing to consider it. She felt positively dwarfed in his presence, she mere inches from five feet and he just over six and a half feet tall. She held her head a little higher involuntarily, trying to gain some extra height. Jacob chuckled, noticing as she tried to make herself taller.

"I thought I smelled a Cullen," Jacob said, natural disdain in his tone. Alice frowned slightly. Jacob noticed her expression and added, "What are you doing out here in the rain anyway?"

"Playing baseball," she said, idly tossing the ball in the air and letting it land in her tiny palm. He eyed the mud streaking the front of her clothes.

"Vampires play baseball?" he asked in amused disbelief.

"Probably better than wolves," Alice smirked.

"That a challenge?" he asked, looking at the pixie-sized vampire before him as if she were insane. There was no way possible that tiny little Alice could ever cream him at baseball.

"Only if you're willing to play," a grin forming on her face.

"You're on, Cullen," Jacob couldn't turn down a little friendly competition. He passed the bat onto her and plucked the ball from her hand. "Ladies first."

"You'll regret that later on," Alice told him confidently.

"We'll see," Jacob replied, a smug smile tugging at his lips as he stood at the pitcher's mound. Alice readied herself, planting her feet into the dirt and popping out her elbow, the bat slanting behind her. She couldn't wait to wipe that smug smile off the wolf's face.

"Ready?" Jacob called to her.

"Just pitch it!" she yelled, shimmying her body a little, readying herself for the pitch that was sure to be fast. Alice was so prepared to beat cocky ole Jacob, she almost forgot about the factor of thunder while batting.

"Wait!" she yelled, undoing her position as he pulled his arm back for the pitch.

"I thought you were ready," Jacob patronized at her.

"I am, but we've got to wait for the lightning," she informed him over the pounding spatter of rain.

"Why?" Jacob asked, confused.

"You'll see," she grinned and repositioned herself. Lightning flared in the sky and Jacob threw the ball at her. It came at insane speeds - none of which she was unaccustomed to - and swung. The bat made a sharp, tremendous, cracking sound as it made contact with the ball when thunder rolled and the baseball went soaring. Alice jetted to first base and Jacob raced off after the ball, which had flown towards the forest. She touched second and looked to see the ball falling into the trees and Jacob entering them. She rounded third base and made it home just as Jacob come running out of the woods - the ball in his mouth.

"Jacob!" Alice yelled as a horse-sized wolf ran towards her. He dropped the ball at her feet, coated in slobber. She looked at him, her eyebrow creased. "I think that constitutes as cheating," she scolded.

He simply looked at her, panting. He barked, something she thought she could recognize as laughter.

"Stupid dog," she muttered teasingly. Jacob barked at her. "Kidding, kidding. You can't bat on all fours, Fido. It's one-nothing. You'll need all the luck you can get because you're not winning this."

Jacob seemed to roll his eyes at her cockiness and disappeared into the woods, reappearing on two legs.

"Ready to play fair?" she chided.

"Sure, sure," he waved her off and picked up the baseball bat.

"Will you need thunder to bat?" she asked him, wiping her short hair off her forehead where the rain had stuck it.

"Just pitch it and we'll find out," he grinned mischievously. Alice rolled her eyes and quickly sprinted to the pitcher's mound. She watched Jacob ready himself and then pitched the ball, immediately readying herself to chase after it. Jacob swung hard, the impact making a cracking sound, and the ball flew. Alice sped after the ball as if her eternal life depended on it. She jumped for it and it slammed into her palm hard enough to throb and burn.

"Out! You're out!" Alice called triumphantly just as Jacob was about to place his foot on home plate. She let out a loud, conquering laugh. Even over the thick sound of falling rain, Alice could hear him cursing under his breath with her immaculate hearing. She grinned.

"You know, you could just quit now. Save yourself the embarrassment," Alice suggested, crossing her arms matter-of-factly over her chest. Jacob scoffed.

Alice giggled when Jacob seemed to momentarily consider it.

"You laughing at me, leech?" Jacob asked, no animosity in his voice.

"Just a little," she responded, the corner of her mouth twitching up into a smirk.

"Don't think I'm above attacking you just because you're a girl," he remarked, finding her laughing at him irksome.

"You'd have to catch me first," Alice flashed a devilish grin and moved a split second before he playfully lunged at her, laughing to herself as he stumbled and looked at her crossly.

"Like I said, catch me," Alice said with confidence, baseball forgotten. They were playing a new game now. Jacob grinned at her impishly before lunging again. His fingertips brushed her before she jolted out of the way.

"Have to do better than that, Lassie," Alice teased. Jacob let out a noise that sounded like a mixture of a growl and laughter, as if he didn't know whether to be angry or find it amusing.

After he missed her two more times, both of them laughing, Alice teased him some more.

"Hmm, maybe I should slow down a little and give you a fighting chance?" Alice patronized, mischief sparkling in her golden, pixie eyes.

"I don't need your pity," Jacob grunted as he pounced at her again and she zipped away.

"I think that maybe you d-" Alice started to condescend when he knocked her on her back and she let out a small screech of surprise.

"Oof!" the air pressing out of her as she landed, "Not bad, wolf."

He had a hand on each side of her head pressed into the mud, leaning over her. Their eyes caught and a moment of awkwardness seeped between them. Jacob never realized how small, how tiny, Alice was until she was under him. He knew that she was possibly stronger than him, though, and was curious as to why she didn't simply push him off now that he hovered over her. He'd also never been this close to her before, and had never noticed that for all her small features, she was indeed very beautiful, insanely beautiful.

Alice wasn't used to feeling heat and found the warmth radiating from the giant above her intoxicating; it sent a furtive shiver down her spine. She also wasn't used to not being able to see others and not ever knowing what Jacob was going to do was thrilling. Although he smelled like a mutt, he also currently smelled like rain and the undeniable earthy smell of wet dirt, a smell she'd always adored. She cautiously brushed slick, wet hair from his face, hair that was still growing back in from when he had cut it. She allowed her fingertips to linger at the side of his head and could feel the heat from his body radiating through the hair on his scalp; it felt like touching someone's sun burnt skin.

She let out a soft, involuntary gasp as she felt Jacob smooth her hair back, unplastering it from her forehead. Warmth never felt so horribly good. She could hear his heart pounding in her ears, loud, strong, steady, but slightly faster than normal. She didn't have to see him to predict what would happen next. Her insides squirmed as Jacob dipped his head, lips nearing hers. She knew she shouldn't eagerly anticipate the feeling of feverish lips against her own, but she was curious and allowed their lips to connect.

What she felt was new and exciting and she didn't want it to stop. His body heat engulfed her. This was the closest she'd ever be to feeling human, body full of heat. His hands were rough and calloused as his fingers curled around the back of her neck, and even though it was not a gentle kiss, his lips were still soft and smooth. She tangled her petite fingers into his growing hair and was surprised at how comfortable it was to be nestled underneath a wolf. How amazing it felt to be kissing a werewolf.

Panic jumped through her mind and she turned her head away from his abruptly. His lips brushed against her cheek bone.

This was wrong, more wrong than Alice could conceive. It didn't matter if it felt right. It wasn't.

"I. . . we. . . this. . . no," Alice sputtered incoherently. Jacob sat upright and Alice flashed to her feet.

"I know," Jacob said smoothly in a way that made Alice want to punch him and kiss him again all at the same time. How could this not unnerve him?

"See you, Jake," Alice whispered before speeding off into the woods, leaving her baseball bat and ball behind.

"See you," Jacob muttered to himself as an awful sinking feeling invaded him. Jacob figured it was just his luck to fall in love with a girl he could never have and at the same time, imprint on a vampire.