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Bella's final dive

Jake wasnt theRE to save her. Alice didnt come to the rescue Bella doesnt want to be here anymore and cliff diving sounds like fun and a perfect way out. RE-WRITTEN


1. my way out

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The wind brushed past her slim body with ease, making her body sway.

She has seen the La Push boys jump of this cliff when she was with Jacob, but not even Jacob could save her anymore, the pain inside was just getting too much.

“I’ve caused so much pain” the girl thought sadly.

Jacob wasn’t talking to her – another fight-, Charlie was getting more and more distant.

It would have been better if James had killed her fateful day last year or Laurent that day in the field before the pack had shown up.

She looks over the edge of the cliff assessing the waves. There was a storm coming, just the right time.

The waves will take me under’ she says to herself

She slowly moved into a sitting position, careful not to move to fast in case she slipped off the mossy edge, couldn’t have the timing wrong.

Putting her arms around her waist, she allows her thoughts to wander; memories of him flood her mind.

The day he pulled her out of the way of Tyler’s out of control van,

The day he saved her in Seattle, from the group of drunken men,

The day in the sun, where she fell in love with him,

The day he told her, he loved her,

The day she met his family,

The way he held her in his arms after he pounced on her in his bedroom,

The day she watched him play baseball with his family,

When he protected her from James, Laurent and Victoria,

The day in Seattle, protecting her from James,

When she awoke in hospital to find him next to her bed,

The dance they shared at their school ball,

Her 18th birthday party, pulling her out of the way of Jaspers feverish blood lust,

The way he stood rigidly as Charlie took their photo,

The way he ignored her and left her feeling cold and shunned,

The day he led her into the forest…

The way he told her he didn’t love her,

The way he said he couldn’t do this anymore, that he wasn’t human,

The day he left.

She didn’t know how much time had passed; but the hole in her chest had flared up as she had been sitting of the ground think about him, only that the wind had picked up and it was just starting to rain.

Steadily she stood up trying to be as careful as the wind had picked up and rain had begun to full. She looked over the edge; the waves were now angry, driving with force into the cliff edge.

Hoping to hear his voice just one more time, she stepped closer to the edge and breathed a sigh when she heard it.

“Bella, please stop”

“Why” she asked the beautiful voice

“Bella, please don’t do this”

“Why do you care, you don’t love me” she was hoping that the voice would now shut up but it came back in force

“I do love you”

“LIAR” she yelled out loud.

Not wanting to hear more, she quickly moved her thoughts to the task ahead.

Five notes were sitting on her desk at home, one for Charlie; three for the Cullen’s if they ever returned, one for Alice Edward and the others, one for Jacob and one in the mail for Renee. Each note detailed why she was doing this, why she had never wanted to cause anyone any pain, why her demise was best for everyone.

She began to walk forward, stopping when her toes were touching the rocky edge; with shaky hands she raised her arms until they joined above her head and prepared to jump.

“Bella, please don’t do this, please step away from the edge” said his voice again pleading with her to reconsider.

She just smiled and was about to jump when a voice called from behind her.


She stumbled slightly and looked over her shoulder; there stood Emily looking at her with wide eyes, she just smiled or what she hoped was a smile and quickly said “tell everyone I love them”

And the she flew of the edge, she screamed with joy as she saw Edwards face in her mind.

I love you. Was her last thought before everything went black