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Just like that

A short poem about Bella missing Edward after he left her in New Moon.


1. Chapter 1

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She stood there,

The wind moving her hair around her.

She was watching the horizon

With the red sunset.

It marks her passion,

The feelings she has for him.

He’s there,

Just like that.

Wrapping his arms around her waist.

I’ve missed you,

He whispers softly in her ear.

The cold water moves beneath her feet,

But all she feels is him.

Slowly closing her eyes,

Wanting to hold the moment forever,

He is gone,

Just like that.

Nothing but a silly dream,

She tells herself.

He is gone,


Never coming back.

Just like that.

I have failed him,

I miss him so,

Longing to see his golden eyes,

Looking into her soul.

They were one,

Always would be.

Just like that.

She could not give up,

She would get him back,

And then they would be together forever,

Just like that.