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One Word Is All It Takes

Who knew one letter could make such a difference?



1. Chapter 1

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His hand traced swirling patterns on my arm and I shivered, goosebumps raising slowly where he had touched. He chuckled and withdrew his hand.

I whimpered, and looked up at him through my eyelashes in an attempt to dazzle him. "Edward?"

"Yes?" He was smirking. He knew what I was trying to do.

My pout turned to a scowl. "Not fair."

"Sorry, love," he said, still smirking.

I huffed and turned away to stare at the beautiful meadow. It hadn't changed since I met him, it was still as serene and magnificent as it had been the first day he brought me here. The meadow was the only place where we could be completely comfortable. He could be Edward, and I could be Bella, and we could forget that he was a vampire and how strong my blood called to him. We could pretend that we were normal, even though we clearly weren't. It was perfect.

"Bells?" Edward asked.

I froze as a wave of pain came over me. Edward noticed my distress and grabbed my chin, gently tilting my face towards his. I kept my eyes down.

"Isabella, please, look at me," he begged.

I shook my head no and kept my eyes focused on the grass next to his knees.

"Please," he breathed.

I sighed, looking up. "I'm sorry."

"What's wrong?" His voice was filled with concern and I flinched, afraid that I would hurt him. I had promised myself that I would no longer cry for Jacob, but I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Blinking furiously, I tried to keep them at bay.

One lone tear worked its way down my cheek and I rubbed at it furiously with the back of my hand.

Edward sighed, impatient. "Isabella, why are you crying?"

"It's just..." I paused, collecting myself. Would this hurt him? Would it hurt me?

"Just...?" He prompted.

"Jacob used to call me Bells." At the stricken look on his face I quickly elaborated. "Please, don't think like that! It's just hard for me. He's out there, somewhere, alone. With a broken heart. I might not love him like I love you, Edward, but I still love him as my best friend. I owe him more than this, to let him run around out there by himself. And it's all my fault he's out there. And when you called me Bells, it reminded me of him when he was happy. Before I had the chance to hurt him."

I took a deep breath and stared into Edward's eyes, which had a careful expression on them. The emotionless mask was back.

"This isn't just about me calling you Bells, is it?" He asked.

I flinched again, and stared down. "I hurt him really bad. It hurts me to think about it."

He nodded and wound his arm around my waist, pulling me into him. I sighed and snuggled into his icy body.

"Would you prefer I didn't call you that?"

I nodded against his chest and he kissed the top of my head. "Your wish is my command."

A giggle escaped from my mouth and he pulled back to look at me, amused.

"May I ask why you're laughing now?"

I stifled another giggle at the serious look on his face. "Have you ever seen Aladdin?"

He grinned at me and pulled me close again, and I let myself mold back into his side yet again. As I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent, I grinned.

He kissed the top of my head again and I let out a contented sigh. "I love you Isabella Marie Swan."

"I love you too, Genie."

His musical laughter echoed around the meadow.