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MMMM Crackers

Bellas hungry but what Edward gives her is slightly dangerous. To Vampires! ONE-SHOT!

okay let me make this clear. They are at the Cullens house it is a Saturday. And Carlisle and Esme aren't home. BELLAS POV

1. Ewwww

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"Love. Just pick something!" Edward asked. Yet again.

"Hold on! I don't know what I want!" I whined.

"Okay." He took a deep breath. "Okay. Just tell me when you de-'


"Love? I'm right here. Please don't scream in my ear." he sighed "What do you want to eat, Bells?" he asked. O yeah he had super sensitive ears. Haha oops.

"ANIMAL..ooops...animal crackers." I screamed the first part then whispered the second part.

"Thank you. Let me get them." With that he left and went into the kitchen.

"Thank you! I love you!!" I called. I heard him laugh.

When he came back, he handed me the little red baggy, and a brilliant idea struck me! Alice started laughing, so I guess she got a vision. I stared at her, pleading her not to say anything to ruin my fun. She caught on and shut up though she winked afterwards. Nice! She's going to help me.

Then she disappeared. I looked around the room to see: Emmett staring at the TV totally unaware of whats going on. Rose sitting next to her buffing her already perfect nails. Jasper sitting on the loveseat watching TV too. Edward had sat down in an armchair with his legs open. Obviously. All guys are the same!

Anyway, I went to sit in front of him, in between his legs, he started playing with mmy hair. Alice came back and handed me a plate. I smiled at her, she winked. I put the plate on my lap and dumped the cookies on it, I was looking through then until I found the little animal cracker I was looking for. YES! I found it.

I got up, supporting myself on Edward's knees. I went over to Emmett and stood on front of him totally blocking his way. He looked up irrated but when he saw me he smiled and said,

"Yes Bella?"

"Hi, Emmett!" I waved my hand in his face.

"Hey, Bells."

I just stood there staring at him, Waiting for him to say something...

"Bella? Can you like m-"

Before he could continue I shoved the cracker in his mouth.

"Did you see that Emmett? IT WAS A BEAR!! It was so cute...." I trailed off.

"Ewwww." Emmet muttered.

Everyone was laughing. Even Rosalie she was on her side on the couch laughing like crazy, clutching her sides.

So, I went back to seat in between Edward's legs again. I ate some crackers then, I found the other cracker I was looking for. I stood up and turned to face Edward. He stared at me, and I just smile and waved. He chuckled.

"LOOK EDWARD ISN'T IT CUTE?" I said waving the cracker in his face.

"Bel-" Like Emmett He couldn't continue his sentence because I shoved it in his mouth. But he didn't swallow it.

"Swallow it."

He shook his head.

"Do it."

Again he shook his head.

I pouted and made my eyes really big. "Pwease? Pwease Eddie?" I leaned closer so that I was right in his face.

He swallowed.

"Yay!! WASN"T IT GOOOOOOOD?" I practically screamed in his face.

He blinked. He shook his head again."Ewwww," he muttered. Just like Emmett. Haha.

I jumped in his lap, put my hands on his shoulder and tried to shake him.

"BUT IT WAS A LION! DON'T YOU LIKE LIONS!?" Again I was right in his face.

"Not those ones."

"Oh." I shrugged. "Okay."

Then I kissed his cheek and got off him. I sat down in between his lega again and ate my crackers quietly.

It was really fun because every one in a while Edward or Emmett muttered "Ewwww,"

Everyone was still laughing. This was a good day.