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Watching Sunrise

Bella Swan is no longer the new girl at Forks. What happens when Alexandra [Alexis] Parker moves to Forks? How will Jacob feel of Bella and Alexis' unexpected visit to La Push and how will Edward and the rest of the Cullens feel about the new visitor?

This starts off as a Edward/Bella ship then goes to Bella/Jacob and Edward/OC ship. So if you don't like the pairs then don't read it. As always reviews are always welcome.

1. Chapter 1

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My eyes fluttered open as the artificial (and by artificial I mean the light that filters through the clouds) sunlight came pouring through my curtains. As I looked about my room groggily my eyes landed on a creature so perfect, so unattainable, that I couldn't help but blush.

It had been a few weeks since Edward and I have gotten engaged, our wedding was just around the corner and I was terrified. I loved Edward with all my being but I could not help but have second thoughts. Although I never showed it, Edward did scare me sometimes.

And there was Jacob, poor, innocent (well not so innocent) Jacob. I am in love with him too but I feel like it is more of an infatuation that he has for me instead of actual love. But I continue to love him to this day. I don't think I'll ever stop loving him either. Edward knows and even though he knows I'm his, even if we will spend the rest of eternity together, it kills him inside. And knowing that kills me.

Edward sat on my old rocking chair from my infant years watching me with kind eyes. He was instantly at my side as soon as I laid my eyes on him. "Good morning Bella, how was your sleep?" he whispered in my ear. I had to suppress a shudder as I racked my brain for a response. "It was fine, a little noisy but I'm alright." He stared at me with tense eyes but relaxed after I pulled him into a kiss.

"Bella I will never have it easy will I?" he said when he pulled away. I shook my head no and felt an blush on its way. I looked into the eyes of my beloved as we sat in silence. He stood and turned on my CD player, playing the lullaby he wrote me. He smiled that crooked smile that I always loved and took me into his hard-as-rock arms.

"Has Charlie gone?" I asked. "Yes he left early as always. But he has exciting news for you that's for sure."

"What is it? Oh it better not be another party!" I said, terrified at the thought of having yet another party with family and friends over my engagement. Even after a year that was all that Forks buzzed about. I hid my face in my hands and heard his soft chuckling. "Silly Bella, it's not bad. At least I don't think it's bad." he replied, prying my fingers from my face.

We sat in yet another comfortable silence as he held me. We sat for a few seconds until my lullaby died out. I sighed. "You're frustrated aren't you?" he asked. "How, may I pray, can you tell?" "Bella I've loved you since the first day I saw you, I think I can figure out how my fiancee (I shuddered at the thought) feels.

"Can you please just tell me what Charlie has to say?" I asked impatiently. I had and impish grin on his face. "And if I refuse?" Alright, I'll accept his little challenge. "Then I'll go to La Push, visit Jacob and call off the wedding." I regretted the words as soon as they had left my mouth.

Low blow.

His face was hard and discontent. He held on to me for what to me seemed dear life itself. "Bella," I was surprised to find his voice somewhat weak but slightly angry. "you know it kills me when you say things like that. Why, when you know how I know of your feelings for that dog, insist on saying such things? Bella that hurt me very much. I love you and only you."

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. He relaxed his arms a tad bit but I clung onto him. Afraid that if he were to let go I might lose him forever in the tides of time. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "I should have never had said that, it was wrong and it was a low blow." I croaked. Why? Oh why am I so stupid? "I love you." I whispered and pecked his cheek. He closed his eyes and spoke softly, "Your father wanted to tell you about someone coming to live with you. I believe Alexis was her name."

I squealed in delight, temporarily forgetting that I hurt Edward. It wasn't until he said that he had to feed did I sink back into that black-bottomless pit that was my anger and sadness.