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Testing the Limits of Man & Beast

What happens when Edward pushes the limits to be close to Bella. Will he go too far? And what does that mean for the girl beneath him – the one who loves him enough to die?

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1. Chapter 1

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* * *

I may not be a human, but I am a man.

* * *

They are still together in the darkness of Bella’s room. As usual, Bella is tucked under the blankets – Edward on top, his arms wrapped around her. And as always – Edward is thinking. He thinks about the way her hair smells, as he inhales through his nostrils. He kisses her neck, just over the flesh of her pulse, and thinks about the fire in her veins and it stirs a longing deep inside him. Two longings, really. He thirsts for her blood, in an animalistic way. But he also thirsts for her flesh, for her body. It is a man’s desire. A tie, he once told her, between her blood and her body. Tonight, with her warmth pressed up against him, her body is winning.

He kisses her throat again, this time more forcefully. Later, it will bruise there – soft blues and purples. But for now, his thoughts remain in the present. He kisses her flesh and she reacts.

Bella moans in the darkness and her body pushes against him to be closer. She twists around, kicking the blankets loose, and presses against his chest, kissing his mouth. Their lips are open and they press their faces to each other fiercely. Edward is usually so careful, but here in the darkness he wraps his hands into her hair, holding her close. Bella’s arms go around his body and her leg wraps up his thigh.

When they break the kiss, Bella is breathing heavily. Almost panting.

Edward lays his forehead against hers and closes his eyes. Of all the times he may have gone too far, this is the farthest he’s ever ventured. But the longing is still deep inside him. He still aches for her. It rumbles inside of him. He feels more alive than he can ever remember. Almost as if he still has blood racing through his veins. But they are empty and cold. He is a vampire, yes. But tonight he is also a man. And the man in him persuades the beast to go a little farther … to test the limits.

Edward gets up from the bed, tossing aside the tangled sheets. He paces forward, his lips pressed together tightly.

“Edward?” Bella looks at him in the pale moonlight. It almost makes his flesh glow. She sits up, watching him. When he stops and their eyes meet, Bella flinches. The ferocity of his gaze is undeniable.

“Oh, Bella,” he says, barely a whisper on his breath. Without knowing why, she stands and walks over to him. Lightly, she touches his chest – then leans up on tip toe and brushes her lips across his. It is hardly a kiss, and she’s not sure what possessed her to approach him. But it is done. He grabs her and kisses her deeply again. Just as abruptly, he stops and pushes her back onto the balls of her feet.

Edward takes a small step back, creating just enough space between them. He grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls it over his head. He tosses the garment aside, then unhooks the button on his pants. Bella fidgets while she watches, her fingers twisting at her sides. Edward hooks his thumb into the waistband of his pants and boxers and takes them both off in one swift movement. He slides out of his shoes and socks as he steps out of his remaining clothes.

Bella shivers in the moonlight. She is cold just looking at Edward’s naked body. Her eyes meet his and what she sees there surprises her. There is a sadness there, but also a determination.

“I love you, Bella,” he says.

Hearing it is enough. Less gracefully, but just as quickly, Bella also undresses. She pulls off her tank top and slips out of her pajama bottoms and panties, then steps forward, closing the space between them.

Edward wraps his arms around her and they have never been closer. They have held each other – but there has always been fabric between them. Now there is nothing. Just skin against skin – and even though Edward’s body is ice cold, Bella does not shiver at his touch. She lets it envelope her.

Edward lifts Bella up and carries her the few feet back to the bed. He sets her down gently. He is not shy as his eyes greedily take in her body.

“You are beautiful,” he says, kissing her knee, then her thigh … tracing the contours of her body with his mouth. When his lips reach hers, he moves his body over hers, careful not to let his weight crush her. Every action he makes is controlled. It has to be. He reminds himself this is a test. He warned Bella once before that this could never happen between them – not as long as she is still human. But here he is, pressing onward. His desire is overpowering. He cannot resist. So he gauges each step, calculates every kiss, every touch – to be sure he will not hurt her. Will not break her. Will not lose control and crush her and suck her dry.

“You know I’d never hurt you right?” he asks.

Bella bites her lip. “I know you’d never hurt me on purpose.”

The words sting, but he presses onward. There is no turning back. They passed the point of no return long ago.

Beneath him, he can feel her trembling – shaking against his body of stone. Her heart races in her chest, pounding against her ribcage. He wraps his arms around her lithe frame, and pulls her body against his cheek. He presses his face to her left breast and smiles, as he hears her heart thrumming against his ear. He cannot hear her thoughts, but he knows this is her first time. Her nerves are because of the sex – not because he’s a vampire. The idea makes him frown. As always – her fears are the wrong kind.

As they lie together on Bella’s bed in the darkness, Edward laughs at the juxtaposition of their twin naked bodies. She is soft and warm and light … he is hard and cold and dangerous. Bella is still trembling – shivering, but not because of the cold. Edward shushes in her ear, kissing her and laying his hand flat against her stomach, as if trying to calm her down.

It works. She relaxes, though he can still hear the pounding in her chest – thump, thump, thump. He runs his fingers through her hair, kissing her lips. He is still so careful. He has to be – he’s a vampire, she’s a human – he could crush her if he let his passion overwhelm him. It’s a dangerous game, he knows, but even vampires give into temptation. It was the man inside him that was weak – that longed for her body, to feel her sweetness surround him.

He touches her body and she moans. She is still scared and does nothing but react. But he knows she does not object to his actions – he knows because, scared though she is, she’s still Bella and she’d put up a fight if she didn’t’ want this.

“Edward?” she asks in the darkness. “Have you done this before?”

“I’m a vampire,” he says, stroking her thigh. “I’ve been around a long time.” It is the only answer he will give her – but for now, it is enough.

Bella’s hands sit limply on either side of her head as Edward covers her body in kisses and feather-light touches. When she finally reaches out and grasps the back of his neck – he knows she is ready. He moves over her and slides between her legs and there in the darkness they are one. The vampire and the girl – lovers in the moonlight.

He is gentle and slow and even though he will never climax – it would be too much for the girl beneath him – it is enough just to be inside her. Just to feel her surround him. To know that she has climaxed and spoken his name on the cusp of passion and sighed into his neck when she is satisfied.

After, she holds onto him – holding their bodies together for just a while longer. She presses up against him, and he lets her. He feels the sweat from her human body and smiles. He did this to her. And it makes him happy.

She is warmer than usual, her body still thrumming in the afterglow of the sex. He holds her – no clothing, no blankets – just their bodies. She runs her fingers along the arm stretched across her stomach.



She smiles. “You didn’t crush my skull.”

“No,” he says. “I passed the test.”

* * *
The End

* * *