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Bad Boy

Okay so we all know how the Cullen boys like to wrestle right? Well what happens when they do it in front of Bella? And the person she least expected to comfort her is the one that's doing it right at that moment... Rated T for language like A** but thats it in THIS chapter!

Sorry this is completely random. But I love to write stories that involve EMMETT! He's friggin awesome. You know?


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I guess I caught him off guard because he fell backwards with me on top. He started laughing, I kissed him and he kissed me back and knotted his fingers in my hair, my hands on his arms.

I was doing things mainly because I wasn't going to kiss him in a while. I pulled back and he let go reluctantly. He saw the look on my face annd his eyes and mouth opened wide.

"Edward, you are in trouble." As I was talking I started in a whisper and went raising my voice so by the time I was done I was screaming in his face. I got off him and he sat up. I pointed to the couch and he got up and sat on the couch. I stood in front of him.

"Bella! I'm sorry, okay I wont do-" Edward plead his hands clasped together in front of him. I put my hand over his mouth, so he couldnt continue.

"Shut up. No talking. I'm mad. It's my turn." I said quietly, in a calm voice, but he winced. I smiled. He reached one of his hands to mine which was still over his mouth, he was almost there when he looked up and saw me glaring at him, he winced again, and dropped his hand into his lap.

I heard Alice and Jasper start laughing, I turend to face them, my hand still over Edward's mouth. Jasper looked kind of scared. Hmmm, that's wierd why would Jasper be scared? That's when it clicked Jasper was feeling someone else's emotions. It wasnt Alice, it wasn't me and it derfenetly wasnt Rosalie. She was very much pissed. so it was be Edwards or Emmetts... haha.

I turned back to look at Edward and was about to speak when Rosalie started screaming, I turned to look at her, my hand still in position. Rose was screaming at Emmett with her hands in fists and Emmett on his knees in front of her. At first she was saying pure curse words and then she started sayingwords.

"EMMETT, YOU KNOW BETTER THHAN TO WRESTLE EDWARD IN THE HOUSE! FUCK EMMETT YOU EVEN DID IN FRONT OF POOR BELLA AND SCARED HER HALF TO FUCKEN DEATH! I CAN'T BELIEVE I MARRIED SUCH A COMPLETE FUCKING MORON!!!" she screamed right in his face then she walked to the stairs and to her room, all of us staring after her. Then a door slammed, two seconds later it opened again. "YOUR TURN BELLA!" she yelled down the stairs I smiled and turned back to a horrified Edward but, not before Emmett ran up stairs.

"Okay, Edward. Ready for your punishment?" I leaned closer to his face and cocked my head to the side. He nodded with sad eyes.